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Documentation - Manuals info

Flag Code Description Download View Version Size Date
M161 Advantec CHF122SC (FC) download view 80C 588kB 13.8.2019
M172 Advion Expression CMS download view 80B 580kB 3.5.2019
M060 Agilent 1100 (LC+AS+PDA) download view 80B 1.7MB 16.4.2020
M033 Agilent 5890 (GC) download view 80B 771kB 3.5.2019
M041 Agilent 68xx (GC+AS) download view 80B 900kB 5.5.2019
M051 Agilent 7673 (AS) download view 80B 500kB 5.5.2019
M144 Agilent 7890 (GC+AS) download view 80B 1MB 5.5.2019
update M207 Agilent ICF for GC (Agilent 7890A/B, 7820, 6890A/N/Plus, 6850) download view 80H 740kB 5.10.2021
M155 Agilent ICF for LC (Agilent 1100/1200 series) download view 80H 1.4MB 1.7.2021
M151 Alltech Grace 3300 ELSD (DET) download view 80B 516kB 5.5.2019
M179 Antec DECADE Elite (DET) download view 80E 910kB 16.9.2020
M114 Antec DECADE II (DET) download view 80C 1.3MB 16.4.2020
M170 ASI Series 500 Pumps download view 80B 1.2MB 5.5.2019
M107 Bischoff 2250 (LC) download view 80B 485kB 5.5.2019
M057 CB20 control board download view 80B 835kB 7.5.2019
M157 CETAC ASX-8000 (AS) download view 80B 730kB 5.5.2019
M175 Chromophor Chromopeak 2010 (LC) download view 80B 685kB 16.9.2020
M006ESP Clarity - Guía de introducción download view 30C 3.0MB 13.7.2012
Clarity Getting Started in Spanish language.
M006RUS Clarity - Руководство по освоению download view 50C 3,8MB 9.3.2016
Clarity Getting Started in Russian language.
M154 Clarity 4.0 vs 3.0 download view 40D 1.5MB 13.6.2012
M174 Clarity 5.0 vs 4.0 download view 50A 1.1MB 28.11.2014
M195 Clarity 6.0 vs 5.0 download view 60A 580kB 18.3.2015
M198 Clarity 7.0 vs 6.0 download view 70A 1.1MB 5.5.2016
M230 Clarity 7.1 vs 7.0 download view 70A 266kB 18.1.2019
M229 Clarity 7.2 vs 7.1 download view 70A 633kB 18.1.2019
M228 Clarity 7.3 vs 7.2 download view 70A 399kB 18.1.2019
M222 Clarity 7.4 vs 7.3 download view 70B 280kB 24.10.2017
M226 Clarity 8.0 vs 7.4 download view 80B 1.1MB 3.7.2018
M227 Clarity 8.1 vs 8.0 download view 80A 1.1MB 6.12.2018
M233 Clarity 8.2 vs 8.1 download view 80A 377kB 7.5.2019
M235 Clarity 8.3 vs 8.2 download view 80B 670kB 16.4.2020
M241 Clarity 8.5 vs 8.3 download view 80D 497kB 12.3.2021
M243 Clarity 8.6 vs 8.5 download view 80D 315kB 1.7.2021
M062 Clarity CE Extension manual download view 80D 400kB 15.9.2020
M140 Clarity Cooperation with LIMS download view 80B 434kB 7.5.2019
M003 Clarity Demo download view 80G 890kB 7.4.2021
M003DEU Clarity Demo download view 80A 860kB 11.10.2018
Clarity Getting Started in German language.
M003FRA Clarity Demo download view 80A 1.2MB 3.7.2018
Clarity Demo in French language.
M150 Clarity DHA Extension manual download view 80C 625kB 15.9.2020
M053 Clarity EA Extension manual download view 80C 365kB 15.9.2020
M006 Clarity Getting Started download view 80L 2MB 7.4.2021
M005 Clarity GPC Extension manual download view 80D 1.0MB 7.4.2021
M215 Clarity in Network download view 80B 314kB 7.5.2019
M132 Clarity in Regulated Environment download view 80E 1.6MB 16.4.2020
M049 Clarity Lite 2.4 vs 2.3 download view 24F 315kB 2.1.2006
M012 Clarity Lite Getting Started download view 80I 1.4MB 7.4.2021
M012FRA Clarity Lite Prise en Main download view 70D 1.6MB 30.5.2017
Clarity Lite Getting Started in French language.
M013 Clarity Lite První seznámení download view 60A 1,7MB 4.8.2016
M016 Clarity Lite vs. CSW32 download view 22B 275kB 6.4.2005
M168 Clarity MS Extension manual download view 80E 930kB 15.9.2020
M136 Clarity NGA Extension manual download view 80C 510kB 15.9.2020
update M054 Clarity PDA Extension manual download view 80E 700kB 4.10.2021
M006FRA Clarity Prise en Main download view 70D 2.5MB 30.5.2017
Clarity Getting Started in French language.
M007 Clarity První seznámení download view 70A 2,4MB 30.5.2016
update M018 Clarity Reference Guide download view 80T 6.1MB 4.10.2021
M020 Clarity SST Extension manual download view 80E 630kB 15.9.2020
update M021 Clarity User Guide download view 80M 9.7MB 4.10.2021
M039 Clarity Validation Kit download view 80E 4.4MB 1.7.2021
M023 Clarity vs. CSW32 download view 22B 315kB 28.3.2006
M003CHS CLARITY演示 download view 80A 920kB 16.4.2020
Clarity Demo in Chinese language.
M219 Cluzeau Croco-Cil (Thermo) download view 80A 553kB 5.5.2019
M128 Cluzeau Gecko 2000 (Thermo) download view 80A 401kB 5.5.2019
M220 Cluzeau Igloo-Cil (Thermo) download view 80A 512kB 5.5.2019
M149 Colibrick A/D converter download view 80F 1.4MB 29.7.2019
M202 Column Usage Monitor (AUX) download view 80A 295kB 5.5.2019
M063 CTC PAL (AS) download view 80A 662kB 5.5.2019
M224 CTC PAL3 (AS) download view 80F 990kB 7.4.2021
M205 Demo GCxGC Modulator (AUX) download view 60D 332kB 6.12.2018
M121 Digital Input Module (DIM) download view 80A 378kB 5.5.2019
M127 Ecom LCO 102 (Thermo) download view 80A 563kB 5.5.2019
M067 Ecom Topaz (DET) download view 80A 365kB 25.10.2017
M190 ERC RefractoMax 520 (DET) download view 80A 428kB 5.5.2019
M145 ESA Coulochem III download view 50B 567kB 24.10.2017
M192 FC - GP download view 80A 2.2MB 16.9.2020
M238 FC by Rheodyne Valve download view 80B 475kB 16.9.2020
M237 FC by Upchurch Valve download view 80B 650kB 30.9.2020
M163 FC by Vici Valco valve download view 80B 646kB 13.8.2019
M160 Flom Pumps (LC) download view 80A 500kB 6.5.2019
M232 Flom UI-22 Series download view 80B 4660kB 24.4.2019
M191 GCxGC Modulator (AUX) download view 80B 441kB 6.5.2019
M162 Gilson 203B (FC) download view 80A 562kB 6.5.2019
M088 Gilson 30x pumps (LC) download view 80A 539kB 6.5.2019
M189 GL Sciences LC800 (LC) download view 2.1 1.0MB 25.3.2015
M173 Hitachi Chromaster download view 80D 1.3MB 1.7.2021
M120 Hitachi L-6200/L-6210 download view 80A 444kB 6.5.2019
M133 Hitachi LaChrom Elite download view 60F 739kB 6.5.2019
M183 Hitachi Primaide download view 80D 835kB 1.7.2021
M231 HT1500L (AS) download view 80D 500kB 4.10.2020
M045 HT200H (AS) download view 80A 927kB 7.5.2019
M169 HT2x00H download view 80A 800kB 7.5.2019
M153 HT3x00A download view 80B 477kB 16.7.2019
M187 HT4000L (AS) download view 80A 499kB 7.5.2019
M239 HT800L (AS) download view 80A 770kB 16.9.2020
M139 HTA 300 download view 80A 554kB 7.5.2019
M058 INT7 A/D converter download view 80B 1.8MB 7.5.2019
M105 INT9 A/D converter download view 80B 2.4MB 7.5.2019
M184 Interlab Maestro download view 70I 1.6MB 7.5.2019
M186 Interlab Omega Detectors download view 80A 1MB 7.5.2019
M242 Jasco FP-4020/4025 download view 80A 430kB 7.4.2021
M156 Kontron 360/560 (AS) download view 80A 418kB 7.5.2019
M181 Kontron 432 (DET) download view 80B 380kB 16.9.2020
M177 Kontron 460/465 (AS) download view 80A 510kB 7.5.2019
M006DEU Kurzanleitung Clarity download view 80C 2,1MB 9.10.2018
Clarity Getting Started in German language.
M012DEU Kurzanleitung Clarity Lite download view 80C 1.5MB 9.10.2018
Clarity Lite Getting Started in German language.
M158 Labio GC-11 (GC) download view 80A 491kB 7.5.2019
M138 Launch Manager download view 80C 215kB 15.9.2020
M042 LC UNI - Ecom profile (LC) download view 40F 547kB 7.5.2019
M068 LC UNI - Flom M301 profile (LC) download view 40C 530kB 25.10.2017
M044 LC UNI - Knauer profile (LC) download view 40F 524kB 7.5.2019
M085 LC UNI - Kontron profile (LC) download view 40F 520kB 7.5.2019
M086 LC UNI - Omniseparo Mp 350 profile (LC) download view 40C 530kB 25.10.2017
M043 LC UNI - SSI profile (LC) download view 40F 557kB 7.5.2019
M087 LC UNI - Watrex (LC) download view 40F 530kB 7.5.2019
M038 LC UNI (Universal Pump) (LC) download view 40F 440kB 7.5.2019
M185 Markes BenchTOF (MS DET) download view 80A 422kB 7.5.2019
M055 Mettler (Balance) download view 80A 408kB 7.5.2019
M199 Microsaic 4500 MiD (MS DET) download view 80C 620kB 8.8.2019
M110 MultiCOM - USB to RS232 Converter download view 80B 1.8MB 7.5.2019
M052 Net-PAD A/D converter download view 80B 1.0MB 7.5.2019
M115 Opt-USB converter download view 80B 273kB 7.5.2019
M236 OQ Validation detector (DET) download view 80A 250kB 16.4.2020
M210 R-Biopharm RIDACREST (Aux) download view 80B 660kB 16.4.2020
M216 Recipe EC6000 (DET) download view 80A 864kB 7.5.2019
M171 Rheodyne LabPro (Valves) download view 80B 380kB 16.9.2020
M118 Rheodyne MX II (Valves) download view 80B 315kB 16.9.2020
M056 Sartorius (Balance) download view 80A 408kB 7.5.2019
M182 Schambeck RI-2012 (DET) download view 80B 525kB 7.4.2021
M142 Sedere Sedex ELSD (DET) download view 80B 555kB 16.4.2020
M090 Shimadzu AOC20 (AS) download view 80C 365kB 16.4.2020
M113 Shimadzu GC-201x (GC) download view 80B 705kB 16.4.2020
M046 Shimadzu GC17A/GC14C (GC) download view 80A 552kB 7.5.2019
M091 Shimadzu LC10/LC20 pump (LC) download view 80B 430kB 7.5.2019
M108 Shimadzu LC10/LC20 system (LC) download view 80C 1.2MB 1.7.2021
M240 Shimadzu Nexis GC-2030 (GC) download view 80C 653kB 1.7.2021
M159 Shodex RI-101 (DET) download view 80B 460kB 7.4.2021
M212 Shodex RI-501 (DET) download view 80B 410kB 7.4.2021
M126 SofTA ELSD (DET) download view 80A 423kB 7.5.2019
M102 Spark Alias (AS) download view 80A 847kB 7.5.2019
M102CHS Spark Alias (AS) download view 40A 1.1MB 10.10.2012
Control module manual in Chinese.
M119 Spark Endurance (AS) download view 80A 6100kB 7.5.2019
M197 Spark Integrity (AS) download view 80A 762kB 7.5.2019
M070 Spark Marathon (AS) download view 80A 452kB 7.5.2019
M069 Spark Midas (AS) download view 80A 497kB 7.5.2019
M146 Spark Mistral (Thermo) download view 80B 420kB 7.4.2021
M234 Spark Optimas (AS) download view 80A 629kB 7.5.2019
M148 Spark SPH1240 (LC) download view 80A 608kB 7.5.2019
M221 Spark SPH1299 (LC) download view 80D 534kB 7.5.2019
M180 Spark Symbiosis (Aux) download view 80B 650kB 16.4.2020
M117 Spark Triathlon (AS) download view 80A 515kB 7.5.2019
M129 SSI 605 COC (Thermo) download view 80A 470kB 7.5.2019
M204 SSI Next Generation (LC) download view 80A 823kB 7.5.2019
M176 SSI Pumps (LC) download view 80A 541kB 7.5.2019
M116 SV9 Terminal Board download view 80A 776kB 7.5.2019
M100 Sykam S2100 (LC) download view 80A 479kB 7.5.2019
M104 Sykam S3210/S3240 (DET) download view 80A 680kB 7.5.2019
M103 Sykam S4300 Amino Acid Analyzer download view 80B 523kB 7.5.2019
M101 Sykam S5200 (AS) download view 80A 465kB 7.5.2019
M125 Techlab K-7 (Thermo) download view 80A 429kB 7.5.2019
M165 Teledyne Foxy 200 download view 80F 535kB 7.4.2021
M167 Teledyne Foxy Jr. download view 80C 588kB 7.5.2019
M164 Teledyne Foxy R1, R2 download view 80G 625kB 16.9.2020
M059 U-PAD A/D converter download view 80B 1.9MB 7.5.2019
M106 U-PAD2 A/D converter download view 80B 1.7MB 7.5.2019
M112 Upchurch (Valves) download view 80A 509kB 7.5.2019
M208 Valco valve as autosampler download view 80B 410kB 16.4.2020
M111 VICI Valco (Valves) download view 80C 415kB 16.9.2020
M124 Watrex CTC 100 (Thermo) download view 80A 515kB 7.5.2019
M244 Young In Chromass YL9140 FLD download view 80A 425kB 1.7.2021
M206 Zebrick D/A and D/f converter download view 80B 680kB 7.5.2019
M012CHS 入门指南 download view 80A 1.6MB 16.4.2020
Clarity Lite Getting Started in Chinese language.
M006CHS 入门指南 download view 80A 2.0MB 16.4.2020
Clarity Getting Started in Chinese language.
M132CHS 合规环境 download view 80D 1.6MB 9.9.2020
Clarity in Regulated Environment Guide in Chinese language.

Documentation - General Datasheets

Flag Code Description Download View Version Size Date
D159 CB Certificate Colibrick download view - 975kB 8.4.2021
D161 CB Certificate MultiCOM download view - 205kB 8.4.2021
D163 CB Certificate Validator download view - 1.6MB 8.4.2021
D110 CB Certificate Zebrick download view - 635kB 8.4.2021
D160 CE Conformity Declaration Colibrick download view EN-01 180kB 1.7.2021
D162 CE Conformity Declaration MultiCOM download view EN-01 180kB 1.7.2021
D164 CE Conformity Declaration Validator download view EN-01 180kB 1.7.2021
D111 CE Conformity Declaration Zebrick download view EN-03 180kB 29.7.2021
D022 Clarity školení - Info download view CZ-06 220kB 1.4.2015
D022 Clarity Trainings Info download view EN-05 195kB 1.4.2015
D158 Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy download view EN-01 388 kB 4.12.2020
D020 DataApex SW Comparison table download view EN-10 55kB 1.4.2015
D139 Duplication of USB flash drives You must log in for download  login n/a EN-01 350kB 6.12.2018
D018 General Sales Conditions download view EN-13 96kB 7.3.2019
D028 ISO9001:2015 certificado download view ES-06 156kB 24.1.2019
D028 ISO9001:2015 certificate download view EN-06 243 kB 24.1.2019
D028 ISO9001:2015 certifikát download view CZ-06 298kB 24.1.2019
D028 ISO9001:2015 Zertifikat download view DE-06 299kB 24.1.2019
D156 NDAA Compliance Declaration download view EN-02 540 kB 4.12.2020
D018 Obchodní podmínky download view CZ-11 101kB 22.1.2019
D118 Reach Declaration download view EN-02 83kB 4.12.2020
D152 RoHS3 Declaration download view EN-02 463 kB 4.12.2020
D157 Statement of use of Conflict Minerals download view EN-01 565 kB 4.12.2020
D140 SW Familiarization - individual download view EN-03 70kB 25.4.2019

Documentation - Clarity Datasheets info

Flag Code Description Download View Version Size Date
update D094 Automated SW solution for preparative HPLC download view EN-02 545kB 17.9.2021
D006 Clarity - Key Parameters download view EN-15 100kB 14.8.2018
update D004 Clarity - List of Currently Controlled Instruments download view EN-89 1.3MB 5.10.2021
D017 Clarity - Protection of version 2.4 download view EN-04 55kB 23.4.2015
D006 Clarity - Schlüsselparameter download view DEU-10 80kB 14.8.2018
Clarity key parameters in German language
D056 Clarity – Ordering Guide download view EN-16 350kB 5.11.2019
D019 Clarity 21 CFR Part 11 tools download view EN-06 240kB 7.6.2017
B001 Clarity Brochure download view EN-11 2MB 22.9.2020
D016 Clarity Chromatography Station – Kompatibilitätstabelle download view DEU-15 140kB 14.8.2018
Clarity Compatibility Table in German language
D016 Clarity Compatibility Table download view EN-25 148kB 27.10.2020
update D021 Clarity Declaration of SW Validation download view EN-53 64kB 20.10.2021
includes also Structural validation and Statement of compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
D064 Clarity End User License Agreement (EULA) download view EN-02 405kB 14.5.2015
B045 Clarity Lite Brochure download view EN-03 1MB 30.8.2018
D030 Clarity Lite Support note download view EN-09 75kB 1.7.2021
D154 Clarity Shimadzu Edition End User License Agreement (EULA) download view EN-03 90kB 15.4.2021
D013 Clarity Support note download view EN-18 130kB 1.7.2021
D128 Clarity supportive tools for 21 CFR Part 11 and other similar legislation download view EN-01 204kB 26.6.2017
Clarity CDS since version 7.2 supportive tools for compliance with Title 21 CFR Part 11, EudraLex Chapter 4, Annex 11 and other similar legislation
D037 Clarity Trial-Full mode switching download view EN-12 170kB 15.9.2020
B003 Clarity Validation Kit Brochure download view EN-04 416kB 5.5.2016
D007 Clarity x Clarity Lite Comparison Table download view EN-15 70kB 17.10.2019
D067 Clarity2Go download view EN-07 390kB 3.7.2018
new B001CHS Clarity产品宣传册 download view CH-01 2.5MB 13.9.2021
Clarity Brochure in Chinese language
D114 Column Usage Monitor download view EN-04 150kB 3.7.2018
D138 Continuous run in Clarity download view EN-02 210kB 19.9.2018
B023 Controls: Agilent 1100 and 1200 HPLC download view EN-05 2.2MB 4.9.2018
1100, 1120, 1200, 1220, 1260 and 1290 HPLC series.
D001 Controls: Agilent 5890 GC Datasheet download view EN-10 160kB 3.7.2018
B014 Controls: Agilent 6890 Brochure download view EN-04 1.7MB 31.8.2018
B029 Controls: Agilent 7890A download view EN-03 1.5MB 4.9.2018
update D005 Controls: Agilent ALS DataSheet download view EN-09 204kB 16.9.2021
B017 Controls: FC GP download view EN-04 1.7MB 1.9.2018
General Purpose Fraction Collector
update D008 Controls: Gilson Pumps 302-307 Datasheet download view EN-07 304kB 17.9.2021
update D036 Controls: Hitachi L-6200/L-6210 download view EN-06 120kB 17.9.2021
D010 Controls: HTA HT300A Datasheet download view EN-07 150kB 3.7.2018
update D011 Controls: HTA HT300L Datasheet download view EN-07 301kB 17.9.2021
B020 Controls: Shimadzu AOC-20 download view EN-04 1.6MB 1.9.2018
B021 Controls: Shimadzu GC-2010 download view EN-06 2MB 7.10.2020
B019 Controls: Shimadzu GC17A download view EN-04 1.5MB 1.9.2018
D035 Controls: Shimadzu GC201x control module Datasheet download view EN-03 80kB 7.5.2015
B018 Controls: Shimadzu HPLC download view EN-05 1.5MB 1.9.2018
Shimadzu LC-10 and LC20 (Prominence) series
B030 Controls: Spark AS download view EN-03 2MB 4.9.2018
update D015 Controls: SSI Pumps Datasheet download view EN-09 309kB 17.9.2021
update D096 Custom calculations in Clarity download view EN-03 1,1MB 20.9.2021
B011 DataApex Company Profile download view EN-06 1.2MB 24.5.2016
D070 DDE Synchronisation download view EN-04 100kB 3.12.2018
B016 Extensions: Clarity CE Brochure download view EN-04 2MB 1.9.2018
B028 Extensions: Clarity DHA Brochure download view EN-04 1.9MB 4.9.2018
B008 Extensions: Clarity EA Brochure download view EN-05 1.6MB 31.8.2018
B002 Extensions: Clarity GPC Brochure download view EN-05 1.2MB 31.8.2018
B031 Extensions: Clarity MS Brochure download view EN-03 2.2MB 4.9.2018
B025 Extensions: Clarity NGA Brochure download view EN-05 1.5MB 4.9.2018
B006 Extensions: Clarity PDA Brochure download view EN-06 1.5MB 31.8.2018
B015 Extensions: Clarity SST Brochure download view EN-04 1.4MB 1.9.2018
D029 Hardware: A/D Converters download view EN-08 115kB 23.4.2015
B027 Hardware: Colibrick Brochure download view EN-08 1MB 12.2.2019
D025 Hardware: Digital Input Device download view EN-08 70kB 23.4.2015
Digital input adapter for RS232 communication.
D009 Hardware: IGLN1 - Converter RS232/GSIOC for Gilson Datasheet download view EN-05 65kB 23.4.2015
B010 Hardware: INT9 Brochure download view EN-05 1MB 22.10.2018
D033 Hardware: MultiCOM - USB to RS232 Converter download view EN-04 110kB 23.4.2015
D023 Hardware: OPT-USB Optical to USB Adapter download view EN-06 130kB 23.4.2015
D031 Hardware: SV9 - Terminal board download view EN-04 174kB 12.10.2015
B046 Hardware: Zebrick Brochure download view EN-01 1.7MB 22.8.2017
D142 How to capture network communication using Wireshark (Network Protocol Analyzer) download view EN-01 500kB 12.2.2019
D060 How to upgrade Clarity Lite to Clarity download view EN-07 180kB 3.7.2018
D144 MS Excel macro for Result Table check download view EN-01 500kB 11.4.2019
D076 Multilingual Clarity download view EN-07 330kB 15.9.2020
D145 Rename filenames by folder names (import AIA from Chemstation) download view EN-01 175kB 11.4.2019
D024 Replacement of CSW17 or CSW32 by Clarity download view EN-14 350kB 23.10.2020
new D0165 Replacing a lost or damaged HW key download view EN-01 71kB 7.10.2021
D052 Safeguard – the HW key protection download view EN-04 130kB 3.8.2015
D026 Sendcom utility download view EN-10 190kB 3.5.2019
D075 SISw LC Monitor download view EN-01 970kB 1.7.2013
D073 SISw Systec Degasser Watchdog download view EN-01 700kB 1.7.2013
D074 SISw USB SSI Pumps Interface download view EN-01 470kB 1.7.2013
D063 Uni Ruby download view EN-06 400kB 2.9.2019
D151 Using Dragon DHA© with Clarity download view EN-01 229kB 19.5.2020
D097 Using Silex LAN-USB adapter with Colibrick A/D converter and Clarity download view EN-02 220kB 10.7.2019
update D057 Using SIMDIS Expert® 9 (Separation Systems) with Clarity download view EN-06 805kB 20.9.2021
D066 Using Validat 5 (iCD) with Clarity download view EN-02 177kB 7.5.2015
B001RUS Брошюра "Clarity" download view RU-02 2.5MB 6.1.2014
Clarity Brochure in Russian language

Documentation - Tutorials info

Flag Code Description Download View Version Size Date
T020 Adjusting and Printing Reports download view EN-01 19MB 9.10.2015
T005 Assigning a calibration to a chromatogram download view EN-01 10MB 18.6.2015
T006 Assigning a calibration to a method download view EN-01 9MB 18.6.2015
T024 Clarity Batch Processing download view EN-01 25MB 30.3.2016
T002 Clarity Data Acquisition window download view EN-03 18MB 9.9.2019
T014 Clarity in regulated enviroment download view EN-01 25MB 21.7.2015
T003 Clarity Instrument window download view EN-02 18MB 16.6.2015
T001 Clarity Introduction download view EN-03 53MB 16.8.2019
T016 Clarity Launch Manager download view EN-01 47MB 26.8.2015
T009 Creating a long sequence effectively download view EN-01 31MB 18.6.2015
T011 Creating a second level calibration download view EN-01 11MB 18.6.2015
T007 Creating a sequence download view EN-01 20MB 18.6.2015
T010 Creating a template sequence download view EN-01 13MB 18.6.2015
T021 Export Results to Excel download view EN-01 24MB 20.10.2015
T019 Exporting results to an external program download view EN-01 31MB 9.10.2015
T023 Introduction to peak integration operations download view EN-01 39MB 23.11.2015
T015 Navigating among multiple Clarity windows download view EN-01 24MB 21.7.2015
T013 Navigation within a chromatogram download view EN-01 21MB 18.6.2015
T017 Opening measured chromatograms from a sequence download view EN-01 18MB 26.8.2015
T004 Performing a calibration download view EN-01 11MB 18.6.2015
T012 Performing a recalibration download view EN-01 13MB 18.6.2015
T008 Report from a sequence download view EN-01 28MB 18.6.2015
T022 Subtraction and Background Chromatogram download view EN-02 30MB 19.10.2020
T025 User Columns and custom calculations download view EN-01 20MB 30.3.2016
T018 Working with multisignal chromatograms download view EN-01 25MB 26.8.2015

Documentation - Presentations info

Flag Code Description Download View Version Size Date
P008#1 Clarity advanced functions - part 1 download view 80B 5,6MB 29.9.2020
P008#2 Clarity advanced functions - part 2 download view 80A 3,7MB 29.6.2020
P008#3 Clarity advanced functions - part 3 download view 80A 4,3MB 29.6.2020
P009 Clarity basic functions presentation download view 80C 6,9MB 29.9.2020
P015 Clarity control presentation download view 80B 3.5MB 29.6.2020
P014 Clarity distributor training You must log in for download  login n/a 80A 5.7MB 29.6.2020
P024 Clarity in brief download view 80F 2,6MB 28.6.2021
P010 Clarity installation presentation download view 80B 4,4MB 29.6.2020
P007 Clarity introduction presentation download view 80A 3.6MB 16.4.2020
P029 Clarity new features in 7.0 download view 70A 4.7MB 5.5.2016
P036 Clarity new features in 7.3 download view 70B 3.4MB 5.6.2017
P042 Clarity new features in 7.4 download view 70A 2.7MB 24.10.2017
P048 Clarity new features in 8.0 download view 80B 4.1MB 29.9.2020
P050 Clarity new features in 8.1 download view 80A 4.1MB 6.12.2018
P051 Clarity new features in 8.2 download view 80A 3.6MB 7.5.2019
P054 Clarity new features in 8.3 download view 80A 1.7MB 16.4.2020
P055 Clarity new features in 8.4 download view 80A 1.3MB 16.9.2020
P056 Clarity new features in 8.5 download view 80A 1.3MB 12.3.2021
P057 Clarity new features in 8.6 download view 80A 1.3MB 14.7.2021
P004a Clarity OEM Solutions download view 80A 1,6MB 29.9.2020
P013 Clarity ordering You must log in for download  login n/a 80A 3.6MB 2.10.2018
P004b Clarity SDK Solutions download view 80A 2MB 3.7.2019
P053 Clarity Tour presentation download view 80A 3,3MB 28.10.2019
P012 Clarity troubleshooting presentation download view 80C 3,3MB 29.6.2020
P019 Clarity Validation download view 80D 3,3MB 29.9.2020
P023 DHA Extension presentation download view 80A 2,2MB 29.6.2020
P002 GPC Extension presentation download view 80A 3,0MB 29.6.2020
P020 Launch Manager presentation download view 80B 2.7MB 29.6.2020
P017 NGA Extension presentation download view 80A 2,2MB 29.6.2020
P001 PDA Extension presentation download view 80A 3,2MB 29.6.2020
P022 SST Extension presentation download view 80D 2,8MB 29.6.2020
P049 UNI Ruby Development You must log in for download  login n/a 40A 1.2MB 13.7.2018
Uživatelské setkání 2011 download view 8MB 3.11.2011

Documentation - For Distributors info

Flag Code Description Download View Version Size Date
D048 Clarity configuration examples You must log in for download  login n/a EN-06 123kB 2.6.2017
P014 Clarity distributor training You must log in for download  login n/a 80A 5.7MB 29.6.2020
P013 Clarity ordering You must log in for download  login n/a 80A 3.6MB 2.10.2018
D115 Control Module Approval procedure You must log in for download  login n/a EN-06 233kB 27.10.2020
D126 DataApex CTRL Module Specification You must log in for download  login n/a EN-10 232kB 14.1.2020
D044 DataApex Partner's Policy You must log in for download  login n/a EN-05 90kB 19.11.2015
D032 Demonstration Equipment Policy You must log in for download  login n/a EN-09 140kB 15.1.2019
D139 Duplication of USB flash drives You must log in for download  login n/a EN-01 350kB 6.12.2018
D081 External control module development checklist You must log in for download  login n/a EN-11 184kB 20.5.2020
D047 Order Example You must log in for download  login n/a EN-04 152kB 23.4.2015
D143 Recommendations for partners’ web pages and graphics You must log in for download  login n/a EN-02 92kB 6.4.2019
P049 UNI Ruby Development You must log in for download  login n/a 40A 1.2MB 13.7.2018
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