DataApex history

Five young recently graduated students of Chemistry and Computer Science Universities in Prague decided in 1990 to develop a software as a replacement of very old and primitive integrator used by mother in law one of them. And this job unexpectedly continues until these days and it results in more than 14 000 users of DataApex Chromatography Data Stations.


Apex Extra - Chromatography station for MS DOS

  • Graphical menu interface.
  • Full mouse control.
  • basic support to autosamplers.

INT3 - First A/D converter

  • Double integration 12/16 bits converter.
  • Full profile ISA -XT card.

About 200 INT3 units were produced between 1991-1993.


INT5 - First sigma/delta A/D converter

  • 24 bit resolution.
  • Up to 4 acquisition channels.
  • ISA - AT bus card.

The INT5 card has become very popular due to its high resolution and reliability. There are still many cards used proving its long term durability.


POLAR - Polarography station working in MS DOS operating system

5% of production was exported.

The main Office in Prague was moved to Souběžná I/26.


CSW10 - Chromatography Station for Windows

  • 16 bit software compatible with Windows 3.1.
  • programmed under Delphi programming language.

Besides of five working co-owners first two employes were hired.


SST - Extension for System Suitability Test.

  • In the CSW software generation it used to be a complementary program.

More than 500 chromatography data systems sold since 1991.


First GC and HPLC control modules were introduced

  • Finnigan GC9001.
  • HPLC pump with flow controlled by voltage or frequency.

Almost 20 distributors selling DataApex products.