Tutorials are short videos describing various aspects of Clarity software use. You can see all videos on our YouTube channel or download the Tutorials from our web pages.

Clarity tips & tricks

All Clarity Tips & Tricks

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Clarity Sequence Playlist

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Clarity Integration Playlist

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Basic introduction videos

Clarity introduction

Brief overview of Instument, Data Acquisition, Chromatogram and Calibration windows.

Clarity Data Acquisition window

Monitoring of acquisition and other functions of the Data Acquisition window.

Clarity Instrument window

Overview of the Instrument window and its possibilities.

Navigation within a chromatogram window

How to zoom a part of the graph and turn on the preview graph. How to move along the x/y-axes and change the range of the y-axis.

Navigating among multiple Clarity windows

Switching between multiple Clarity windows using keyboard shortcuts and using the Clarity Switch.

Working with multisignal chromatograms

A brief introductory tutorial how to easily work with more chromatograms or with multisignal chromatogram at one time.

Adjusting and Printing Reports

How to setup and print reports.

Exporting results to an external program

How to export results to a text file or any other data format. How to set automatical export of results each time a new chromatogram is measured. How to export results from multiple chromatograms using the Batch function.

Exporting Results to Excel

How to setup exports Results to Excel.

Subtraction and background chromatogram

How to set a background chromatogram and subtract a signal.

Introduction to peak integration operations

How to set basic parameters in the integration table and create a method template.

Working with calibration

Calibration Overview

A brief introductory overview of the Clarity Calibration window.

Creating a new calibration

How to create a calibration from already measured standards.

Linking a calibration to a chromatogram

How to calibrate results in an already measured or newly created chromatogram using your calibration file.

Recalibrating a level

How to recalibrate a level in the calibration. The video also includes where to find details of the calibration point and how to omit it from the calibration.

Recalibrating using already measured chromatograms

How to recalibrate or add a peak to the existing calibration.

Working with sequences

Sequence Overview

A brief introductory overview of the Clarity Sequence window.

Creating a sequence

How to create a new sequence and adjust its parameters to be ready to perform analyses.

Printing from Sequence

Step-by-step guide on how to print from the sequence with an explanation of basic print principles in Clarity.

Creating a template sequence

How to prepare a template sequence. Useful in case you work with similar sequences very often.

Opening measured chromatograms from a sequence

How to easily open chromatograms measured by a sequence and adjusting of User Options.

Advanced topics

Clarity Launch Manager

An advanced tutorial how to easily run Clarity with a different configurations of your laboratory instruments.

Clarity Batch Processing

Overview of the dialog where you can process multiple chromatograms at once - update the Integration, Calibration, perform Post Run Options, etc.

User Columns - Overview

How to use custom calculations in Clarity.

Clarity in Regulated Environment

Overview of User Accounts, IQ, OQ and SST