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Flag Code Description Download View Version Size Date
M006ESP Clarity - Guía de introducción download view 40A 2,8MB 13.7.2012
Clarity Getting Started in Spanish language.
M006RUS Clarity - Руководство по освоению download view 50C 3,8MB 9.3.2016
Clarity Getting Started in Russian language.
M154 Clarity 4.0 vs 3.0 download view 40D 1.5MB 13.6.2012
M174 Clarity 5.0 vs 4.0 download view 50A 1.1MB 28.11.2014
M195 Clarity 6.0 vs 5.0 download view 60A 580kB 18.3.2015
M198 Clarity 7.0 vs 6.0 download view 70A 1.1MB 5.5.2016
M211 Clarity 7.3 vs 7.0 download view 70C 960kB 13.11.2017
M222 Clarity 7.4 vs 7.3 download view 70B 280kB 24.10.2017
M140 Clarity Cooperation with LIMS download view 50C 600kB 25.10.2017
M003 Clarity Demo download view 70E 1.2MB 25.10.2017
M003FRA Clarity Demo download view 70A 1.2MB 30.5.2017
Clarity Demo in French language.
M006 Clarity Getting Started download view 70K 2.6MB 9.11.2017
M215 Clarity in Network download view 70B 440kB 25.10.2017
M132 Clarity in Regulated Environment download view 70H 1.9MB 25.10.2017
M006FRA Clarity Prise en Main download view 70D 2.5MB 30.5.2017
Clarity Getting Started in French language.
M007 Clarity První seznámení download view 70A 2,4MB 30.5.2016
M018 Clarity Reference Guide download view 70H 7.9MB 25.10.2017
Covers both Clarity and Clarity Lite.
M021 Clarity User Guide download view 70K 13MB 14.11.2017
M039 Clarity Validation Kit download view 70C 2.1MB 25.10.2017
M023 Clarity vs. CSW32 download view 22B 315kB 28.3.2006
M006DEU Kurzanleitung Clarity download view 70B 2,3MB 1.12.2016
Clarity Getting Started in German language.
M138 Launch Manager download view 30C 220kB 17.12.2012
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