Agilent 5890 Control

Control module for Agilent 5890A, 5890 Series II and 4890D chromatographs

The Agilent 5890 GC driver can control Agilent (formerly HP) 5890A, 5890 Series II and 4890D chromatographs.
The control is performed over HPIB interface card. The boards supplied by Agilent (see the compatibility table). The control of the attached autosampler has to be purchased separately, see the AS Control module (p/n A26) for 7673. For details about required parts and cables read the manual.
The control module does not support EPC, FPD and Analog Input Board (19261-60010).

Agilent 5890


  Agilent 5890A and Agilent 5890 II and 4890D GC Control
Communication interface RS232
Purchasing GC Control (p/n A23)
Related products Clarity (p/n C50)
Cable Serial cross DB9F-DB25M (p/n SK03) + INET cable

Control Board compatibility

Control Status Description
19257-60015 HPIB/RS232 OK Newer type; working; both analog outputs supported.
19257-60010 HPIB/RS232 OK Tested in DataApex.
Older type; working; only one analog output is supported
19242-60010 INET No commonly used with integrators, cannot be used
19242-60015 INET No commonly used with integrators, buffered communication, cannot be used
19242-60030 RS232 No RS232 board only, uses different communication protocol, cannot be used