Preparative chromatography in Clarity

General Purpose Fraction Collector

The Clarity Chromatography Station allows for the direct control of selected fraction collectors using the General Purpose Fraction Collector (FC GP) or UNI RUBY driver. The direct control of fraction collection and support for the display of fractions in a chromatogram makes Clarity one of the most outstanding tools of preparative chromatography on the market today. The FC GP and also the UNI RUBY controls are designed to function with any fraction collector controlled by Collect/Waste and Next fraction events.
The user can easily and directly set the method for collecting fractions in the Method Setup - Fraction Table dialog. Fractions are then collected on the basis of signal level or signal slope in the given time interval.
Direct control of the fraction collector using the GP FC or UNI RUBY drivers requires the use of Clarity software with LC Control allowed, as well as an interface device with digital (TTL) outputs, such as DataApex Colibrick.

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