Clarity Lite compared to Clarity

Clarity Lite is a scaled down version derived from the Clarity software. The following table displays detailed matrix of key features of both stations and highlights the features that are restriccted or absent in the Clarity Lite


Clarity LiteLite
Support of multiple detector instruments 32 detectors /
4 detectors
Number of instruments connected simultaneously 1 - 4 1
Results Summary Table yes yes
Full history record including calibration data saved in the chromatogram yes yes
Time programmable integration parameters Peak Width and Treshold yes yes
Supporting tools for 21CFR Part 11 yes no
- Electronic signature yes no
- Audit trail yes no
- Advanced user accounts yes no
Clarity Control (AS, GC, HPLC pumps - see the list of controlled instruments) yes no
Extensions (SST, GPC, PDA, EA, CE, NGA, DHA, MS) yes no
System Suitabilty Module - SST yes no
Column Performance Table yes no
User columns in result table - special calculation defined by the user yes no
Command "Directories" for selecting the working folder for data saving yes no
Archive/restore functions yes no
Batch processing yes no
Commands "Model Method" and "Copy From" for extended work with method files yes no
Import/Export (AIA, TXT, dBase) yes yes
Postrun yes yes
Single Analysis mode yes yes
Sequence yes yes
ISTD and ESTD calculation methods yes yes
Reference peaks usage yes yes
Automatical software update from Internet yes yes
Automatic subtraction of solvent defined in the method yes no
Display background chromatogram in the Data Acquisition dialog yes no
Installation qualification (IQ) protocol yes yes

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