Installation patch Available

DataApex released patch for installations - 87.

Due to problems with external certification authority Clarity installation versions through cannot perform automatic hw drivers setup. It is possible to download patch that resolves this problem or to download the latest version of entire installation. This problem does not affect upgrading already installed stations. The Chromatography Devices Installer dialog will display cross in front of the driver names with the inscription "Not Installed (Certificate Expired)" picture bullet 1.


DPInst patch:

Do I need this patch?

It applies to Clarity installation CD ROMS between the versions - it is not required for already installed Clarity software.

If you meet the following four conditions, than this patch is suitable for you:
- I need to install Clarity
- The version on the CD ROM is between -
- I have Windows 2000/XP
- I do not want to download the latest Clarity Full version installation file ( >30 MB )

How to use the patch:

  1. Install Clarity from the installation CD ROM.
  2. When the installation comes to the Chromatography Devices installer click "Cancel" button and complete the installation. (Do not connect the hardware yet!)
  3. Extract DPINST Patch.zip archive to Clarity root folder (C:Clarity), extract it with paths.
  4. The extracted files will overwrite files and folders in C:ClarityHardware folder, when prompted confirm overwriting.
  5. Run the DPInst.exe file - it will invoke updated version of Chromatography Devices Installer.
  6. Complete the installation of HW drivers.
  7. Follow the instructions in the Getting Started manual.