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Documentation - General Datasheets

Flag Code Description Download View Version Size Date
D159 CB Certificate Colibrick download view - 975kB 8.4.2021
D161 CB Certificate MultiCOM download view - 205kB 8.4.2021
D163 CB Certificate Validator download view - 1.6MB 8.4.2021
D110 CB Certificate Zebrick download view - 635kB 8.4.2021
D160 CE Conformity Declaration Colibrick download view EN-01 180kB 1.7.2021
D162 CE Conformity Declaration MultiCOM download view EN-01 180kB 1.7.2021
D164 CE Conformity Declaration Validator download view EN-01 180kB 1.7.2021
D111 CE Conformity Declaration Zebrick download view EN-03 180kB 29.7.2021
D022 Clarity školení - Info download view CZ-06 220kB 1.4.2015
D022 Clarity Trainings Info download view EN-05 195kB 1.4.2015
D158 Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy download view EN-01 388 kB 4.12.2020
D020 DataApex SW Comparison table download view EN-10 55kB 1.4.2015
D139 Duplication of USB flash drives You must log in for download  login n/a EN-01 350kB 6.12.2018
D018 General Sales Conditions download view EN-13 96kB 7.3.2019
D028 ISO9001:2015 certificado download view ES-06 156kB 24.1.2019
D028 ISO9001:2015 certificate download view EN-06 243 kB 24.1.2019
D028 ISO9001:2015 certifikát download view CZ-06 298kB 24.1.2019
D028 ISO9001:2015 Zertifikat download view DE-06 299kB 24.1.2019
D156 NDAA Compliance Declaration download view EN-02 540 kB 4.12.2020
D018 Obchodní podmínky download view CZ-11 101kB 22.1.2019
D118 Reach Declaration download view EN-02 83kB 4.12.2020
D152 RoHS3 Declaration download view EN-02 463 kB 4.12.2020
D157 Statement of use of Conflict Minerals download view EN-01 565 kB 4.12.2020
D140 SW Familiarization - individual download view EN-03 70kB 25.4.2019
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