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We are cooperating with our users on various solutions based on Clarity Chromatography software. Please find below the application notes or whitepapers.

Customized calculations in Clarity - How to replace Excel

Following Application Note demonstrates how to perform calculations for assay and impurities content in Artemisinin according to Pharmacopeia directly in Clarity without use of any external calculation tool such as Microsoft Excel. All necessary data (chromatograms, calibrations and calculation verification sheet) are available for download.

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How to capture network communication using Wireshark (Network Protocol Analyzer)

Following whitepaper describes how to record network communication between PC with Clarity and connected device using Wireshark software. This record of communication is helpfull source of information when inspecting cause of troubles in communication between PC and the device.

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Rename filenames by folder names (import AIA from Chemstation)

When importing chromatograms exported from Chemstation to Clarity we will need to name the filenames according to the chromatogram name indicated in the parent folder and move the chromatograms to a single output folder. Here we provide a possible solution on how to do that.

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MS Excel macro for Result Table check

Clarity can automatically export a chromatogram after an analysis or when the reprocessing of the chromatogram is finished. This macro will automatically load the exported chromatogram to MS Excel, subsequently format its Result Table and add custom calculations to it, e.g. comparison to defined limits.

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Automated SW solution for preparative HPLC

Application examples of Clarity software for analytical and small scale preparative separation using multivendor analytical and preparative HPLC components.

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Using Validat 5 (iCD) with Clarity

Validat is an efficient software solution for method validation. This paper describes how to validate Clarity methods in accordance with various guidelines such as DIN, USP and ICH.

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Using SIMDIS Expert® 9 (Separation Systems) with Clarity

The SIMDIS Expert 9 may be used with Clarity to process acquired chromatograms according to Simulated Distillation.

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