Clarity Offline Chromatography Software

Clarity Offline allows users to evaluate data and prepare methods in a regulated environment.

Clarity Offline allows users to import previously acquired data and to evaluate and prepare methods. This version cannot acquire data, but it can share data or even directly access (through LAN) projects of the Clarity and Clarity Lite software. With Clarity Offline, users are able to work with acquired data on additional computers in the lab or at home. The software works with the same files and provides the same outputs (printing and exporting) as Clarity and Clarity Lite.

Clarity Offline is intended for use as additional software that supplements Clarity and Clarity Lite. It can also be used to evaluate data from other manufacturers' CDS.

The Clarity Offline window is an entrance point to up to four independent offline Instruments. Each can be predefined to specific type of analysis (e.g. GC or LC) and to access specific projects.
In Clarity Offline the Data Acquisition is disabled. The icon for monitoring signal from detector is dimmed, the acquisition status displays "Disabled". All other functions are the same as in the Clarity software.
The Chromatogram window displays the chromatogram and results. You can easily edit acquired chromatograms visualy in the graph or through Integration table. The Result table can be easily customized to display the data you want see exactly in the way you want to see them. Summary table displays data from overlaid chromatograms in one table for easy comparison.
The Calibration window has two main screens, a global calibration table and  compound tab (on the screenshot) The compound tabs contain a table with concentration levels matching the response with amount and a calibration curve. Any point can be temporarily suspended in the graph and it is then marked with a circle instead of a cross.

How to integrate Clarity Offline in your lab?

Main features

21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Clarity Offline contains all functions (Electronic Signatures, User Accounts, Audit Trail, etc.) for compliance with the 21 CFR Part 11 directive of the FDA. Clarity Offline can be used for evaluation in regulated environments.

See the Clarity 21 CFR Part 11 compliance details.

Networked SolutionClarity Offline can access files of Clarity and Clarity Lite installed on networked computers. This enables evaluation of chromatograms, development of new methods, and printing reports on additional computers in the laboratory.
EducationAn additional field of use is in education. Students can process chromatograms that have been acquired from Clarity connected to a chromatograph using their Clarity Offline license. Thus they do not need a Clarity full license just for data evaluation.
Data processing and evaluation from other chromatography softwareClarity Offline allows the import of data from other chromatography software using text or AIA import function. This allows the user to process and evaluate chromatograms acquired by other chromatography software.
Offsite computerClarity Offline can be installed on any Windows computer, giving you anytime access to your chromatographic data (USB hardware key is required).
Language Localizations availableUseful for non-English speakers. At the moment, there are French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese localizations available in a single installation package. Simply switch to your preferred language anytime, try the Clarity DEMO now.


 Clarity Offline Chromatography Software
Part Number (p/n)C59