Clarity UNI Ruby

UNI Ruby

Clarity UNI Ruby serves for easy on site development of control modules for Clarity station in Ruby language. It provides stable well-documented interface between Clarity software and the control module.

Clarity UNI Ruby consits of:

  • Clarity CDS with control module support
  • Editor of Ruby scripts integrated with Clarity CDS
  • Documentation (CHM help, examples, SDK Discussion Forum)

The Control module translates the demands from Clarity into the language of the chromatographic hardware and vice versa translates the data obtained from the hardware and synchronization events from the hardware's language into function calls, which Clarity expects. Clarity UNI Ruby is intended for development of rare or custom made devices with reasonable demand on communication load. It allows development at a customer site without need of any agreement with DataApex. It doesn't require any additional tools. The only requirement is a programmer experienced with writing at least Excel macros and ability to learn Ruby language and how Clarity CDS interfaces Control modules and chromatographic hardware. UNI Ruby is completely tested and is used for production projects. For example whole range of Fraction Collectors shipped with standard Clarity is implemented using UNI Ruby. Other production devices implemented in UNI Ruby are pumps, detectors and thermostats. Except for PDA and MS detectors, any other type of device supported by Clarity can be implemented in UNI Ruby.

Registered partners can download following documents in the Downloads - For Distributors section:

D081 External control module development checklist

D115 Control Module Approval procedure

D126 DataApex CTRL Module Specification

P049 UNI Ruby Development presentation


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