INT5 - A/D Converter (internal ISA)

INT5 Converter

INT5 is an internal 24-bit A/D converter board for measurement of voltages of chromatographic and electrochemical detectors.
The board is designed for the ISA bus and is equipped with mechanical jumpers for manual setting the base address and interrupt. It contains one to four fully independent, galvanically separated sigma delta integrating A/D converters for processing positive and negative voltages.

  • INT5 internal ISA board has been discontinued from sale since 2003.

Upgrade options

Most current PC computers do not have the obsolete ISA slot for this card. When upgrading the PC it is recommended to upgrade to INT7 internal PCI board. The INT7 board is a direct successor of the INT5 control board.

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Technical data:

Converter type 24 bit integrating, sigma - delta integration
Number of channels 1, 2 or 4 fully independent
Analog inputs mutually isolated with symmetrical inputs
Input range unipolar and bipolar, each channel separately: 156 mV - 10 V
Conversion time 10 - 100 ms
Non-linearity < 0.0015 %
Temperature dependence < 20 ppm/°C
Auxiliary intputs 4 TTL
Auxiliary outputs 8 TTL

Effective resolution for various acquisition speeds and input ranges:

10 V 1 250 mV 156 mV
10 Hz 20 bit 19 bit 16 bit
50 Hz 18 bit 17 bit 15 bit
100 Hz 17 bit 15 bit 14 bit

Possible combinations:

Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows 95, 98, Me
INT5 x Clarity
CSW32, CSW17
CSW32, CSW17
CSW32, CSW17

Compatible software


Upgrade options

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