ChromApex - Chromatography station for MS DOS

The first generation of the DataApex chromatography station that runs in the MS-DOS environment. Discontinued from sale as of July 2001.

The station runs in MS-DOS and consists of an A/D converter board for PCs and the corresponding software.
ChromApex can be connected to practically any gas or liquid chromatograph and operates one or two fully independent channels for acquiring, processing and evaluating chromatographic data.

The station can run easily on a PC 286/20 MHz microprocessor, 1 MB RAM and MS-DOS 3.1 or higher.
The use of ChromApex is easy thanks to graphic menu, help line and full mouse control.
The station offers basic support to autosamplers and has a sophisticated integration and calibration module.


  • ChromApex software has been discontinued from sale since July 2001.

Replacement options