IHP58 - HPIB/RS232 interface kit

IHP58 - interface cardDiscontinued from sale as of February 2013.

The HPIB/RS232 interface kit enables direct control of the Agilent (formerly HP) 5890 GC. The kit includes: the interface card and a cable connecting the interface card with GC. The DataApex IHP58 interface card corresponds to the 19257-60015 HPIB/RS232 card from Agilent. To use it in Clarity software you also need to purchase the GC Control (p/n A23) module that enables direct control of 5890 GC directly from Clarity.

The IHP58 interface card is an optional accessory to Agilent 5890 GC.
To order the interface card from DataApex ask for the p/n IHP58.

Next steps

Item Agilent order No.
interface card corresponds to 19257-60015 HPIB/RS232
HP-IB/RS232 Ribbon Cable corresponds to 19257-60500
Back Panel corresponds to 19257-60020


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