Digital Input Device (DID)

Digital Input Device (p/n DID01)

Adapter of digital inputs for RS232 serial line (p/n DID01). The digital input device utilizes the free signals of the RS232 COM port to create two inputs. The input signal can bep processed by DIM or selected Clarity control modules: ECOM (TOPAZ, SAPHIRE), Sykam (S3210/S3240) or SoftA detectors. Use the inputs with contact or button, do not connect voltage to it. Both inputs are equipped with CINCH connector.

The DID01 set includes:

  • 1 x Digital Input Device
  • 1 x cable (CINCH - Button)
  • 1 x cable (CINCH - free leads)

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Digital Input Device
Part No. DID01
Related products DIM; Ecom Topaz / Saphire; Sykam S3210/S3240; SoftA ELSD

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