Ecom Sapphire Control

The control module for the Ecom Sapphire detector

The control module enables direct control of the Ecom Sapphire detector over serial line. The user can easily create the detector control method from the Method Setup - Acquisition dialog, set the wavelength of the detector cell, smapling rate, signal filter and other parameters, or change the wavelength during the run in the Time Table. All of these parameters are then saved as a part of the method and can be added as a part of the report. Actual signal of the detector can be monitored and partly controlled from the Device Monitor window. Control is realized via a standard PC serial port using a specified serial cable.

Ecom Sapphire detector


  Ecom Sapphire Control
Controlled instruments Ecom Sapphire 600 UV-VIS, 800 UV-VIS, CE, EX
Communication interface RS232
Purchasing LC Control (p/n A24)
Related products Clarity (p/n C50)
Cable Serial cross DB9F-DB9F (p/n SK01)
Needed accessories Digital Input Device (p/n DID01)