Digital Input Module (DIM) Control

DIM SetupThe Digital Input Module is an optional control module which enables external starts using the required Digital Input Device (DID). The DIM is direct part of Clarity and can be freely added to the Instrument.

Yo need the DIM if:

  • You don't use an A/D converter.
  • You need more TTL inputs.

You don't need the DIM if:

  • You already have an A/D Converter with digital inputs (for number of digital inputs in your A/D converter, refer to it's manual).
  • Clarity control module for your detector can directly use the Digital Input Device. ECOM (TOPAZ, SAPHIRE), Sykam (S3210/S3240) or SoftA can do this.

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Digital Input Module
for free, part of Clarity (p/n C50)

Required product
Digital Input Device (p/n DID01)
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