DANI GC & AS Controls

The DANI control modules enable direct control of various DANI gas chromatographs or autosamplers over various communication lines. Direct control means the chromatographs or autosamplers can be completely controlled from the Clarity environment. Instrument method controlling the analysis conditions will be saved in the measured chromatograms.

The control modules are intended to control following gas chromatographs:

  • GC 1000
  • Master GC.

The control modules are intended to control following autosamplers:

  • ALS 1000
  • Master AS
  • Master DHS (headspace sampler)
  • Master SHS (headspace sampler).

All above listed control modules do not have manuals in PDF. There exist only help file in .chm file format. The help file for the respective instrument can be provided upon request.

Note: In case of Master CG might be necessary to obtain dedicated code from DANI to allow communication between the GC and PC over communication line.

Next steps

Dani instruments from Master family require specific firmware revisions in different Clarity versions. Before installation and configuration of these instruments in Clarity check related compatibility table.

Compatibility table between DANI Master GC, DHS, SHS firmware revisions and Clarity versions


DANI Controls - CG or AS
Controlled instruments

Gas Chromatographs:

GC 1000
Master GC


ALS 1000,
Master AS
Master DHS (headspace)
Master SHS (headspace)

Communication interface

Gas Chromatographs:

GC 1000: RS232
Master GC: RS232, USB, LAN


ALS 1000: RS232
Master AS: RS232, USB, LAN - controlled through GG
Master DHS: RS232, USB, LAN
Master SHS: RS232, USB, LAN


GC Control (p/n A23) - for gas chromatographs

AS Control (p/n A26) - for autosamplers

Related products Clarity (p/n C50)


Gas Chromatographs:

GC 1000: serial cross DB9F-DB9F (p/n SK01)
Master GC: serial cross DB9F-DB9F (SK01) or USB A-B (p/n SK06) or cross LAN (SK08)



ALS 1000: serial cross DB9F-DB9F (SK01)
Master AS: serial cross DB9F-DB9F (SK01) or USB A-B (p/n SK06) or cross LAN (SK08) - controlled through GC
Master DHS: serial cross DB9F-DB9F (SK01) or USB A-B (p/n SK06) or cross LAN (SK08)
Masters SHS: serial cross DB9F-DB9F (SK01) or USB A-B (p/n SK06) or cross LAN (SK08)

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