Compatibility table between DANI Master GC, DHS, SHS, firmware revisions and Clarity versions.


Dani Master GC

In case your Master GC has an older firmware that supports an older version of Clarity than you have installed it is possible to use older drivers in newer Clarity (up to 8.1). Proceed as follows:

  • Copy CswDaniSpAMasterGC.dll and MasterGCControl.dll from the previous Clarity version and rewrite them in your current Clarity installation directory.

It is not possible with Clarity version 8.2 and newer because of our internal policy.

For firmware updates please contact Dani Analitica S.r.l. at service@danispa.it.

Firmware rev. Driver Master GC Clarity version
20070919-R6 up to 2.6...
20070919-R9 up to 2.6...
20070919-S3 2.8...or (typical installation then install the driver)
20100510-R (full installation)
20100530-R (full installation)
20100530-R (typical installation)
20110208-R and R4 compatible  from 2010 Fw Releases (typical installation)
20120625-RE incompatible with the previous fw releases 4.0... (typical installation)
20130706-RE incompatible with the previous fw releases 5.0.1 (typical installation)
20130911-RE 5.0.2 (typical installation)
20141103-RE 5.0.5 (typical installation)
From 20141103-RE or higher 6.0 and later (typical installation)

Dani Master DHS

Firmware rev. Driver Master DHS Clarity version
1.6.39 5.0.1
1.10.1 5.0.5

Dani Master SHS

Firmware rev. Driver Master SHS Clarity version
from 1.4.0 5.0.1
from 1.7.0 5.0.5