Agilent 7890 Control

Agilent 7890

The Agilent 7890 GC driver can control Agilent 7890A  and 7890B gas chromatograph. Clarity can communicate with the GC using the LAN connection.
The module can control also the Agilent 7683 or 7693 Autosampler connected through the GC. AS Control (p/n A26) has to be purchased to unlock this possibility.

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Agilent 7890 Control
Controlled instruments Agilent 7890A and 7890B gas chromatographs, 7683 and 7693 autosamplers.
Data acquisition interface LAN - Digital Data Acquisition
ANALOG - analog signal to A/D converter (eg. Colibrick, INT9 or U-PAD2) for detectors with analog output only and for not supported detectors.
Communication interface LAN
Purchasing GC Control (p/n A23)
Related products Clarity (p/n C50)
Supported detectors FID, ECD, TCD, NPD, FPD
Connection cross LAN (p/n SK08)

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