Clarity Offline Chromatography Station

Clarity Offline Chromatography Station

The offline version allows users to evaluate data and prepare methods. This version cannot acquire data but it can share data or even directly access (through LAN) projects of the online stations Clarity and Clarity Lite. With Clarity Offline users are able to work with acquired data on additional computers in the lab or at home.It provides all the standard functions of Clarity Software except that it does not allow for both data acquisition and controlling instruments (control modules are accesible for method preparation). The software works with the same files and provides the same outputs (printing and exporting) as the Clarity station. Clarity Offline does not contain printed manuals. PDF version of all documentation is available on the installation media.

Clarity Offline Software is intended for use as additional offline software that supplements online versions of Clarity software: Clarity and Clarity Lite.

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Clarity Offline Chromatography Station
Part Number (p/n) C59
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