What is new

  • Changes in version 9.1.0 (19.03.2024)

    *New: Clarity Lite: Improved handling of multiple error or warning messages opened at the same time.

    #Fixed Bug: Calibration: Cancelling changes in calibration could result in error.

    #Fixed Bug: Clarity Lite: Save As and Print to PDF dialogs interpreted absolute and relative path incorrectly in some cases.

    #Fixed Bug: Export Data: Some integration parameters were exported as part of Chromatogram Header item.

    #Fixed Bug: Help: Equations were missing (introduced in 9.0.1).

    #Fixed Bug: Localization: In Spanish, it was not possible to set Is ISTD in calibration (introduced in 9.0.1).

    #Fixed Bug: Print report: Result table missing header in case no peaks were found in chromatogram.

  • Changes in version 9.0.0 (25.07.2023)

    *New: Clarity Lite: Improved computer memory management while working with larger method files.

    *New: Clarity Lite: New graphic style of splashscreen and About dialog.

    *New: Clarity Lite: New model of licensing system is introduced containing paid major upgrades. More details can be found at www.dataapex.com/upgrade.

    *New: Clarity Lite: The appearance of windows now reflects the appearance of Windows 11.

    *New: Communication recording: New option TextMode=BOTH (both text and hexa format) in commdrv.ini.

    *New: Export to Excel:  Implemented support both for old *.xls and new *.xlsx format. Excel version supporting the selected format must be installed on the computer.

    *New: Export: While exporting sequence, Sample type is now exported as it is visible in the software, not as a number (0-3), which referred to the order in the menu.  

    *New: File Open dialogue: Column width is now stored in the user desktop (*.dsk) file.

    *New: Integration Algorithm: Current Integration Algorithm is renamed to Legacy and updated to version 9.0 rev. 1.

    *New: Integration Algorithm: A new integration algorithm Wave based on previous Experimental algorithm is added.

    *New: Integration Algorithm: Selection of Integration Algorithm is moved to Integration tab (originally on Calculation tab in Method Setup and Results tab in Chromatogram).

    *New: Method: Warning when method size may exceed 200 MB during an attempt to save it is now present to help prevent exceeding the memory.

    *New: Sequence: New option "On Enter - Move Down" in User Options to handle Enter in Sequence table  (useful for entering values using handheld barcode scanners).

    #Fixed Bug: Analysis: File write error while creating chromatogram in case invalid characters (ASCII 0-31) were used in Sample or Sample ID and propagated to the chromatogram file name.

    #Fixed Bug: Analysis: Single Analysis using sampler stayed in Waiting for injection in case of autostop in the method was not enabled.

    #Fixed Bug: Calibration: Opening calibration with a high number of signals, compounds, or concentration levels was slow.

    #Fixed Bug: Calibration: Wrong handling of customized units for the area - affecting linearised response and calibration curve graph.

    #Fixed Bug: Export Data - option Chromatogram: The signal was exported with an incorrect unit label in some cases.

    #Fixed Bug: Export: Export Chromatogram did not respect settings in User Options - Directories.

    #Fixed Bug: File Open Dialog: Pressing Esc didn't close the file open dialog when none of the files was selected.

    #Fixed Bug: File Open dialogue: Fixed problems with All Signals checkbox focusing when selecting signals of a chromatogram.

    #Fixed Bug: High DPI displays: Icons and table columns were too small when higher DPI was used.

    #Fixed Bug: Integration Algorithm: Tangent skimming method and Moving Average filter - incorrect evaluation in some cases.

    #Fixed Bug: Print to PDF: Lab Footer was not printed to PDF when using 1600*1200 display resolution.

    #Fixed Bug: Summary table: Chromatogram was not displayed if there was no peak with the calculated amount. Now sufficient conditions for the chromatograms to be displayed are connected calibration files.