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Changes in version 5.0.5 (24.10.2014)

*New: Control: Agilent 1100/1200 LC systems - dual spectral data (DAD+FLD) acquisition is now supported.
*New: Control: HTA HT4000L new autosampler control module is available in testing state.
*New: Control: Interlab Omega multiwavelenght control module available in testing state.
*New: Control: Markes BenchTOF MS detector control module available in testing state.
*New: Control: YL instruments YL3000A  and Ample Technology Center ATC3000A autosampler control modules added.
*New: Control: Dani Master TOF detector driver updated to version
*New: Control: Dani Master updated drivers:  GC  to version, DHS  to version, SHS  to version
*New: Control: Rigol L-3320 AS driver updated to version
*New: Control: Sykam S-1130/1132 pump driver updated to version
*New: Control: UNI-RUBY control modules - module info added to section headers in report.
*New: Control: UNI-RUBY - Improved help for UNI-RUBY control modules.
*New: Control: YL instruments YL 6500 GC driver updated to version
*New: Instrument: Possibility to use multiple spectral detectors on Clarity instrument (MS-PDA combination etc.)
*New: Sequence table: the Std. and Lvl. columns are now editable for measured rows - the modified settings will be applied during batch reprocess.
#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Wrong references to compounds for multiple ISTD and Calculate By in case the compound was deleted from calibration table.
#Fixed Bug: Clarity tries to create LOG subdirectory in working directory when using command line parameters (for example when opening chromatogram by doubleclick). Introduced in
#Fixed Bug: Control: Advion Expression CMS Run Acquisition is now disabled when the detector is in Standby state.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent 1100 control, possible crashes in DAD detector (problem introduced in version
#Fixed Bug: Control: False message "CSW driver is corrupted" in About box in some control modules (5890 GC, ...).
#Fixed Bug: Control: FC-GP by UNI-Ruby: the maximum vial number could be now set in System, Configuration. Previously it was set to 10 within the script.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Fraction Collector by multiposition valve - selected initial position was overwritten to 2 by script.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Sedere Sedex LC and FP models were incorrectly detected in some languages (Chinese).
#Fixed Bug: Control: Spark Mistral - occasional false Low Fan Speed Error.
#Fixed Bug: Control: The Fraction Collector method table was not printed.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Summary table did not print user columns.
#Fixed Bug: Instrument: Using the %e variable for Instrument name in file name, invalid characters " < > | used in Instrument name were not replaced.
#Fixed Bug: Method audit trail window - missing predefined report style, added Method audit.sty.
#Fixed Bug: Print report, Instrument control - sometimes printed wrong info when multiple detectors have been used on Instrument.

Changes in version 5.0.4 (3.7.2014)

*New: Control: Dani Master SHS AS driver updated to version
*New: Control: Ecom drivers ECD2000, ECP2000 and ECO2000 updated to version
*New: Control: Chromophor Chromopeak 2010 pump - control by UNI-Ruby released.
*New: Control: Knauer Smartline, Azura and PlatinBlue drivers updated to version
*New: Control: New control module Schambeck RI 2012 refractive index detector by UNI RUBY script in testing state.
*New: Control: New control modules Knauer Pump P-1, DAD detector DAD6.1L, Thermostat CT2.1.
*New: Control: Sedere ELSD detectors - new model Sedex-FP added.
*New: Control: Spark Alias - commands for tray movements are moved from Service dialog to the Device Monitor.
*New: Control: Spark Alias - sequence check for available injection volume set to 1 microliter minimum.
*New: Extension GPC: NormHT calculation can now be based on the MW distribution graph (previous Clarity versions, default) or on the chromatographic peak (new, to be comparable to other GPC software’s).
*New: All command line parameters received are now recorded in Audit Trail.
*New: German localization is now available for everyone free of charge.
*New: TeamviewerQS utility for remote support was added to the installation, available in Start menu, Program Files, Clarity group.
*New: View Calibration command in Chromatogram window will open both the active chromatogram and the linked calibration in the Calibration window.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Advion CMS expression - amended TIC range in SIM scan mode (corresponding to the number of specified signals).
#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF RI detector - wrong signal units, base unit changed to nRIU.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Dani GC 1000 - support for pressure settings for PK (packed) inlet type.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Knauer PDA-1 detector - problems with processing chromatograms with spectral data exceeding available memory.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Spark Alias - injection volume was checked by sequence while not appropriate (when using User program or no Inject method enabled).
#Fixed Bug: Control: Spark SPH1240 pump - now properly reacts to Stop Flow command.
#Fixed Bug: Extension DHA: The norm table was updated with some missing values (carbon numbers, MW, relative density).
#Fixed Bug: Extension DHA: Wrong results for calculations based on Volume %.
#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: Possible crash after using the Method - Calculation menu item in Instrument window.
#Fixed Bug: Changed method in sequence running in Sequence mode was not properly propagated to instrument.
#Fixed Bug: injection_date_time_stamp and sample_id_comments fields are now supported during the Import CDF function.
#Fixed Bug: Mathematical operations creating multisignal chromatograms will now set signal names.
#Fixed Bug: Possible crash using parenthesis after %T variable in filenames.
#Fixed Bug: Prints are now performed in separate thread (should solve some communication errors due to timeouts caused by blocking the main thread).
#Fixed Bug: Set Calibration command failed for calibration files using dots within the file name on the Method Setup - Calculation tab.

Changes in version 5.0.3 (28.3.2014)

*New: Control: Advion Expression CMS MS detector released.
*New: Control: Eksigent - UltraLC 100/110 - HPLC System has been released.
*New: Control: Spark Holland Symbiosis control module (Alias, ACE, HPD) released.
*New: Calibration: Named Groups defined in the Calibration will be displayed in the Chromatogram - Result table below the Total Row. One compound could be present in several named groups. Not supported in the Chromatogram - Summary table.
*New: Calibration: New response base Area% - for special calculations in clinical diagnosis.
*New: Clarity2Go: Option to set password for the Clarity2Go utility.
*New: Control: Agilent 7890 implemented check for no data from detectors (problem on computers with multiple LAN boards).
*New: Control: Antec Decade Elite - Find button in the Setup dialog to detect available instruments on network.
*New: Control: Dani Master MS-TOF detector driver available for testing.
*New: Control: Knauer control module drivers updated to version
*New: Control: Rigol L-3000 driver (version is now available for testing.
*New: Control: Rigol L-3320 As driver updated to version
*New: Control: SSI - Mighty-Mini - pump is now available for testing.
*New: Control: Sykam S1130, S1132 pump driver updated to version and S3250 driver updated to version
*New: Control: Techlab Minipump 1 control driver by Uni-Ruby script available for testing.
*New: Control: Watrex - Mighty-Mini - pump is now available for testing.
*New: Control: YL Instruments YL 6500 GC driver updated to version
*New: Extension CE: Calculation of Apparent Mobility and Effective Mobility is now available in the Method Setup - Performance tab.
*New: Extension GPC: The Method Setup, GPC Advanced tab has been removed.
*New: Extension PDA: The Remove Generated Signal option enables to remove signals generated from PDA view.
*New: Chromatogram: Create Label option Active Chromatogram renamed to Active Signal.
*New: Chromatogram: Detector delay is now enabled also on the first signal.
#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Groups could not be evaluated by ISTD (introduced in 5.0.0 with multiple ISTD).
#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Peak coloring did not function correctly in Calibration window for Groups.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Advion CMS detector contact closure output not working.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent 1200 ICF HPLC - possible missed starts on system without 1200 HPLC system detector.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent 7890 GC -  oven max temperature limit check has been set to 70-450 °C.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent 7890GC/7683AS wrong syringe sizes offered in the Agilent 7890 Setup - Ampler tab.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Decade Elite Temperature range changed to 15 - 60 °C.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Knauer PDA-1 detector - added error message when the spectral data could not be processed due to low computer memory.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Sedere Sedex LC - possible freeze during acquisition.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Shimadzu GC 2014,  Gas Saver settings, interchanged values for Split Ratio and Time.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Sykam S3210/40 DAD detector: Wrong signal axis units for displaying spectra.
#Fixed Bug: Control: UNI-RUBY scripts - non functional Time Tables (introduced in version 4.0).
#Fixed Bug: Control: UNI-RUBY scripts: Ruby Exception when a Bypass injecton was used.
#Fixed Bug: Error message "DEMO - Wrong Serial Number" changed to more appropriate "DEMO-Wrong User Code".
#Fixed Bug: Export AIA from Postrun exported only the C1 completeness. Now it exports C1 + C2.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: User columns defined in the Summary table are not displayed (already fixed in 5.0.2).
#Fixed Bug: Possible crash when default printer was not configured in Windows.
#Fixed Bug: Print to PDF: New version of the DynaPDF library 3.0.  Should solve the problems in landscape printing.
#Fixed Bug: Print to PDF: the possibility to print Chromatogram to multiple pages in landscape mode.
KNOWN ISSUE: The printing of reports to PDF does not print the graphs properly. Suggested workaround: use the free PDF Creator to print reports to PDF.

Changes in version 5.0.2 (19.12.2013)

*New: Control: Spark ACE and HPD control modules are now part of the Symbiosys control module.
*New: Audit Trail: Some errors were not correctly recorded in Daily Audit Trail.
*New: Calibration:  the  "Is ISTD" and "Use ISTD from" list-boxes are now available also on the Compound tab.
*New: Clarity now supports 32 signals in chromatogram.
*New: Command line parameters: new parameter "printPDF".
*New: Control: Antec Decade Elite detector control module is now available for testing.
*New: Control: CTC-PAL - improved behavior in Headspace mode:  number of locked rows in sequence limited to six, error message when the sampler aborts performing sequence. Checkbox Overlap Samples renamed to Headspace.
*New: Control: Dani Master DHS driver updated to version
*New: Control: Flom pumps (301M, AI-12 Series) control by UNI RUBY has been released.
*New: Control: HTA - HT 2X00H autosampler control module has been released.
*New: Control: Chromophor ChromoPeak 2010 pump control by Ruby script is now available for testing.
*New: Control: Knauer Pump P6.1L, Detector PLATINblue PDA-1, Detektor CM2.1S, Thermostat T-1, IFU 2.1 Interface box, UVD2.1L new control modules have been released.
*New: Control: Kontron AS460/465 autosampler control module is now available for testing.
*New: Control: LabAlliance/SSI pumps by Uni-Ruby (now including also Prep 300, UHP, VersaGrad UHP, HF 300) have been released.
*New: Control: New Sykam control modules S1125/S1130/S1132 HPLC pump, S5250/S5300 AS, S3245/S3250 UV-VIS detector have been released.
*New: Control: Schambeck control modules S 9425 HPLC Pump, S 6250 AS, S 4245 UV-VIS detector have been released.
*New: Control: Rheodyne LabPro Valve Actuator by Uni-Ruby module has been released.
*New: Control: Rigol L-3000 HPLC control module updated to version
*New: Control: Rigol L-3320 AS updated to version
*New: Control: Sedere - Sedex LC detector control module has been released.
*New: Control: Spark Symbiosis system control module is now available for testing.
*New: Control: UNI-RUBY - new items Maximum Pressure Limit and Maximum Flow in Configuration, Setup of for selected models.
*New: Control: Waters Fraction Collector II by UNI Ruby has been released.
*New: Device Monitor: new command Reorder Monitors... in the View menu to change the order of the individual panes.
*New: Extension MS: New instrument type GC-MS-TOF (requires corresponding extension).
#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Multiple ISTD - compound assignment to ISTD2-5 was not saved in calibration. Fixed in
#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent 7890 possible crashes.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent 7890, method setup, Gas sampling valve, Load and Injection times were labelled as seconds instead of minutes.
#Fixed Bug: Control: CTC PAL autosampler - updated HS-Inj.cyx to perform heating od heater and syringe simultaneously.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Fraction Collector by Valve (VICI, Rheodyne) - on shutdown has go to Waste position.
#Fixed Bug: Control: HT2x00H autosampler sending Injection Synchro parameters from method.
#Fixed Bug: Control: HTA HT3x00A autosampler setting for Injection synchro from method was not functional.
#Fixed Bug: Extension CE: the CE-PDA instrument, crash during Perform postrun (introduced in 5.0.1).
#Fixed Bug: Extension PDA: possible crash during 3D data import in PDA window.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram window, toolbars were reset to default at each window opening. (introduced in 5.0.0.)
#Fixed Bug: In start-restart mode the autostop time was not reset at restart and the next acquisition ended prematurely. Affected only some detectors. Fixed in
#Fixed Bug: Installation:  in some cases Clarity required prematurely computer restart.
#Fixed Bug: Installation: during Clarity drivers uninstall, unrelated drivers installed by DpInst installer were incorrectly removed.
#Fixed Bug: Installation: the Clarity group in Start menu was not removed after uninstallation of Clarity.
#Fixed Bug: Possible crash when closing Chromatogram and Calibration windows.
#Fixed Bug: Print to PDF - some items (signals, labels) were not printed correctly.
#Fixed Bug: Sequence import - modified file open dialog.

Changes in version 5.0.1 (23.9.2013)

*New: Clarity2Go - improved "Clarity2Go Configuration" window.
*New: Clarity2Go - support for proxy server setting in Clarity2Go Configuration / Advanced dialog.
*New: Control AS: CTC-PAL  GC_Inj and HS_Inj cycles were updated. Older methods using those cycles need to be recreated.
*New: Control AS: Ecom AS-54 control discontinued.
*New: Control AS: Spark Alias: new service functions in Device Monitor.
*New: Control DET: Advion Expression CMS detector control module is now available for testing.
*New: Control FC: Advantec Fraction Collector CHF122SC control module available.
*New: Control GC: Ample Technology Center 6900 GC control module available.
*New: Control GC: DANI drivers updated Master GC to version,  Master SHS to version, Master DHS to version
*New: Control LC: Agilent ICF Control module is now available, some devices are still in testing state (consult the D004 datasheet to see which are testing/released).
*New: Control LC: ASI Pumps 500, 501 and 520 control module available.
*New: Control LC: Ecom Iota-S-10 and  Kappa10PP Control module available.
*New: Control LC: Rheodyne LabPro Valve by Ruby control module is now available for testing.
*New: Control LC: Rigol drivers updated. The L-3300 to version and L-3320 to version
*New: Control: ECOM new control modules ECD2000 Series - ECD2800 detector, ECP2000 Series - ECP2010, ECP2050, ECP2002 pumps, ECO2000 Series - ECO2080 column oven. ECOM drivers updated Flash 12 DAD detector to version, Ecom Iota pump  to version, Flash 06 Single detector to version
*New: Control: Ingos AAA500 driver updated to version
#Fixed bug: Acquisition: In start-restart mode the autostop time was not reset at restart and the next acquisition ended prematurely. Affected only some detectors.
#Fixed bug: Multiple ISTD: Compound assignement to ISTD2-5 was not saved in calibration.
#Fixed Bug: Audit Trail: Some errors were not correctly recorded in Daily Audit Trail.
#Fixed Bug: Batch Sequence reprocess - the Injection Volume incorrectly converted from ul to ml.
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: CTC-PAL - sending method to sampler during the loading of configuration caused communication deadlock.
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: CTC-PAL communication over LAN.
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: HTA HT2000H - vials above 14 caused invalid method error.
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: HTA HT2x00H sampler - wrong Fill Speed and Injection Speed valid values range check.
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: Sykam S5200 autosampler:  injection volume from sequence was ignored, zero volume injected instead. Bug introduced in version.
#Fixed Bug: Control FC: Foxy Jr. and Foxy Rx - rack was not possible to be defined manually.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 5890 and selected other controlled detectors - the signals disabled in method were incorrectly enabled after upgrade to version.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 6890 - the GC control was not functional in case no detector was configured.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 7890 - possible freeze at Clarity closing.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 7890 - rounding of parameters during loading method from GC ( From GC command) on computers with non-US locales setting (introduced in
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 7890 - when using ramped pressure in method, the GC stayed in Control state for excessive time.
#Fixed Bug: Control LC: Agilent ICF - detector signal names may have included wavelength info on some detectors, when comma was set as decimal separator.
#Fixed Bug: Control LC: Agilent ICF control - memory leaks upon displaying the ICF property pages in method setup causing erratic behavior.
#Fixed Bug: Control LC: Agilent ICF control - sending/loading method failed when system did not include any detector.
#Fixed Bug: Extension PDA: Chromatogram - Result table - the Best Match and Best Match Name columns were not displayed for uncalibrated calculations.
#Fixed Bug: OQ Validation: the RSD% limits for Area and Height  in ISTD calculation were adjusted to better reflect the expected spread of values on different acquisition ranges.
#Fixed Bug: Sequence import - missing support for ISTD2 - ISTD5 columns.

Changes in version 5.0.0 (28.6.2013)

*New: Extension MS: Evaluation module - development state.
*New: Localization - option to switch Clarity to different Languages (Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese). German localization can be purchased separately from Techlab company.
*New: Manual control of gradient during run for preparative chromatography now includes: 1. Hold (Resume)  - will keep the current gradient conditions until Resume. 2. Manual Flow - allows editing of the gradient table, after OK it will be applied for the rest of the run. Supported only for selected pumps. The actually performed gradient will be stored in the measured chromatogram.
*New: Calibration: Multiple ISTD calculations - up to 5 internal standards supported.
*New: Control AS: CTC-PAL - support for state recording by commdrv.ini on Com port.
*New: Control AS: HTA HT2x00H headspace samplers is available for Testing.
*New: Control DET: New control module YL Instruments RI 2012 refractometric detector.
*New: Control FC: Fraction Collectors - maximum acceptable time value in fraction table increased from 999 to 9999 minutes.
*New: Control FC: Teledyne Isco Foxy Jr. by UNI-RUBY script available for Testing.
*New: Control GC: Dani Master GC now includes new USB driver.
*New: Control LC: Knauer drivers updated to version
*New: Control LC: New control drivers for Rigol L-3000 HPLC system and L-3320 Autosampler.
*New: Control LC: New control drivers for Rigol L-3000 HPLC system and L-3320 Autosampler.
*New: Control LC: New SISw -  Systec Degasser Watchdog (USB Accessory to check Vacuum level by UNI RUBY script) available.
*New: Control LC: New SISw - LC Monitor (USB pH monitor by UNI RUBY script) available.
*New: Control LC: New SISw - USB SSI Pump Interface (USB interface for SSI pumps by UNI RUBY script) available.
*New: Control: Agilent ICF libraries updated to version 1.01.05 SP1.
*New: Data Acquisition: new icon Send Method for Data Acquisition and Device Monitor windows. (Hidden in the default desktop, can be revealed by the Customize command.)
*New: Extension SST: double click in the SST table will activate the respective chromatogram in graph pane.
*New: Chromatogram: Improved File Open dialog for Import/Export.
*New: Chromatogram: Improved import of chromatograms.
*New: Chromatogram: The number of available signals in chromatogram has been increased from 12 to 16.
*New: Installation:  the options (Typical, Custom, Full) selected during installation are remembered during updates or reinstallations.
*New: System Configuration: new Instrument type LC-MS and GC-MS.
*New: Wait dialog is now displayed during lengthy operations.
#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Curve Fit Type, possible crash when switching from Sigmoid to Ln or Hyperbolic.
#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Incorrect results if the ISTD peak was referenced by Calculate By and the ISTD amount in calibration was different from 1.
#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Weighing - Weight parameter was not restricted to valid range from 0 to 1.
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: Cetac ASX-8000 the injection valve positions were inverted.
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: HTA HT200H AS-Oven and Syringe temperature settings now accept values 0 (= Off) and from 40 to 150 (Oven) or 170 (Syringe).
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: HTA HT300LV wrong limits for syringe speed.
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: Spark Alias, Method Setup, Input Outputs problem in values editing.
#Fixed Bug: Control DET: Shodex RI 10x Detector (detectors by UNI-RUBY) - incorrect Signal Axis name and units displayed before method sending.
#Fixed Bug: Control FC: Fraction collectors by UNI-Ruby - waste was not set in case of pump error.
#Fixed Bug: Control FC: VICI valve as Fraction Collector was not going to waste after exceeding maximum position.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 7890 - display of valve 7 and 8 state in the Device Monitor window.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 7890 - problem in data acquisition from two instruments on the same station.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 7890 GC - crash due to memory leaks in case the system was idle for long time.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 7890 GC - Reference Flow checkbox state incorrectly handled.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 7890 GC Method setup, Temperature values are now checked against set Oven Max Temperature.
#Fixed Bug: Control HW: The default new method for DataApex converters now sets range to 1250 mV (in version 4.0 it was 10000 mV).
#Fixed Bug: Data Acquisition window, incorrect display of signal for time higher than 300 min (last 300 min of data were displayed repeatedly).
#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: The peak coloring is now functional also in GPC Extension.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram, Integration table, sorting is now disabled.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Mathematics, Differentiate caused signal offsets in some situations.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Peak Area coloring was incorrect when baseline crossing was allowed.
#Fixed Bug: Sendcom.exe did not support COM port numbers over COM9.

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