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Changes in version 4.0.4 (28.2.2013)

*New: Clarity is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.
*New: Control AS: HTA HT 3x00A autosampler control module has been released.
*New: Control DET: Shodex RI-101, RI-102 and RI-104 detector control by UNI-Ruby has been released.
*New: Control FC: Gilson 203B and Gilson 204 control module by UNI-Ruby has been released.
*New: Control FC: Gilson 204 fraction collector control by UNI-Ruby has been released.
*New: Control AS: CTC-PAL autosampler LAN communication supported.
*New: Control AS: Dani Master SHS autosampler control module has been released.
*New: Control FC: Teledyne-Isco Foxy 200 fraction collector control by UNI-Ruby is now available for testing.
*New: Control FC: Teledyne-Isco R1 and R2 fraction collector control by UNI-Ruby is now available for testing.
*New: Control FC: Vici-Valco Multiposition Valve fraction collector by UNI-Ruby is now available for testing.
*New: Control: Knauer drivers updated to version
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: Agilent AS 7673 error messages wrongly reported as being reported from Thermostat.
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: HTA HT3x00A incorrect handling of postwash state in sequence causing sequence interruption.
#Fixed Bug: Control DET: Shodex RI-10x refractive index detector signal units changed from mV to µRIU.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 6890 System, Digital Output Initial settings not editable.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 7890 GC signal units changed from mV to those used by the instrument.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent ICF control - custom solvent settings not saved.
#Fixed Bug: Tangent Slope Ratio not functional.
#Fixed Bug: Wrong order of warning messages when creating New method.
#Fixed Bug: Calibration - Incorrect calculation of RSTD of recalibration points.
#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Using Calculate By function caused incorrect results for the ISTD calculation, when the referenced peak was ISTD.
#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Using the Calculate By function caused incorrect Peak Type when the referenced peak was ISTD or Refer.

Changes in version 4.0.3 (13.12.2012)

4.0.3 - 4.12.2012
*New: Clarity supports Windows 8.
*New: Control AS: Bar Code Reader support - Vial Barcode (variable %f) in Chromatogram file name and related fields.
*New: Control AS: Cetac ASX-8000 autosampler control module has been released.
*New: Control AS: YL Instruments YL3000A, YL3100A, YL3200A available for testing.
*New: Control DET: Sedere 90LT ELSD detector control module has been released.
*New: Control FC: Advantec Fraction Collector CHF122SC by UNI-RUBY new control module available for testing.
*New: Control FC: Gilson 203B Fraction Collector by UNI Ruby available for testing.
*New: Control FC: Waters Fraction Collector II by UNI Ruby is available for testing.
*New: Control GC: Dani Master GC updated driver version
*New: Control GC: YL instruments 6500 GC driver updated to version
*New: Control LC: Agilent ICF control libraries update to version A.01.05. Warning - for some models firmware update may be necessary.
*New: Control LC: Flom pumps (301M, AI-12 Series) control by UNI RUBY available for testing.
*New: Control LC: Hanon 7300 HPLC compact system - new control module has been released.
*New: Control LC: YL Instrument YL9300 HPLC compact system control module has been released.
*New: Control VAL: Vici-Valco Valve - support for Universal Actuator in default settings (previously supported only in legacy mode).
*New: HW key Rockey4 ND dongle is now supported on Windows 8.
*New: LC Control: Ingos drivers - CswIngosAAA500.dll updated to, CswIngosuLanLCT.dll, CswIngosuLanLCD.dll, CswIngosuLanLCS.dll updated to
*New: Sequence: Limit for maximum number of injections in Sequence (adjustable in User Options).
*New: Sequence: The Reset Sequence will reset also sequence audit trail. It prevents problems when the same sequence is used repeatedly.
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: HTA HT3x00A some parameters were incorrectly set to defaults during method sending.
#Fixed Bug: Control FC: Fraction Collectors by UNI-Ruby wrong vial incrementation in some situations.
#Fixed Bug: Control GC: Agilent 7890 GC - station freeze caused by lost communication.
#Fixed Bug: Copy of integration table from Chromatogram to Method Setup caused wrong (shifted) operations - introduced in
#Fixed Bug: Event table errorneously performed in run after Abort or Restart.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: In multisignal chromatograms after change of calibration file the Result table for non-active signals was not updated immediately.

Changes in version 4.0.2 (12.10.2012)

*New: Control AS: New HTA HT3x00A control module governing HT3000A, HT3100A and HT3200A  autosamplers is now available for testing.
*New: DET Control: Grace Alltech 3300 ELSD detector control module has been released.
*New: DET Control: New control module for Shodex RI-101 detector by UNI-Ruby script is now available for testing.
*New: Control GC: Labio GC-11 control module (development).
*New: New Knauer Azura control drivers: ASM2.1L Assistant, P2.1L pump, UVD2.1L detector, V2.1S Valve.
New Knauer Blueshadow control drivers: Manager 40M,  Pump 40P, 80P, Detector 40D, Detector 50D, Valves V2, V6, V12, V16.
*New: Control AS: New control module Recipe AS5000 autosampler has been released.
*New: Control Balance: Sartorius Cubis series microbalance now supports baud rate up to 19200.
*New: Control DET: New control module Schambeck ZAM 3000/ZAM 4000 ELSD detector.
*New: Control Valve: New Rheodyne Titan series valve with RS-232 interface - Testing.
*New: Control: Ingos drivers updated AAA500 to version, LC 5000 to version
*New: Knauer Smartline and Wellchrom control drivers updated to version
*New: Control module Ecom IOTA pumps has been released.
Updated ECOM control modules: Alpha pump version, Apatit detector version, Flash06DAD detector version, Flash06Single detector version,  Flash12DAD detector
*New: Amended  Registration window
*New: Control: New modules for Hanon Instruments LC7000.
#Fixed Bug: Extension PDA: PDA View, wrong display of isoplot and 3D plot (introduced in version 4.0.1).
#Fixed Bug: Extension PDA: PDA View - incorrect printing of iso and 3D plot (introduced in version 4.0.0).
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram comments - only first line was printed (introduced in 4.0.0).
#Fixed Bug: Possible crash in System Configuration dialog, during addition of previously removed module.
#Fixed Bug: Reprocessing of chromatogram on Instrument with fewer signals.
#Fixed Bug: U-PAD1 not functional in Start-Restart mode. (Bug introduced in version 4.0.0.)
#Fixed Bug: Updated FTDI2 drivers to version (
#Fixed Bug: Control DET: Grace Alltech 3300 ELSD -  error message deadlock in case of LAN disconnection.
#Fixed Bug: The counter for invalid password entries was not reset by valid password entry.

Changes in version 4.0.1 (18.7.2012)

*New: LC Control: New control module Young Lin YL9800 HPLC.
*New: Updated U-PAD2 drivers (signed by Microsoft).
#Fixed Bug: Import CDF files - incorrect signal ranges (introduced in 4.0.0).
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Agilent ICF - optional Real data signal for fraction collection.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: LabAlliance pump control - incorrect reaction on error conditions.

Changes in version 4.0.0 (18.6.2012)

*New: Hardware: new external A/D Converter Colibrick.
*New: Available Control Modules – indication of available, but not installed modules was added.  
*New: Calibration - new peak names are created with three decimals instead of 2, that means "Peak 14.935" instead  "Peak 14.93". To avoid conflicts in high speed analyses.
*New: Clarity - Localization to German.
*New: Clarity - Localization to Spanish.
*New: Clarity registration form - could be printed and sent by fax if internet connection is not available.
*New: Command Chromatogram - Baseline - Allow Crossing enables the intersection of the signal with the baseline.
*New: Control: Updated and new Ecom control modules for Flash 06 Single, Dual and DAD, Flash 10 DAD and Flash 12 DAD detectors.
*New: Data Acquisition window: improved auto scaling of the signal outside acquisition.
*New: Data Acquisition window: View menu - includes the Set Axes Ranges command for setting the ranges for detector and auxiliary signals.
*New: DEMO version - updated configuration on Instrument1.
*New: Extension DHA: (Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis according to ASTM6730) is available for testing.
*New: Extensions: New instrument type "CE-PDA" is available in the System Configuration dialog.
*New: AS Control: Cetac AS800 autosampler control module (development).
*New: AS Control: CTC PAL - new version of control libraries (ICC-CE)  The Prep Ahead mode is not supported.
*New: AS Control: CTC-PAL support for 5 µl and 1.2 µl syringes.
*New: AS Control: Eicom AS-700 Control module has been released.
*New: AS Control: HTA HT3x0A autosampler control in development stage.
*New: AS Control: Knauer Optimas control module has been released.
*New: AS Control: Kontron 360 Autosampler by UNI Ruby is now available for testing.
*New: AS Control: Option to enter vial positions in alphanumeric format in selected samplers.
*New: AS Control: Shimadzu AOC20i - support for three solvents for wash.
*New: AS Control: Spark Allias II - Setting of the Injection Volume.
*New: AS Control: Spark SPH 1240 - Pumps module has been released.
*New: GC and AS Control: PG Iinstruments GC600 and AS600 control modules (development).
*New: GC Control: Agilent 68x0 - option to set up carrier gas from configuration.
*New: GC Control: Agilent G2880A 6850 ALS supported within the 68xx GC control driver.
*New: GC Control: Updated drivers for DANI Master GC (version and Master DHS (version
*New: GC Control: YL Instruments YL6100 GC updated driver version and a new driver for YL Instruments YL6500 GC.
*New: LC Control: Agilent HPLC control by ICF (Agilent Instrument Control Framework) covers 1100/1200/1260/1290 series.
*New: LC Control: control module for Ingos Amino Acid Analyzer is available for testing.
*New: LC Control: control module for Ingos LC 5000 HPLC system is available for testing.
*New: LC Control: Driver for all Knauer Instruments updated to version
*New: LC Control: Flom pump control by UNI RUBY script (development).
*New: LC Control: Gilson pump control will not use GSIOC server anymore, so it is functioning also on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
*New: LC Control: Gradient, graph is displayed including region before start.
*New: LC Control: Knauer - pumps 10P/20P, P2.1S/P4.1S control modules (developed by Knauer) have been released.
*New: LC Control: New control module Konik Laevitas 800 HPLC pump has been released.
*New: LC Control: Omniseparo M350 pump control by UNI-RUBY script.
*New: LC Control: The Knauer Optimas autosampler module has been released.
*New: LC Control: UNI LC pump control module was replaced by UNI RUBY scripts for selected pump models. This control enables features that were not supported by the UNI LC pump.
*New: LC Control: UNI RUBY script for Cluzeau - Gecko2000 column has been released.
*New: LC Control: UNI RUBY script for LabAlliance pumps (development).
*New: LC Control: UNI RUBY script for OmniSeparo OSTJ-B thermostat (development).
*New: LC Control: UNI RUBY scripts will now enable to control other device types (Pump, Detector, Valve, Fraction Collector). Support available for external developers.
*New: LC Control: Vici Valco - the new Universal Actuator now supported.
*New: LC Control: VICI Valco multi-position valve control as fraction collector by UNI RUBY script (development).
*New: DET Control: Grace Alltech 3300 ELSD detector control module is available for testing.
*New: DET Control: Knauer control modules detectors  10D/UVD2.1 and Conductivity Monitor 2900 have been released.
*New: FC Control: General Purpose Fraction Collector module was replaced by UNI RUBY script (development).
*New: FC Control: Gilson FC203B fraction collector control by UNI Ruby script (development).
*New: FC Control: Teledyne ISCO Foxy R1 fraction collector control by UNI RUBY script (development).
*New: FC Control: UNI RUBY script for Fraction Collector by multi-position valve - Upchurch (development).
*New: FC Control: Upchurch multi-position Valve control as fraction collector  by UNI-RUBY script (development).
*New: Balance Control: Mettler-Toledo Excellence balances Control module for Clarity with EA Extension has been released.
*New: Method Setup - Event table: new event Ready  triggered when all hardware on instrument reports ready.
*New: Graph Properties - Signals dialog: the Grey Out Inactive Signals command applies to inactive signals in Overlay mode.
*New: Hardware: MultiCOM - updated drivers.
*New: Hardware: Updated drivers for U-PAD2, Colibrick, OPTUSB a MULTICOM.
*New: Chromatogram export to AIA - header now includes detector (signal) name.
*New: Chromatogram window new option Perform Postrun to perform postrun actions (prints and exports) by single click.
*New: Improved formatting of the Note field in reports.
*New: Integration - Interval operations are performed on peaks with apex within the set interval (Previously entire peak had to be included).
*New: Integration - New filters Moving Average and Savitzky-Golay.  Value n corresponds to  the number of points used by (2n+1).
*New: Knauer drivers updated to version
*New: Minor improvements of User Interface.
*New: Option in the Login dialog Project selection listbox to create a new project during opening the instrument.
*New: Option to prolong/renew expired Trial mode in RkNDUSB HW keys.
*New: Print Icon on toolbars now prints directly, without offering the printer selection dialog. Not implemented in Audit Trail Window.
*New: Report setup, Chromatogram, Print range new command Preview and Detail will print the entire chromatogram and selected detail as two graphs (sharing the same settings).
*New: Sequence - when relative path is used in chromatogram file name, corresponding subdirectory will be created in the corresponding project subfolder.
*New: Support for Bar Code Readers  - new variable %f in the filename and other fields that will be replaced with the reader input.
*New: Tables - right click on row/column header will select the corresponding row. Right click on upper-left corner cell will select entire table.
*New: The Auxiliary Signals tab in the Chromatogram Graph Properties serves for setting the Auxiliary Signals axis range.
*New: The Disallow Spike Filter and Spike Removal checkbox in the GLP Options dialog prevents using the spike removal functions in regulated environment.
*New: The Filter command (Chromatogram Window, Edit menu), intended to hide redundant lines in integration table has been discontinued.
*New: The Perform Postrun window now includes the Sign button for signing the performed operations.
*New: The run_seq commandline parameter corrected. The new resume_seq for resuming running sequence.
*New: The Spike Removal command will replace spike (peak) in selected interval by estimated baseline curve. The Spike Filter command, will remove narrow (electronic) spikes, parameter range is 1-100 corresponding to number of points processed.  This function can be blocked in GLP options.  
*New: The UNI Ruby Control module framework supports GSIOC.
*New: The Windows 2000 are no longer supported in Clarity version 4.0 and higher.  Older versions are still available for downloads.
*New: User Options dialog: "Warn before running already measured sequence" is now active in default desktop.
*New: Virtual digital input output loop - option to specify number of devices. When more devices are specified, they could be used on multiple instruments to synchronize them, but the Delay command in the Method Setup will not be supported.
#Fixed Bug: AIA export - attribute Retention_units was changed from Minutes to Seconds.
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: CTC-PAL - set injection volume will be rounded to nearest integer.
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: Spark 1240 pump valves now cannot switch solvent during analysis (limitation of the device).
#Fixed Bug: Calibration, The "Calculate by" column in the Global Calibration Table is not functional for lines marked as Group in the Peak Type column.
#Fixed Bug: Corrupted unload splash screen appeared when the Clarity main window was partly off the monitor.
#Fixed Bug: Data Acquisition window - delayed drawing of signals.
#Fixed Bug: Data Acquisition window - problem with the "Minus" key on numeric Keypad in the signal/time edit box.
#Fixed Bug: Data Acquisition window: it was not possible to modify the axes ranges after Abort of the analysis.
#Fixed Bug: Data Acquisition window: Updating of signals during run.
#Fixed Bug: Export Data dialog: certain settings were not stored properly.
#Fixed Bug: Exporting data in Postrun occasionally switched signals.
#Fixed Bug: Extension EA - Analysis, Batch checkboxes can be now modified.
#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: Chromatogram - GPC Results: the equation above the GPC Results table was not displayed on certain conditions.
#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: Slice table - error in displayed response (slice height) values.
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Shimadzu GC201x - the method with changed sample rate had to be sent twice to apply correctly.
#Fixed Bug: Changes in the chromatogram opened in Chromatogram and Calibration windows were lost when the Instrument window was closed directly.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram measured with fraction collector incorrectly indicated to be modified after each opening.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram window - improved behavior of the Open Chromatogram Sequentially browse buttons.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram, Properties, Signals - improved options for scaling. Settings for Maximum and Minimum are now independent to better cope with negative peaks.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: checking the "Use User Options" while having the graph zoomed caused incorrect behavior of the graph.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: The Column Performance Table did not detect the situation, when there were no peaks in the chromatogram.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: The rotated text labels in graph persisted in display after they were deleted.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: very low value of threshold was displayed as zero value.
#Fixed Bug: Import CDF - improved detection of data range.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Agilent 1100/1200 DAD - Validity of wavelength and bandwidth were not performed in the Time Table.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Knauer Optimas, YL9151 - incorrect default tube volume.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Mismatch in displayed number of decimal places in individual filed of the Gradient table.
#Fixed Bug: PDA Window: the zooming and rotating the graph using the CTRL + mouse shortcut did not work.
#Fixed Bug: Possible crash when active chromatogram was changed and automatically opened in the Chromatogram window during Library search operations in the PDA window.
#Fixed Bug: Sequence window: editing a row from which consecutively the analysis started caused that the cursor freezed up in the table.
#Fixed Bug: The format of calibration file has been optimized. It decreased its size and sped up its processing. The new *.cal files are not compatible with previous Clarity versions.
#Fixed Bug: The graph signal properties were not stored in the Graph Properties.
#Fixed Bug: The Message boxes were larger than necessary.
#Fixed Bug: The Store checkboxes in the Auxiliary Signal table in the Method Setup - Advanced dialog were stored only after clicking the OK button.
#Fixed Bug: The validation of No of points field in the Calibration Options dialog did not work properly.
#Fixed Bug: Updated dpinst.exe to solve some problems with driver installations.

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