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Changes in version (28.6.2007)

------------- Main changes in the version 2.5 comparing to the version 2.4.4 ------------

*New: Hardware: For DataApex A/D boards the signal units can be configured in the Setup dialog accessible from System Configuration dialog.
*New: Hardware: Support for higher sample rates introduced by the new A/D Converters INT9 and U-PAD2 (200 and 400 Hz).
*New: Signal Names and Units are stored for individual signals according to the configuration of the detector.
*New: Graphs: the Y axis (signal) displays the Signal Name and Units individually for each signal according to the detector used for acquisition.
*New: Control LC: Sykam S2100 pump control module added
*New: Control LC: VICI-Valco valves control module added
*New: New RSTD% column in the Calibration - tab. It displays the relative standard deviation of averaged points used during recalibration of the respective concentration level.
*New: The Event Table events can react also to Auxiliary signal level changes.
*New: Auxiliary signals from controled modules (pressure, flow, temperature) can be displayed in chromatograms.
*New: Control FC: The events produced by Fraction Collector can be displayed in chromatogram. These events are also stored in Chromatogram Audit Trail.
*New: Sequence window - new command File Export enables the export of the sequence table to a text file. (tab delimited format, first row contains column headers, hidden columns are not exported)
*New: Report Setup - Chromatogram - new option to print All/Active Chromatogram/Active Signal
*New: New "Symmetry/Tailing" Column in the Column Performance Table that is in the Chromatogram - Performance tab. The column is hidden by default.
*New: Options for displaying the Events and Auxiliary signals in chromatogram were added to the Graph Properties dialog (accessed from Chromatogram window).
*New: Extension: New option GPC+PDA was added to the Instrument Type selection box in the System Configuration dialog.
*New: The access to Archive/Restore command for selected users can be restricted in the User Accounts settings.
*New: Control DET: The starting procedure was unified acros all detectors
*New: The menu item and icon Device Monitor was added to Data Acquisition, Chromatogram, Calibration and Sequence windows.
*New: The signal units in the Calibration are set according to the last chromatogram (calibration standard) used for calibration or recalibration.
*New: Extension PDA: All PDA graphs enable to constrain the displayed values by setting fixed ranges on any of the axes. Constraining the Z axis will change the the color mapping in 3D graph and ISO plot (e.g. to prevent spikes from depreciating the color mapping).
3D graph now contains guiding lines to help with orientation in the graph.
If there is Zoom applied on the graph it is necessary to Unzoom to see the effect of change of the fixed range of any axis.
*New: Control LC: Agilent 1100 binary pump, Support for optional solvent selection valves. Valves A and B with States 0 and 1.
*New: Control LC: Selected pump control modules can be configured as Auxiliary pumps. Those pumps can be added to the Instrument and controled from Event Table (in addition to the quarternary gradient controled by LC Gradient table). For auxiliary pumps, the flow is changed stepwise (not interpolated between time points).
*New: Extension: Units will be stored also in the PDA data and (MS data - for future use)
*New: Control GC: Shimadzu GC-14/GC17 - the Auxiliary zones can be named in in the Setup dialog acessible from the System Configuration dialog.
*New: The maximum zoom level was increased, the time axis can now display intervals down to 0.0001 min
*New: The checkboxes for setting of Peak Coloring in Graph Properties dialogs were renamed.
Note: To see colored peaks in the Calibration Window the calibration standard must have the current calibration linked to it (this can be done in the Chromatogram window - Results tab).
*New: Report Setup - Method the Parameters section was divided to "Instrument Parameters" and "Acquisition Parameters", thus those sections can be selected for printing separately.
*New: For a first row in new Sequence the initial setting of Method, Report Setup and Post Run columns will be taken from the setting in the PostRun Setting dialog. For additional rows those settings are copied from previous line.
*New: Control LC: In the Device Monitor window - Control menu, the commands for direct control of pump were renamed to "Stop Flow", "Purge" and "Resume Idle". They were moved to the LC Control submenu and added to the LC Monitor pane as buttons.
*New: In Chromatogram window, the number of Toggle buttons on the Toolbar for active signal selection was increased to 12
*New: The selection of units for LC Flow and LC pressure was moved from the Method Setup - LC Gradient dialog to the Instrument Method Sending dialog section Instrument Method Units (accessible from System Configuration dialog). Option to select "Temperature Units" was added.
*New: Flow, Pressure and Temperature units are set in System Configuration dialog - those settings affects gradient table, property pages of auxiliary pumps, LC monitor, monitors of auxiliary pumps and property pages of other controlled devices
*New: The units in the Offset and Scale fields were removed.
*New: Data are exported in selected units, scaling of unists is not used (mV, V, …). Imported Data will not parse scaled Units.
*New: Value Units are in new installations on by default, when upgrading from older version of Clarity, it is necessary to use the Restore Default Columns command from local menu or set the display manualy for each column using "Show Value Units" in the Setup Columns dialog.
*New: The signal units in the Integration table (in Chromatogram and Method Setup windows) are displayed within the Value column.
*New: The number of instruments and list of configured control modules is displayed in legible form in the systeminfo.txt file and in the bottom of About - System files dialog under the S/N line.
*New: New level 21 was added to calibration table to enable blank response to be included in calculation of calibration curve. (zero amount on other levels excludes the level from calculation)
*New: Control FC: DataApex Virtual FC - Fraction Control module for control of generic fraction colectors using the external event contacts Next fraction and Collect/Waste.
*New: Control LC: Sykam S3400 Amino Acid Analyzer reactor control module added
*New: Control LC: Sykam S5200 autosampler control module added (simplified, no support for mix table)
*New: Chromatogram Audit trail now includes Start Acquisition event
*New: Control: Shutdown will now work also in legacy Control modules, that means it will always stop all hardware and bring it to Shutdown State.
*New: Control LC: Agilent 1100 binary pump, Support for optional solvent selection valves. Valves A and B with States 0 and 1.
*New: Control LC: Agilent 1100 - sealwash pump support

#Fixed Bug:
When the "Calibration" mode was set at certrain Calibration Level and the specified level was not created in the used calibration file, the first free Level instead of the specified one was calibrated during calibration from Sequence or Single Analysis windows.
#Fixed Bug: Mathematical Operations, Derivation - during saving of the modified chromatogram the raw data were stored, thus any reintegration led to loss of the derivation.
#Fixed Bug: Global Peak Width and Global Threshold parameters were not properly imported when opening CSW32 chromatograms.
#Fixed Bug: Noise and drift are displayed in signal units.
#Fixed Bug: The print of audit trail table ignored the formating on screen
#Fixed Bug: The actualization of file list in File Open dialog after manually setting a path
#Fixed Bug: Control LC: Agilent 1100 - the run time in detectors is controled by the Autostop time set in the Method Setup - Measurement dialog.
#Fixed Bug: The Status Bar in DataAcquisition dialog reorganize to display available information better.
#Fixed Bug: Tooltips on Run Sequence and Run Single icons provide additional information, such as "why it is inactive".
#Fixed Bug: The message "Password has been cleared" was incorrectly recorded in Audit Trail upon password change in User Accounts dialog.
#Fixed Bug: Hardware: new driver for DataApex Net-Pad. For correct operation, it is necessary to remove the Net-Pad from System Configuration and then add it back again.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Report Setup, Results - new checkbox "Special Results" for printing of result tables generated by Control modules, such as Fraction Collectors etc.
#Fixed Bug: The Chromatogram Import dialog enables to define "Signal Name" and "Signal Units" during import.
#Fixed Bug: The Ctrl + Enter shortcut now enables to create new line in the Note field in Method Setup dialog.
#Fixed Bug: Hardware: drivers for INT7 and INT9 are compatible with 32bit Windows Vista systems.
#Fixed Bug: Control LC: Shimadzu LC10/20 pump - because the pump does not report the Error states correctly, the exceeding of pressure limits is controled by Clarity.
#Fixed Bug: Control LC: Sykam S3400 post column reactor - pump pressure display corrected

******* Known Limitations ********

* Windows Vista
Clarity is not supported on 64 bit PC’s (both Windows XP and Vista).
When installed to C:/PROGRAM FILES with User Account Control (UAC) active, the access to data and system files may be restricted and the Clarity migt fail to operate correctly.
Excessive number of warning messages needs to be confirmed during installation.

*Knauer modules
The control modules for Knauer HPLC components do not support some of the the new properties of Clarity 2.5 (especially the
signal units). Thus, no units will be displayed for chromatogram signals measured by Knauer detectors. New version of the control modules is planned for end of 2007.

* Sentinel HW key installation
The Sentinel HW key driver might not be installed automatically in some circumstances. In such case it needs to be installed manually, using the Sentinel Protection Installer 7.3.2.exe installation program. The program is located in the HW_DriversSentinel subfolder on the installation CD. Alternatively it can be downloaded from the producer web pages http://www.safenet-inc.com/support/tech/sentinel.asp, key type is Sentinel SuperPro.
For new installation, use the Custom option during installation and disable the installation of Sentinel Protection Server and Sentinel Keys Server.
For already installed keys, run the Installer with the Remove option first (the requested computer restart is not necessary) and than again with the Custom options as above.

* U-PAD2 under Windows 2000
Due to the driver problem the computer crash (restart) may occur, when the U-PAD2 is disconnected during analysis. This bug is not yet fixed in the last driver version. Under Windows XP or Vista this problem is not occuring.

* Device Monitor and Method Setup - LC Control display the LC Gradient even if there are only pumps in auxiliary mode.
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