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Changes in version 7.4.1 (13.12.2017)

service release

Changes in version 7.4.0 (19.10.2017)

*New: Calibration: new option to add compounds on All signals/Active signal only. It effects on which signal(s) the compounds will be calibrated and on which signal(s) the Used column will be checked.

*New: Calibration: Uniqueness of compound retention time will be checked per signal, not in the entire calibration as before.

*New: GUI: Device Monitor window is now resizable (set the "Fit to content" option to "Off").

*New: GUI: The Graph Properties dialog is now resizable.

*New: Import & Export: Improved behavior of Preset during Import Chromatogram.

*New: Import & Export: Support for Y axis name in chromatogram is now available for import/export of ASCII files.

*New: Other: Improved protection against invalid filenames and paths (length, invalid characters, etc.).

*New: Other: Method Setup - Event table now supports variables for Sample (%q), Sample ID (%Q),  Chromatogram (%K), Method (%J), Sequence (%s), Vial Number (%v) and Injection number (%i) as parameters for external programs.

*New: Sequence: Fill series improved behavior for alphanumeric Vial numbering.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: the commands to transfer values from standard to calibration were active even in case the selected signal was not available in the standard, now they will be inactive.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Chromatogram may not have been created if row in the sequence is set to Standard type - Blank and the used method does not have a calibration defined.

#Fixed Bug: Import & Export: Fixed possible issues with import of chromatograms created by CSW32.

#Fixed Bug: Import & Export: Changes in format of table headers - names and units are now on the same row.

#Fixed Bug: Import & Export: The sequence import function incorrectly checked the "Include in SST" option.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Cannot Create Temporary Files Error due to impossibility to create directory for temporary files.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Crash when opening CSW32 chromatograms (introduced in 7.3).

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Possible crash during damaged *.cdf file import.

Changes in version 7.3.0 (26.5.2017)

*New: Calibration: Amount column will be displayed also in the Calibration details tabs.

*New: Chromatogram: Support for export of Auxiliary Signals into text file format had been implemented in the Export dialog.

*New: Chromatogram: Upon applying Global Bunching command, user is now notified about the value it has been changed from to.

*New: Installation: Windows Vista is no longer supported by Clarity, please install more recent Windows OS. Before running Clarity installation on Windows 8, please update to Windows 8.1.

*New: Method: Improved behavior for saving changes in method modified during a run.

*New: Method: Pressing the New Method command invokes Method Setup dialog on the Measurement tab. Once finished editing the method, click OK to save the changes.

*New: Method: Selection listbox on Acquisition tab in the Method Setup dialog displays whether detector is Enabled or Disabled.

*New: Other: Instrument window command View/Options... changed to Settings/User Options...

*New: Sequence: Amended behavior for the Fill Down/Fill series for Sequence table columns SV and EV.

*New: Sequence: The Import sequence dialog is now resizable.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Fixed incorrect display of linearized points.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Opening the same chromatogram with version from history was not functional.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Minor problem in export to cdf format.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Print Chromatogram  task name changed from "Clarity Report" to the name of the Chromatogram (useful for PDF printers).

#Fixed Bug: Other: Print Report Calibration Details improved indication of disabled levels/recalibrations.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Report setup - incorrect window layout (buttons) for some localizations.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Counter %n in Sequence has not been increased after Abort, when a chromatogram has been created.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Fill series on text field, in case the text contained decimal separator.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Changed behavior of Fill Down in SV and EV columns.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Memory leaks related to Print To PDF.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Possible crash in preview during import of txt file to chromatogram.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Possible crash related to chromatogram sequential switching tooltips.

Changes in version 7.2.0 (10.12.2016)

*New: Chromatogram: Experimental integration algorithm - Improved derivative calculation.

*New: Chromatogram: Experimental integration algorithm - Improved hiding of peaks.

*New: Data Acquisition: Snapshot command was disabled outside run.

*New: Installation: Clarity Lite now requires Service Pack 1 (SP1) to be installed on Windows 7.

*New: Installation: Faster and smoother installation.

*New: Installation: The Sentinel HW key drivers installation was removed from Typical installation.

*New: Other: Clarity.ini configuration file is now no more used, its functionality was moved to Others.ini.

*New: Other: Most critical issues with displaying Clarity on high DPI monitors are now resolved, few issues may still arise.

*New: Printing: Sample Info section in the Report setup  dialog was divided into Sample Description, Sample Parameters and GPC Parameters.

*New: Sequence: Each row of a sequence can now contain comments - measured chromatograms will contain corresponding commentary. By default this column is hidden, display it using Setup Columns.

*New: Single Analysis: the Comments field indicates whether there are any comments without having to open the edit dialog.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Experimental integration algorithm - Fixed bugs in Savitzky-Golay and Moving average filters.

#Fixed Bug: Imports: Non-functional option All x Files during import of multiple text files.

#Fixed Bug: Method Setup: Behavior after editing Template Method opened from Sequence.

#Fixed Bug: Method Setup: Changes in the Measurement tab made during the acquisition will be propagated to the chromatogram.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Problems in printing the Sigmoid calibration curve

#Fixed Bug: Single Analysis: the %n has not been increased after the chromatogram was created due to abort.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Improvements in preventing crashes, memory leaks and other stability issues.

Changes in version 7.1.0 (10.8.2016)

*New: Chromatogram: New column Apex Value available in the result table (hidden by default).

*New: Import AIA - support for line delimiters in sample_id_comments field imported to Chromatogram Comments.

*New: Other: KeyEnter dialog displays the station serial number detected from the hardware key.

*New: Other: the Teamviewer QuickSupport utility updated to version 11.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Error in printing of user columns in result table in case the named groups were used.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Incorrect sorting in the All Signal Results table.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Wrong calculation of Amount% column in case the Scale factor or Dilution has been used with zero Sample Amount.

#Fixed Bug: Instrument: Desktop file opened by command line parameter (Launchmanager) will now be remembered for the respective instrument until Clarity will be closed.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Long delay in station opening (splashcreen displayed for cca 30 sec) - introduced in 7.0.

Changes in version 7.0.0 (28.4.2016)

*New: Changed installation directory structure. Note reinstallation of older version after update to 7.0  is not easily achievable.

*New: Chromatogram: User definable variables for calculations in User columns.

*New: The "7.0 Experimental" integration algorithm. Available for testing of the improved detection and quantification of peaks.

*New: Clarity Help now includes the Clarity User Guide topics.

*New: File names: Implemented check preventing folder names starting/ending with space.

*New: File names: Improved error messages for invalid file names.

*New: Report Setup: new option to print User column formulas under the result table.

*New: Report Setup: Print to PDF - support for landscape print

*New: Sequence: the Active checkbox in the Sequence Options dialog has been changed to listbox Active/Passive.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Calculation error reported for ISTD calculation without entered ISTD amounts and using blank level in calibration.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Peak color defined in Calibration for  groups was not propagated to the Result Table.

#Fixed Bug: Event table - the missing option Restore Default Columns has been added to context menu.

#Fixed Bug: Exceeding command line limit 126 characters now invokes a warning dialogue.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: labels are not stored (bug present in 6.x. versions).

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: the Results, Calculation tab - Amount, Dilution, Injection Volume and ISTD Amount values are editable also for uncalibrated chromatograms.

#Fixed Bug: IQ report and systeminfo.txt now reports all devices in configuration (in previous versions only detectors).

#Fixed Bug: IQ report: problems at page breaks.

#Fixed Bug: Report Setup: Event table printing ignored display settings.

#Fixed Bug: Report Setup: page header, Override printer settings for page orientation were not functional.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: slow check of sequence with no existing method or methods.

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