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Changes in version 3.0.7 (4.10.2011)

--- service update - no changes in features ---

Changes in version 3.0.5 (7.3.2011)

#Fixed Bug: Print from Overlay, the Active Chromatogram Only checkbox printed the first opened chromatogram instead of the active chromatogram.
#Fixed Bug: The command line parameter "export_results" required Excel presence even when the export was to different format.
#Fixed Bug: Crash when adding new empty line to the Calibration table.

Changes in version 3.0.4 (17.12.2010)

#Fixed Bug: Report Setup - the instrument method has not been printed in case the order of print sections was changed.

Changes in version 3.0.3 (1.10.2010)

#Fixed Bug: Problem with remembering the configuration of U-PAD2 in Clarity Lite.
#Fixed Bug: Crash in the Sequence Table upon attempt to move up the edited line.
#Fixed Bug: Warning when starting Clarity Installation without administrator privileges.
#Fixed Bug: The setting of Advanced Peak Tags was not stored.

Changes in version 3.0.2 (24.5.2010)

*New: Exporting data in Excel format
*New: Items in any column of the Result Table can be displayed as peak tag in the chromatogram graph.   
*New: Possibility to highlight peaks and corresponding row in tables by clicking inside the peak area.
*New: Mathematical Operations, new function Invert to invert polarity of already measured chromatogram.
*New: The Open Chromatogram Sequentially command is active also in Overlay Mode.
*New: CTRL + Arrows keys will move the chromatogram in the graph (when zoomed in).
*New: Integration Table: new Peak Name parameter enables to name peaks without calibration file or to override the identification by calibration file identification windows.
*New: Open with calibration (Unchanged/Linked/Stored) option. Could be set in the Sequence table and modified using Analysis Batch or in the Chromatogram - Results window. The option is stored within the chromatogram.
*New: Results: the Peak Type column now displays more info about the result calculations.
*New: File Open dialog includes Overlay mode checkbox to enable toggle the Overlay mode on/off.
*New: Graph Properties: Show Data Points checkbox to indicate data point in Chromatogram.
*New: Possibility to make chromatogram active by double clicking the respective row in Summary table.

*New: Global Peak table, new column Correction factor. It multiplies the calculated amount.
*New: Calculation type: NORM (Normalization).
*New: Open Standard as Chromatogram command will open the standard in the Chromatogram window.
*New: Link Calibration to Standard command in the File menu.
*New: Bubble hint in the graph of calibration standard for Add Peak function.
*New: The new Standard addition method in Calibration.
*New: Linearization of calibration graph axes.
*New: Export Calibration Curve as Picture to Clipboard/File menu item.
*New: The Calculated By column enables to calculate amount using the calibration curve or response factor of another compound. Its use is indicated in the Result Table - Peak Type column.
*New: Possibility to perform calibrations with bracketing and standard addition.
*New: Single Run and Sequence: new %variables for creating chromatogram names: %P - project, %s - sequence, %J - method.
*New: Compounds window:  columns Curve Fit Type, Origin and Range in the Calibration Summary Table enable to display/set the parameters.
*New: Calibration Options, new "Response Factor Response/Amount" checkbox enables to toggle the display of RF between Amount/Response and Response/Amount.
*New: Improved identification windows in Calibration Summary Table using "Search Window" (Abs/Rel) and "Peak Selection" (Nearest/Biggest/First/Last) columns.

*New: Electronic signature for PDF reports (used for GLP).
*New: Report Setup dialog: the order of print sections can be now changed.
*New: Report Setup - Page Setup: the possibility to change the layout of the printed reports between Portrait or Landscape within a single sequence.
#Fixed Bug: Print to PDF - fixed bug in chromatogram printing in Landscape orientation.

*New: The Fill Series function in tables enables to fill incremented values in columns.
*New: Sequence - new Sample Type option "Bypass" enables to perform run without injection.
*New: Sequence - new Close All column to close all chromatograms from overlay.

Import and Export:
*New: Import Chromatogram from txt files now supports data with multiple signals arranged in columns.
*New: Preset listbox with option to store import settings "Create from the Current Settings" in the Import Text File dialog.
*New: User Options - new tab Directories to set paths for PDF reports, exports and imports.
*New: Import chromatogram - support for batch import of multiple files.
*New: File type csv (coma separated values) supported in Import Chromatogram and Import Sequence functions.
*New: The Preview button in the Import Text File dialog enables to preview the imported file.

Method Setup:
*New: The Digital Inputs and Outputs in the Method Setup - Event Table are identified by Names (used to be by pin number only).
*New: The Method Setup dialog can be resized now; this is useful especially for working with Event Table.
*New: Method Setup - Events: The Event Table includes new types of Inputs which enable events outside acquisition run.
*New: Method Setup - Events:  the inputs from SST result (optional extension) are available in the Events Table.
*New: The New (Method, Sequence, Calibration) commands now open the Save As dialog to force the user to name the new file before using it.

*New: SST: New option Include in SST allows marking chromatograms opened in the Chromatogram window to be included or excluded from SST evaluation.
*New: SST: Sequence table, new SST column to select chromatograms for performing the SST test.
*New: PDA: Export Graph as Picture to Clipboard, Export Graph as Picture to File now available for all panes.
*New: PDA: the PDA window - Spectrum, new Add All Identified Peaks menu item to add all identified peaks spectra to library.
*New: GPC: Calibration broad on narrow - changes of K and Alpha values will be recorded in the Chromatogram Audit Trail.

Clarity Lite - option to select the Power Supply Frequency during installation.
*New: Login dialog - option to select project.
*New: Possibility to change project in the Instrument window by clicking on its name in the Status Bar.
*New: Data Acquisition - the CTRL "+","-" (or CTRL + mouse wheel shortcuts enable to zoom out outside the set time and signal range.
*New: Batch dialog (accessible from Instrument window using Analysis - Batch command): new Preserve Integration checkbox preserves current integration during chromatogram reprocess.
*New: Standalone utility "CopyFiles" to copy selected file types to specified directory (available in the UTILS subfolder of Clarity root folder).
*New: New drivers for INT9 and INT7 boards.
#Fixed Bug: Data Acquisition window: signal randomly not displayed after acquisition start.


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