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Changes in version 8.6.0 (30.6.2021)

*New: Calibration: Editing of column "Calculate By" is changed from a combobox to a listbox.

*New: Logging: New system for programmer logging (replacing the logging.ini settings).

*New: Sequence: It is now possible to send or run a specific method at the end of a sequence.

*New: Report Setup, Report Header: Sample Parameter items for Vial number and Injection number are added.

*New: Report Setup, Report Header: Specific Sample Parameters can be now selected (not) to be printed (e.g. Vial and Inj. Numbers, ISTD Amounts,..).

#Fixed Bug: Method Setup: Checked for linked calibration when setting a chromatogram to be subtracted.

#Fixed Bug: Summary Table: Wrong behavior at minimizing column width by mouse.

Changes in version 8.5.0 (12.3.2021)

*New: Command line parameters: New option for parameter Enable_asserts =2 (create a dump, but do not offer to send it).

*New: Chromatogram: Import AIA File - Some options now can be added or amended before import (e.g., detector and Retention units, detector maximum and minimum value,..).

*New: Chromatogram: Mathematical operations now do not require Overlay mode set On manually.

*New: Chromatogram: When opening chromatogram with linked calibration outside of current project, it is opened with stored or no calibration to assure correct results.

*New: Instrument window: The window is now resizable, and if resized horizontally, Instrument image will be displayed.

*New: Single Analysis: The window is now resizable.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Point to Point curve fit gave N/A results.

#Fixed Bug: Import/export: Import and export of AIA (*.cdf) files did not retain Y axis range.

#Fixed Bug: Method Setup, Calculation: a link to a calibration outside the Calib subfolder of the current subdirectory could not be set (introduced in 8.4.0).

#Fixed Bug: Possible freeze during export of chromatogram to AIA format from Chromatogram window.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Edit - Setup Columns... command was disabled to view or edit during a run.

#Fixed Bug: Template sequence and calibration not functional in other languages except English (localized name was expected).

Changes in version 8.4.0 (12.9.2020)

*New: ClarityLite with no detector connected will now inform the user and instrument will be disabled.

*New: Chromatogram: Delete commands in Integration table were unified for easier use.

*New: Chromatogram: Method info divided to info on acquisition method and last processing method.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration cloning: wrong actualization of the %o (day in month) variable.

#Fixed Bug: File Open: Possible crash when trying to open file from the HomeGroup special folder.

#Fixed Bug: Import sequence: user variables were not imported.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Acquisition parameters for detectors displayed incorrect values and were thus removed from prints.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Export directory in User options, Directories wrongly set by the Print to PDF selected folder.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Too long signal label is displayed incorrectly when printed to PDF.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Change of active window when printing from Chromatogram window.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Incorrectly printed signal labels for chromatograms opened from default folder subfolders.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Possible crash when Orientation - Override printer settings was used without default printer defined.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Signal names not printed for chromatogram in Landscape orientation.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence reprocess: Link to a measu

Changes in version 8.3 (15.4.2020)

*New: Calibration: Rearranged layout of Calibration Options.

*New: Calibration: Rearranged layout of detail of a calibration compound.

*New: Calibration: Rec No. parameter in Calibration now shows number of used recalibrations to number of total recalibrations on the level displayed.

*New: Calibration: Weight options in the Calibration Options dialog have been removed. Any existing calibrations with this option are automatically transferred to Average.

*New: Chromatogram: Enabled a limited support for Paste operation into the Integration table.

*New: Chromatogram: Improved Asymmetry calculation.

*New: Method: Added support for versioning of method file (*.met).

#Fixed Bug: Acquisition: Wrong formatting for the %w variable (Monday shown as 02, should be 1).

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Named group was possible to use as a reference for Calculate by.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: NORM calculation reported false check for all calibrated compounds present in the sample.

#Fixed Bug: Data Acquisition: Noise values were not updated under some circumstances (run time over 300 min).

#Fixed Bug: Data Acquisition: Wrong number of icons in Signals Toolbar (introduced in version 8.2).

#Fixed Bug: Export: Time used for time variables in File Name, Sample and Sample ID unified to the time of Start Acquisition.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Chromatogram file name in Chromatogram window not updated after Save As operation (introduced in version 8.2).

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Possible crash when opening multisignal chromatograms with disabled signals in overlay.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Result table displayed Correction Factor rounded to an integer (now shows 4 decimal).

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Wrong behavior in case of auto incrementing filenames in case existing file ends with underscore followed by numbers (for example %D date).

#Fixed Bug: Method: Empty file name offered when creating calibration from Method setup (introduced in version 8.2).

#Fixed Bug: Method: Inability to link Calibration to method when parenthesis used in calibration file name.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Support for the old Sentinel HW key type was discontinued.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Acquisition parameters for detectors displayed incorrect values and were thus removed from prints.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Chromatograms now contain information on the project within which they were acquired.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Send Printed PDF command not functional (introduced in version 8.2).

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Column layout modified during printing.

Changes in version 8.2.0 (2.5.2019)

*New: Chromatogram: Import chromatogram (text format) added new column for signal name.

*New: Main window: Check for update dialog pops up when a newer version is available.

*New: Method: New entries in others.ini file to define threshold for individual auxiliary signals, decimal values are now accepted. These entries affect Event Table commands - see Help for more information.

*New: Method: Snapshot command was added into the Event Table commands.

*New: Other: TeamViewer QS (tool for online support) has been updated to version 14.2.

*New: Printing: Preview image for Header in the Report Setup.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Size of splitter view was not remembered on a compound tab.

#Fixed Bug: Data Acquisition: Noise readout showed non-actual values in case detector did not provide any signal data.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Integration table did not refresh correctly after some operation changes (only after closing and opening the chromatogram).

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Position of Peak toolbar in the Chromatogram window was not stored correctly.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: User Columns, special values First and Last were related to row order and not to peak order.

#Fixed Bug: Method: Event table not reacting to auxiliary signals when limits were below 1.

#Fixed Bug: Method: Problem with method file names containing dot in the middle.

#Fixed Bug: Method: Units field length was not unified across Clarity Lite - now it is limited to 10 characters.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Result Table and All Signals Results Table printed in wrong position.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Wrong default filename for Print to PDF from Chromatogram window (introduced in 8.1.0.).

Changes in version 8.1.0 (5.12.2018)

*New: Instrument window: Commands for running analyses and sending methods were added into the Instrument window. They change dynamically, allowing to Stop or Abort running analysis.

*New: Instrument window: Pre-configured toolbar to control acquisition directly from the Instrument window.

*New: Instrument window: Tooltips have been improved.

*New: New folder Documentation in the Clarity installation structure (includes manuals and datasheets moved from \BIN\DOC_PDF folder).

*New: Project: users will now have the possibility to set the Analysis subdir and Calibration subdir in the Project Setup.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: compound tab, level RSTD calculation wrongly included recalibrations marked as unused.

#Fixed Bug: GUI: Instrument window was stealing focus during post run print operations.

#Fixed Bug: Import: the importing of chromatogram in txt format failed in some cases.

#Fixed Bug: Installation: Driver uninstallation failed in some situations.

#Fixed Bug: Instrument window: possible crash when opening Method Setup from menu.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Sample dilution allowed to set zero value (introduced in 8.0).

#Fixed Bug: Other: When adjusting width of multiple selected columns in tables, changes were stored only for the active column.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Window focus lost when toolbar tooltip from window behind was displayed.

Changes in version 8.0.1 (31.8.2018)

*New: Localization: Updated Chinese translation.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Incorrectly indicated error "Calibration curve could not be constructed" when using Calculate By.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Possible crash connected to deleting Named Group cell in calibration.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Result Table did not display results for certain special combinations of input parameters based on ISTD calculations.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: It was not possible to enter text other than numbers in the Comments field in the Sequence table.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Certain actions led to leaking GDI objects which could have led to crash if the station was running longer time.

Changes in version 8.0.0 (3.7.2018)

*New: Calibration: Number of internal standards increased from 5 to 10.

*New: Calibration: Option to open Show details from Calibration Summary Table.

*New: GUI: New icons of Clarity files.

*New: GUI: Redesigned all icons in the whole application.

*New: GUI: Redesigned Instrument window - completely new look and feel.

*New: GUI: Redesigned Method Setup dialog - now including the file operations (in previous versions set in the Instrument window)

*New: GUI: Redesigned Single Analysis dialog - changed method handling.

*New: GUI: Removed the Application Look command in Customize menu.

*New: GUI: The Standard field in Single analysis and Sequence has been renamed to Sample Type.

*New: GUI: Toolbars: All toolbars have been reset. Customize toolbars again to adjust them to your needs.

*New: Chromatogram: Improved format for error messages located above the result tables (such as Results, All Signal Results).

*New: Chromatogram: Mathematical operations option to select a method to be applied (in previous versions the method opened in the Instrument window was used).

*New: Import: New option to select method that will be applied to the imported chromatograms. (In previous versions the method opened in the Instrument window was applied.)

*New: Installation: Backup of current system files will be created before updating in the ...\CFG\BACK\Backup-YYYY-MM-DDTHH-MM-SS folder.

*New: Other: Teamviewer QS (tool for online support) has been updated to version 13.

*New: Other: Windows XP are no more supported.

*New: Printing: Chromatogram - Summary table - report setup, new option to force inverted layout for printing.

*New: Printing: Instrument.sty report style (used by instrument window for postrun printing) has been renamed to Analysis.sty.

*New: Printing: New variable in Report setup Lab Header %e - instrument name.

*New: Printing: Summary Table - New option Word Wrap Long Texts in the Report Setup dialog.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Errors in printing Calibration in some situations.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Manual change of blank response was not possible.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Mismatch between calibration curve graph and equation in some cases.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: The Calibration curve for compound calculated by ISTD was not correctly updated after change of ISTD compound parameters.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: The ISTD calculations could have led to incorrect results in case the ISTD amount had been changed in the calibration.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Error in Peak Width calculation for main tangent peak.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Mathematical operations - Possible crash when multiple chromatograms/signals were selected as one operand.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Result table indicated wrong units (%%) for Amount% column total when Show Value Units had been checked.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Summary table - fixed problems in user columns.

#Fixed Bug:  Chromatogram: Total row for group Z  was not displayed  in the Result table.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Wrong time axis in chromatogram after changing bunching factor and invoking print before leaving the field.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Empty error message after entering invalid value to some numeric fields.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: From Overlay mode used wrong signal - first instead of active (Introduced in 7.4).

#Fixed Bug: Printing: User set ranges for auxiliary signals ignored in print.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Column Std. renamed to Sample Type.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Ctrl-Space shortcut to pause/resume sequence did not function.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Error messages reporting problems with files in the windows %TEMP% folder.  Caused by changed behavior of MS Windows after one of its updates.

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