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Changes in version 7.4.1 (13.12.2017)

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Agilent ICF libraries updated to version A.02.04.DU1 Hotfix1.

#Fixed Bug: Control: FOXY R2 control module - issues with manual editing of text fields for vial numbers.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Spark SPH1299 control module - fixed communication over serial line.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF - incorrectly detected number of signals in certain language localizations.

#Fixed Bug: Extension EA: Column Carbon Amount Ratio in the Result Table displayed question marks instead of correct values.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: Incorrect results calculated on the quantification signal.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: Under certain conditions the graph was not printed.

#Fixed Bug: Installation: Users with Operating System Windows 7 may have experienced configuration problems after upgrading to version 7.4, due to missing Microsoft Windows Update (KB2533623).

#Fixed Bug: Print: Calibration Linearity Test report from the OQ Validation was printed empty.

Changes in version 7.4.0 (19.10.2017)

*New: Control: Released - Knauer AS 6.1L autosampler control module has been released.

*New: Control: Released - YL Instruments YL9900 MS detector has been released.

*New: Control: Testing - Spark SPH1299 pump control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Advion CMS API updated to version

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Agilent ICF libraries updated to version A.02.04.DU1.

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Knauer drivers updated to version

*New: Control: Agilent ICF - listing of ICF modules in the Available control modules has been reorganized.

*New: Control: Agilent ICF control is no longer supported in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

*New: Control: Agilent ICF for GC - configurations that include Agilent GC modules from Clarity 7.3 or older must be reconfigured in Clarity 7.4, due to revised ICF installation system.

*New: Control: Knauer control modules - all of the drivers are now displayed under a single item in the installer. It is no longer possible to install only a single selected driver.

*New: Control: Knauer drivers for Fraction Collectors are now available, Knauer FRC option is necessary. Contact directly Knauer company to purchase respective license.

*New: Control: Shimadzu GC2011/2014 - values of the detector gas flows have been added to the Device Monitor.

*New: Calibration: new option to add compounds on All signals/Active signal only. It effects on which signal(s) the compounds will be calibrated and on which signal(s) the Used column will be checked.

*New: Calibration: Uniqueness of compound retention time will be checked per signal, not in the entire calibration as before.

*New: Extension CE: The Column Length item has been removed from the User columns on the CE Instrument.

*New: Extension EA: Method Setup - Measurement tab now includes amended description of items.

*New: Extension EA: Sample Amount column in the Sequence has been renamed to Sample Weight.

*New: Extension GPC: Support for export to *.dbf format for Ranges and Slice Tables, support for export of tables in WYSIWYG format. The Export of Result table in Fixed format has been left unchanged for compatibility reasons.

*New: GLP: Audit trail - closing a chromatogram in the Chromatogram window is now recorded.

*New: GLP: Audit trail - changes in the PDA method are now  recorded.

*New: GLP: Audit trail - the Station Audit Trail now records the creation of new Sequence and Calibration.

*New: GLP: The Ask for Reason of File Change function is now  applied also for changes in the System Configuration.

*New: GUI: Device Monitor window is now resizable (set the "Fit to content" option to "Off").

*New: GUI: The Graph Properties dialog is now resizable.

*New: GUI: Verify Signatures dialog window is now resizable.

*New: Import & Export: Improved behavior of Preset during Import Chromatogram.

*New: Import & Export: Support for Y axis name in chromatogram is now available for import/export of ASCII files.

*New: Other: Improved protection against invalid filenames and paths (length, invalid characters, etc.).

*New: Other: Method Setup - Event table now supports variables for Sample (%q), Sample ID (%Q),  Chromatogram (%K), Method (%J), Sequence (%s), Vial Number (%v) and Injection number (%i) as parameters for external programs.

*New: Sequence: Fill series improved behavior for alphanumeric Vial numbering.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent 6890 GC not detected S/SL inlet for some instruments (introduced in 7.3).

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF control 7890 - Clarity inactive after finishing run for 30-60 sec.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF GC control - incorrect name of the Y axis (units instead of value).

#Fixed Bug: Control: R-Biopharm RIDACREST control module - fixed possible crashes.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Sedere Sedex 100 chromatogram signal displayed with wrong time axis (3x shorter).

#Fixed Bug: Control: Shimadzu 2010/2014 GC - fixed possible communication errors.

#Fixed Bug: Control: UNI-RUBY pumps - problems with disabled solvents in Method Setup - LC Gradient table Options.

#Fixed Bug: Spark Mistral - sequence interrupted due to a false Low Fan Speed error.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: the commands to transfer values from standard to calibration were active even in case the selected signal was not available in the standard, now they will be inactive.

#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: fixed problems in exports.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: Attempt to perform MS search without selected MS spectral library resulted in freeze. Search button is now disabled when no library is selected.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: Conformity was displayed for peaks with no matching spectrum in library.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: Incorrect selection of quantification signal in the MS Method Table.

#Fixed Bug: Extension PDA: Displayed wrong active signal from a chromatogram when subtraction chromatogram was used. May have crashed when subtraction chromatogram was not available.

#Fixed Bug: Extension SST: The SST data for last peak were not displayed for ISTD calculation with Hide ISTD peak active.

#Fixed Bug: GLP: Audit trail - when a new location for audit trails was defined, part of the actions was still logged to the audit trails in the default location.

#Fixed Bug: GLP: User Accounts - import chromatogram was not allowed for user with denied Edit Chromatogram privilege.

#Fixed Bug: GLP: User Accounts - User with denied Edit Calibration option was able to change the Is ISTD and Use ISTD options.

#Fixed Bug: GUI: System, Configuration, values in columns S/N and From were not displayed in certain localizations (German, Russian, ...)

#Fixed Bug: GUI: User columns in the Summary Table were incorrectly displayed (introduced in 7.3).

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Chromatogram may not have been created if row in the sequence is set to Standard type - Blank and the used method does not have a calibration defined.

#Fixed Bug: Import & Export: Fixed possible issues with import of chromatograms created by CSW32.

#Fixed Bug: Import & Export: Changes in format of table headers - names and units are now on the same row.

#Fixed Bug: Import & Export: The sequence import function incorrectly checked the "Include in SST" option.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Cannot Create Temporary Files Error due to impossibility to create directory for temporary files.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Crash when opening CSW32 chromatograms (introduced in 7.3).

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Possible crash during damaged *.cdf file import.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Possible crash when opening PDA chromatogram in PDA window with fixed axis set.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Possible crash while printing Result Table with defined user columns and the user column is using values calculated by the column next to the right from it.

Changes in version 7.3.0 (26.5.2017)

*New: Control: Released - DataApex Column Usage Monitor by RUBY script has been released.

*New: Control: Released - Ecom Kappa 10PP pump has been released.

*New: Control: Released - Elysia-raytest Gabi Star radiodetector control module has been released.

*New: Control: Released - Elysia-raytest POMO radiodetector control module has been released.

*New: Control: Released - Microsaic 4000 MiD mass spectrometric detector control module has been released.

*New: Control: Released - Postnova Analytics PN5300 autosampler control module has been released.

*New: Control: Released - Sedere Sedex 100 detector control module has been released.

*New: Control: Released - SSI - Next Generation pumps control module has been released.

*New: Control: Released - VICI-Valco AS by multiposition valve has been released.

*New: Control: Testing - Agilent ICF GC control for 7890 and 7820 is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - Elysia-raytest Gabi Nova radiodetector control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - Elysia-raytest Ramona Star radiodetector control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - HTA HT1000L autosampler control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - Recipe EC6000 amperometric detector by RUBY script is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - YL Instruments YL9600 MS detector is available for testing.

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Advion Expression CMS updated API to version

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Agilent ICF libraries updated to version A.02.04.

*New: Control: Updated drivers - DANI Master GC drivers updated to version; DHS to version; SHS to version

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Ecom ECD2000 drivers updated to version and ECDA2000 drivers to version

*New: Control: Updated drivers - YL6900 MS detector driver updated to version

*New: Calibration: Amount column will be displayed also in the Calibration details tabs.

*New: Control: Agilent 1100 - the GP-IB communication not supported on Windows 7 and higher.

*New: Control: Agilent ICF - improved Device monitor (especially in the GC mode).

*New: Control: Agilent ICF samplers - option to start run in Clarity over communication line.

*New: Control: Gilson 305/306 pump control - enabled option Initial -Standby.

*New: Extension MS: Improved behavior of zooming in the MS Chromatogram window upon selecting peaks.

*New: Extension MS: New read only column Quantify On in the MS calibration.

*New: Extension MS: Update Calibration in Chromatogram improved functionality for existing compounds.

*New: Extension MS, Extension PDA: Fixed bug in five point Peak Purity Calculation. Removed Peak Purity Threshold option.

*New: GLP: Any chromatogram acquired with unauthorized control module or module under development will contain information about it in the Audit Trail.

*New: GLP: Audit Trail - improved logging.

*New: GLP: Audit Trails will now be logged not only in the selected language but also in English in order to allow for easier tracking for localized versions.  (Not functional for audit logs from previous versions)

*New: GLP: Digital Outputs dialog is newly accessible only when a user has the right to Open Configuration - set in the User Accounts.

*New: GLP: Chromatogram opened with method from history is read only and cannot be edited.

*New: GLP: New item "Disallow to Overwrite Existing files Using Save As" in the GLP Options dialog.

*New: Chromatogram: Support for export of Auxiliary Signals into text file format had been implemented in the Export dialog.

*New: Chromatogram: Upon applying Global Bunching command, user is now notified about the value it has been changed from to.

*New: Installation: .NET Framework versions required by selected control modules are not installed automatically. All required .NET versions can be found on the installation DVD - missing .NET version must be installed manually for correct functionality.

*New: Installation: Windows Vista is no longer supported by Clarity, please install more recent Windows OS. Before running Clarity installation on Windows 8, please update to Windows 8.1.

*New: Method: Improved behavior for saving changes in method modified during a run.

*New: Method: Pressing the New Method command invokes Method Setup dialog on the Measurement tab. Once finished editing the method, click OK to save the changes.

*New: Method: Selection listbox on Acquisition tab in the Method Setup dialog displays whether detector is Enabled or Disabled.

*New: Other: Instrument window command View/Options... changed to Settings/User Options...

*New: Other: Size of communication records and program logs is limited to 100 MB, after exceeding this size, the log will be renamed by adding a consecutive number.

*New: Sequence: Amended behavior for the Fill Down/Fill series for Sequence table columns SV and EV.

*New: Sequence: The Import sequence dialog is now resizable.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Fixed incorrect display of linearized points.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF - disabled direct control from device monitor in case a method is not send.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF - possible crash related to operations from Device monitor.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Microsaic 4000 MiD - problem with MIDAS pump pressure limit.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Spark Alias - not supported Prep Mode together with User Program.

#Fixed Bug: Control: VICI Valve - 2008 firmware support added to Fraction Collector by Mutiposition valve and Multiposition Valve used as Autosampler.

#Fixed Bug: Extension CE: Calibration, problems with response base Time Corrected Area on multi-signal chromatograms after updating the retention time.

#Fixed Bug: Extension: SST - Units not printed in table headers.

#Fixed Bug: GLP: Chromatogram - Save As of a version from history will preserve only changes prior to the opened version.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Opening the same chromatogram with version from history was not functional.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Minor problem in export to cdf format.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Print Chromatogram task name changed from "Clarity Report" to the name of the Chromatogram (useful for PDF printers).

#Fixed Bug: Other: Print Report Calibration Details improved indication of disabled levels/recalibrations.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Print Report - Calibration Level table rows empty caused by deleting compounds in calibration upgraded from older version.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Report setup - incorrect window layout (buttons) for some localizations.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Audit trail in sequence records both vial number and alphanumeric vial designation.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Counter %n in Sequence has not been increased after Abort, when a chromatogram has been created.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Fill series on text field, in case the text contained decimal separator.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Changed behavior of Fill Down in SV and EV columns.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Import of sequence with Alphanumeric vial mapping - Import/export sequence uses consecutive vial numbers. The alphanumeric mapping in sequence requires the respective sampler to be configured on the Clarity instrument.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Memory leaks related to Print To PDF.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Possible crash in creating new PDA library after Save as operation.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Possible crash in preview during import of txt file to chromatogram.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Possible crash related to chromatogram sequential switching tooltips.

Changes in version 7.2.0 (10.12.2016)

*New: Control: Released - YL Instruments YL FC1 and YL FC2 fraction collector control modules have been released.

*New: Control: Released - YL Instruments YL2000H, YL2000HT and YL2100H autosampler control module has been released.

*New: Control: Testing - Ecom ECDA2000 PDA detector control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - Ecom TOY UV/PDA detector control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - Interlab Omega FLD detector control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - Shodex RI-501 detector control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - YL Instruments YL6900 MS detector control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Updated drivers - DANI Master GC driver updated to version

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Ecom drivers updated - ECD2000 to version; ECO2000 to version; ECP2000 to version; Flash06DAD to version; FLASH12DAD to version; Iota to version

*New: Control: Updated drivers - YL Instruments YL6500GC driver updated to version

*New: Control: PG instruments AS 600 and GC 600 modules no longer supported.

*New: Extension PDA: using the New library in the PDA window will invoke File Save dialog.

*New: GLP: Improved recording of selected operations in audit trail.

*New: GLP: New checkbox "Disallow to Use Unsaved (Modified) Method in the GLP Options dialog.

*New: Chromatogram: Experimental integration algorithm - Improved derivative calculation.

*New: Chromatogram: Experimental integration algorithm - Improved hiding of peaks.

*New: Data Acquisition: Snapshot command was disabled outside run.

*New: Installation: Clarity now requires Service Pack 1 (SP1) to be installed on Windows 7.

*New: Installation: Faster and smoother installation.

*New: Installation: The Sentinel HW key drivers installation was removed from Typical installation.

*New: Other: Clarity.ini configuration file is now no more used, its functionality was moved to Others.ini.

*New: Other: Most critical issues with displaying Clarity on high DPI monitors are now resolved, few issues may still arise.

*New: Printing: Sample Info section in the Report setup  dialog was divided into Sample Description, Sample Parameters and GPC Parameters.

*New: Sequence: Each row of a sequence can now contain comments - measured chromatograms will contain corresponding commentary. By default this column is hidden, display it using Setup Columns.

*New: Single Analysis: the Comments field indicates whether there are any comments without having to open the edit dialog.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Clear all levels in calibration is not propagated immediately to a chromatogram

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: column headers colors corrected to properly distinguish signal dependent values

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF - method property pages in acquired chromatogram are not displayed (introduced in 7.1.0).

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF - Possible crashes in LC control by ICF due to wrong auixiliary signals mapping.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF LC possible crashes due to memory leaks

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF LC system - non functional external start by manual valve.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Int9 A/D board initial state of digital outputs was not saved.

#Fixed Bug: Device monitor: incorrect redrawing after changin the order of displayed panels.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: fixed bug in Fill all responses in MS Calibration

#Fixed Bug: Extension PDA: The View / Maximimize View command in the menu of the PDA window did not list the available panes correctly.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Experimental integration algorithm - Fixed bugs in Savitzky-Golay and Moving average filters.

#Fixed Bug: Imports: Non-functional option All x Files during import of multiple text files.

#Fixed Bug: Method Setup: Behavior after editing Template Method opened from Sequence.

#Fixed Bug: Method Setup: Changes in the Measurement tab made during the acquisition will be propagated to the chromatogram.

#Fixed Bug: OQ Wizard: Specififc desktop was not used during validation.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: Problems in printing the Sigmoid calibration curve

#Fixed Bug: Single Analysis: the %n has not been increased after the chromatogram was created due to abort.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Improvements in preventing crashes, memory leaks and other stability issues.

Changes in version 7.1.0 (10.8.2016)

*New: Control: Advion Expression CMS  API updated to version

*New: Control: GCxGC modulator (by Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague) control module has been released.

*New: Control: Knauer drivers were updated to version

*New: Control: R-Biopharm Ridacrest sample preparation system control module has been released.

*New: Control: Spark Alias - direct valve control available from the Device Monitor.

*New: Control: Varian 212-LC pump control by Ruby script has been released.

*New: Control: VICI Valco - multiposition valve can be used as autosampler.

*New: Chromatogram: New column Apex Value available in the result table (hidden by default).

*New: Import AIA - support for line delimiters in sample_id_comments field imported to Chromatogram Comments.

*New: Other: KeyEnter dialog displays the station serial number detected from the hardware key.

*New: Other: the Teamviewer QuickSupport utility updated to version 11.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF - Method Setup, Load Method button not available (depending on number of signals and instrument number).

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF - the ICF libraries will now be installed using the original installers.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF detector signals - all configured signals were acquired ignoring the enable/disable setting in the Method Setup (introduced in 7.0).

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF LC - the radio button setting "This device starts run in Clarity/Clarity starts this Device" was not saved (introduced in 7.0).

#Fixed Bug: Control: Shimadzu LC-10 pump control not functional.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Error in printing of user columns in result table in case the named groups were used.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Incorrect sorting in the All Signal Results table.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Wrong calculation of Amount% column in case the Scale factor or Dilution has been used with zero Sample Amount.

#Fixed Bug: Instrument: Desktop file opened by command line parameter (Launchmanager) will now be remembered for the respective instrument until Clarity will be closed.

#Fixed Bug: Instrument: The Sign checkbox has been removed from the Batch dialog because of GLP considerations.

#Fixed Bug: Method Setup - Advanced: The matching of the Subtraction Chromatogram was not functional.

#Fixed Bug: Method Setup - Advanced: The Solvent subtraction will now be recorded in the audit trail.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Long delay in station opening (splashcreen displayed for cca 30 sec) - introduced in 7.0.

Changes in version 7.0.0 (28.4.2016)

*New: Custom Units - user selectable units for flow rate, pressure, temperature, injection volume and auxiliary signals. User selectable units for time axis (selected instrument types only).

*New: Changed installation directory structure. Note reinstallation of older version after update to 7.0  is not easily achievable.

*New: Chromatogram: User definable variables for calculations in User columns.

*New: Single Analysis window - Support for injection by autosampler.

*New: The "7.0 Experimental" integration algorithm. Available for testing of the improved detection and quantification of peaks.

*New: Batch: now supports reprocess of chromatograms in subfolders.

*New: Clarity Help now includes the Clarity User Guide topics.

*New: Control: Advion Expression CMS updated API to version

*New: Control: Agilent GC and HS by ICF - is available for early testing in the development state.

*New: Control: Agilent ICF libraries updated to version A.02.03 Driver Update 2.

*New: Control: Azura 2.1L RID detector is available for testing.

*New: Control: Ecom drivers  ECDA2000 version (new control module in development state),updated ECD2000 to version, Flash 12  DAD to version

*New: Control: Ecom ECD2000 driver updated to version

*New: Control: Elysia GabiStar Radiodetector is available for testing.

*New: Control: Elysia POMO Radiodetector is available for testing.

*New: Control: ERC RefractoMax 520 series driver by UNI-Ruby script has been released.

*New: Control: Fraction collectors fraction table - implemented check for overlapping time intervals.

*New: Control: HTA HT2000H new synchronization option DIN implemented.

*New: Control: HTA HT2000HT autosampler control has been released.

*New: Control: Ingos AAA500 driver updated to version

*New: Control: Knauer - Azura RID 2.1L refractive index detector control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Knauer control module drivers updated to version

*New: Control: Kontron 525 pump by LC-UNI has been released.

*New: Control: Markes BenchTOF MS detector  has been released.

*New: Control: Rheodyne MXII and Titan series valves - new operation modes supported.

*New: Control: Rigol L-3520 PDA detector is available for testing.

*New: Control: Shimadzu RF-20A/RF-20Axs fluorescence detectors can now be controlled using MIMIC libraries.

*New: Control: Spark Holland - Integrity autosampler has been released.

*New: Control: SSI pumps - script improved to detect Series 5 pump models.

*New: Control: the "Enable start from Clarity" checkbox in some control modules has been changed to more self-explanatory radio buttons with tooltips.

*New: Control: Zebrick D/A, D/F converter for LC pump control is available for early testing in development state.

*New: File names: Implemented check preventing folder names starting/ending with space.

*New: File names: Improved error messages for invalid file names.

*New: Report Setup: new option to print User column formulas under the result table.

*New: Report Setup: Print to PDF - support for landscape print

*New: Sequence: the Active checkbox in the Sequence Options dialog has been changed to listbox Active/Passive.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Calculation error reported for ISTD calculation without entered ISTD amounts and using blank level in calibration.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Peak color defined in Calibration for  groups was not propagated to the Result Table.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Foxy Rx - Occasionally encountered an improper Argument error when sending method to Foxy Rx fraction collector.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Fraction collector - fractions without name in Fraction table were not collected.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Gilson 203b FC - new option Quick Shutdown. When active, closing of the instrument will be faster but communication error may occur.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Spark Alias - the default Scale factor for syringe speed changed from 1 (slowest) to 10 (fastest).

#Fixed Bug: Event table - the missing option Restore Default Columns has been added to context menu.

#Fixed Bug: Exceeding command line limit 126 characters now invokes a warning dialogue.

#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: The GPC window - printing of calibration curve graph  is now independent of the settings in the Chromatogram window.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Auxiliary signals - the right axis has not been displayed when only one signal has been selected for display.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: labels are not stored (bug present in 6.x. versions).

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: the Results, Calculation tab - Amount, Dilution, Injection Volume and ISTD Amount values are editable also for uncalibrated chromatograms.

#Fixed Bug: IQ report and systeminfo.txt now reports all devices in configuration (in previous versions only detectors).

#Fixed Bug: IQ report: problems at page breaks.

#Fixed Bug: Report Setup: Event table printing ignored display settings.

#Fixed Bug: Report Setup: page header, Override printer settings for page orientation were not functional.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: slow check of sequence with no existing method or methods.

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