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Changes in version 3.0.7 (4.10.2011)

*New: LC Control: GL Sciences LC800 HPLC system has been released.
*New: LC Control: Spark SPH 1240 pumps control module is available for testing.
*New: LC Control: New control drivers available for testing: Ingos HPLC LC 5000 system (LCD 5000 UV-VIS detector, LCP 5020 gradient pumps, LCS 5040 autosampler, LCT 5100 column oven)
*New: LC Control: New control drivers available for testing: CVC Technologies HPLC system (UVD 100 UV-VIS detector, Atima pumps, AS 100 sampler, CTO 100 Column Oven)
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Agilent 7890 - support for Auxiliary Pressure modules.
#Fixed Bug: Control: LabAlliance 605 column oven - improved communication reliability.
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Shimadzu GC-2014 - problems with purge and high pressure injection settings.
#Fixed Bug: DET Control: Antec Decade II, Roxy - the labels for inputs "Electric Valve Inject" and "Electric Valve Load" were interchanged.
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: Spark Alias now it is possible to set the Syringe Volume in the Method Setup - AS - System dialog. (It solves the bug in selection listbox from Clarity version

Changes in version 3.0.6 (17.6.2011)

*New: Updated drivers version for Knauer instruments.
*New: Updated driver version for Young Lin  YL 913x.
*New: GC Control: Shimadzu GC 201x with APC/AFC control is now released.
*New: LC Control: Control module thermostat Spark Mistral released.
*New: New control module Agilent 1200 ELSD (G4218A).
*New: DET Control: Updated drivers for Ecom Sapphire, new drivers for Apatit, Opal and Malachite fixed wavelength detectors.
*New: DDE - better distinguishing of Clarity states.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram Comments set in the Single Analysis window were not copied to chromatogram (bug introduced in version 3.0.3.).
#Fixed Bug: Vici Valco Valve - two position valves with newer firmware were not identified .
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Agilent 7890 - implemented support for PCM inlet module.
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Agilent 7890 possible crash in configuration.
#Fixed Bug: DET Control: Antec Decade II - new option for Sample Rate in pulsed mode (1/pulse, sample rate is calculated from the pulse cycle time).
#Fixed Bug: DET Control: Antec detectors: support for new firmware: Decade II - 3.80, Decade II MD or ROXY: 5.20).
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Shimadzu LC-10/20 possible freeze during post run printing from sequence.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Shimadzu LC-10/20   LC-8A pump wrong flow rate limits  (now 0-150 ml/min).
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Agilent 1100 AS in Injection program - MIX command.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Agilent 1100: problems with sending method to the LC pump.
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: Spark Alias now it is possible to set the Syringe Volume in the Method Setup - AS - System dialog.

Known limitation: Bug in Syringe Size Listbox labels, to use 500 ul syringe select 250, to use 250 ul syringe select 1000, to use 1000 ul syringe select 500

Changes in version 3.0.5 (7.3.2011)

*New: GC Control: Agilent 7890 control module is available in Clarity.
*New: AS Control: Spark Holland Alias driver from DataApex is available in Clarity. Compared to the driver from Knauer it enables to use the User Program. It requires the firmware v. 1.24 or newer.
*New:  Updated drivers for Dani Master GC and Master DHS
*New: Control LC: Knauer drivers were updated to version UV Detector S 2520, UV Detector S 2550, PDA Detector S2850, Pump S1050 are now supported. LAN communication support was implemented for selected instruments.
#Fixed Bug: Shimadzu GC 2010 implemented Advanced options for SPL injector type (High Pressure Injection, Carrier Gas Saver, Splitter Hold)
#Fixed Bug: Control FC: The FC-GP module exceeded the Last Vial Number, Shutdown did not function correctly.
#Fixed Bug: Clarity EA - sample type Bypass did not send Ready Out signal - introduced in version 3.0.2.
#Fixed Bug: Print from Overlay, the Active Chromatogram Only checkbox printed the first opened chromatogram instead of the active chromatogram.
#Fixed Bug: The command line parameter "export_results" required Excel presence even when the export was to different format.
#Fixed Bug: Antec Decade II time table limit 50 lines increased to 100 lines
#Fixed Bug: Crash when adding new empty line to the Calibration table.
#Fixed Bug: Crash during export to Excel from Analysis, Batch, Sequence processing

Changes in version 3.0.4 (17.12.2010)

*New: LC Control: Agilent 1200 - control module now support G1315C DAD and G1321B FLD detectors
*New: Updated drivers for MasterGC and new driver for Master DHS  dynamic headspace sampler developed by Dani.
*New: Updated drivers for Ecom Beta pump, Sapphire detector developed by Ecom.
*New: GC Control: Agilent 7890 GC - fixed bugs and improved support for Split/Splitless and COC inlet in the testing version of the control module.
*New: DET Control: New control module for Sedere ELSD detectors.
*New: Updated drivers version for  YL911x pumps (requires firmware version 1.2.x.), YL9120 UV detector and YL9170 RI detector developed by Young Lin.
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Agilent 6890 GC - new parameter Lit Offset in FID/FPD detectors.
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: HTA 300 - closing instrument invoked Abort on second instrument with the same sampler.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Sykam S4300 - incorrect calculation of solvent volumes.
#Fixed Bug: Report Setup - the instrument method has not been printed in case the order of print sections was changed.
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Shimadzu GC-17A - split/splitless mode setting for injector 2.

Changes in version 3.0.3 (1.10.2010)

*New: GC Control: Shimadzu GC 201x - APC/AFC control .
*New: AS Control: Spark Alias with user program (Beta version) developed by DataApex.
*New: AS Control: HTA HT800L updated driver ver.
*New: Column Oven Control: Spark Mistral (beta version).
*New: LC Control: New Control modules for ECOM pumps Alpha and Beta. It replaces current control by LC UNI Pump control module.
*New: Updated drivers for Ecom Alpha, Beta, Flash06DAD, Panda30HID, Sapphire developed by Ecom
#Fixed Bug: DET Control: Gaps in Signal drawing in Dataacquisition window under Windows Vista.
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: GC2014C - problem with digital signal acquisition.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Sykam S2100 pump - crash after using Purge from Device Monitor when method was not sent.
#Fixed Bug: Incorrect displaying of auxiliary signals in the Data Acquisition window.
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Agilent GC 6890 - false message Run Buffer Overflow.
#Fixed Bug: Crash in the Sequence Table upon attempt to move up the edited line.
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Shimadzu AOC 20i reported Preparing after run when GC was Not Ready, now reports GC Not Ready
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Shimadzu GC2014 - Method setup, Acquisition tab includes new option Ranges.
#Fixed Bug: Warning when starting Clarity Installation without administrator privileges.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Shimadzu LC-10/20 system - problems with acquisition start introduced in 3.0.2.
#Fixed Bug: The setting of Advanced Peak Tags was not stored.
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Shimadzu 201x GC:  max temp limits in new method have been decreased to 350 C, maximum allowed set 470 C. Must be set accordingly to the device specifications.

Changes in version 3.0.2 (24.5.2010)

Control Modules:
*New: DET Control: Sedere ELSD detector driver is now available for testing.
*New: GC Control: Agilent GC 7890 control module is now available for testing.
*New: AS Control: Agilent 7683 and 7693 - the control through GC 7890 is now available for testing.
*New: DET Control: Agilent 1200 (G1315D) detector is now available for testing.
*New: DET Control: ESA Coulochem III control module is now available for testing.
*New: LC Control: Recipe FW3000, UV3000, AS3000, GP3000, IP3000 is now available in Clarity.
*New: DET Control: ECOM - new and updated control modules for Sapphire, Panda30 and Flash06 DAD detectors.

*New: GC Control: the Thermostat device type will now be allowed also for GC Instrument Type.
*New: LC Control: Method Setup - LC Gradient: new option "Initial - Standby" in the Idle State group enables to set different flows at sending the method and after finishing the analysis.
*New: LC Control: The scope of Flow Rate Units was extended to L/min, mL/min, µL/min.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Method Setup - Valves dialog: new "Set Home position on Close instrument" checkbox.
*New: FC Control: the Fraction Collector (FC GP driver):  Method Setup - FC - Vial numbers dialog: new Collect All checkbox.
*New: FC Control: the Fraction Collector (FC GP driver): Method Setup - FC - Fraction Table dialog new "Delay Volume 2" option enables to compensate for volume between valve and collection point.
#Fixed Bug: DET Control: Shimadzu GC-2014C - the 10 V signal range limitaton was removed.

*New: Exporting data in Excel format
*New: Items in any column of the Result Table can be displayed as peak tag in the chromatogram graph.   
*New: Possibility to highlight peaks and corresponding row in tables by clicking inside the peak area.
*New: Mathematical Operations, new function Invert to invert polarity of already measured chromatogram.
*New: Add User Columns: new "Compound" item in Special Values. It enables to calculate RRT to any named peak.
*New: The Open Chromatogram Sequentially command is active also in Overlay Mode.
*New: CTRL + Arrows keys will move the chromatogram in the graph (when zoomed in).
*New: The Audit trail (cleared in previous versions during Save As) is preserved.
*New: Integration Table: new Peak Name parameter enables to name peaks without calibration file or to override the identification by calibration file identification windows.
*New: Open with calibration (Unchanged/Linked/Stored) option. Could be set in the Sequence table and modified using Analysis Batch or in the Chromatogram - Results window. The option is stored within the chromatogram.
*New: Results: the Peak Type column now displays more info about the result calculations.
*New: File Open dialog includes Overlay mode checkbox to enable toggle the Overlay mode on/off.
*New: Last subtraction chromatogram will be stored in chromatogram history.
*New: Graph Properties: Show Data Points checkbox to indicate data point in Chromatogram.
*New: Possibility to make chromatogram active by double clicking the respective row in Summary or SST table.
#Fixed Bug: User Columns - crash on attempt to edit user columns before closing the Setup Columns dialog.

*New: Global Peak table, new column Correction factor. It multiplies the calculated amount.
*New: Calculation type: NORM (Normalization).
*New: Open Standard as Chromatogram command will open the standard in the Chromatogram window.
*New: Link Calibration to Standard command in the File menu.
*New: Bubble hint in the graph of calibration standard for Add Peak function.
*New: The new Standard addition method in Calibration.
*New: Linearization of calibration graph axes.
*New: Export Calibration Curve as Picture to Clipboard/File menu item.
*New: The Calculated By column enables to calculate amount using the calibration curve or response factor of another compound. Its use is indicated in the Result Table - Peak Type column.
*New: Possibility to perform calibrations with bracketing and standard addition.
*New: Single Run and Sequence: new %variables for creating chromatogram names: %P - project, %s - sequence, %J - method.
*New: Compounds window:  columns Curve Fit Type, Origin and Range in the Calibration Summary Table enable to display/set the parameters.
*New: Calibration Options, new "Response Factor Response/Amount" checkbox enables to toggle the display of RF between Amount/Response and Response/Amount.
*New: Improved identification windows in Calibration Summary Table using "Search Window" (Abs/Rel) and "Peak Selection" (Nearest/Biggest/First/Last) columns.

*New: Electronic signature for PDF reports (used for GLP).
*New: Report Setup dialog: the order of print sections can be now changed.
*New: Report Setup - Page Setup: the possibility to change the layout of the printed reports between Portrait or Landscape within a single sequence.
#Fixed Bug: Print to PDF - fixed bug in chromatogram printing in Landscape orientation.

*New: The Fill Series function in tables enables to fill incremented values in columns.
*New: Sequence - new Sample Type option "Bypass" enables to perform run without injection.
*New: Sequence - new Close All column to close all chromatograms from overlay.

Import and Export:
*New: Import Chromatogram from txt files now supports data with multiple signals arranged in columns.
*New: Preset listbox with option to store import settings "Create from the Current Settings" in the Import Text File dialog.
*New: User Options - new tab Directories to set paths for PDF reports, exports and imports.
*New: Import chromatogram - support for batch import of multiple files.
*New: File type csv (coma separated values) supported in Import Chromatogram and Import Sequence functions.
*New: The Preview button in the Import Text File dialog enables to preview the imported file.

Method Setup:
*New: The Digital Inputs and Outputs in the Method Setup - Event Table are identified by Names (used to be by pin number only).
*New: The Method Setup dialog can be resized now; this is useful especially for working with Event Table.
*New: Method Setup - Events: The Event Table includes new types of Inputs which enable events outside acquisition run.
*New: Method Setup - Events:  the inputs from SST result (optional extension) are available in the Events Table.
*New: The New (Method, Sequence, Calibration) commands now open the Save As dialog to force the user to name the new file before using it.

*New: SST: New option Include in SST allows marking chromatograms opened in the Chromatogram window to be included or excluded from SST evaluation.
*New: SST: Sequence table, new SST column to select chromatograms for performing the SST test.
*New: PDA: Export Graph as Picture to Clipboard, Export Graph as Picture to File now available for all panes.
*New: PDA: the PDA window - Spectrum, new Add All Identified Peaks menu item to add all identified peaks spectra to library.
*New: GPC: Calibration broad on narrow - changes of K and Alpha values will be recorded in the Chromatogram Audit Trail.

*New: Login dialog - option to select project.
*New: User Accounts: Auto lock option enables to lock instrument automatically after predefined time of inactivity.
*New: Possibility to change project in the Instrument window by clicking on its name in the Status Bar.
*New: Data Acquisition - the CTRL "+","-" (or CTRL + mouse wheel shortcuts enable to zoom out outside the set time and signal range.
*New: Batch dialog (accessible from Instrument window using Analysis - Batch command): new Preserve Integration checkbox preserves current integration during chromatogram reprocess.
*New: Standalone utility "CopyFiles" to copy selected file types to specified directory (available in the UTILS subfolder of Clarity root folder).
*New: System Configuration - Available Control Modules - scrolling with mouse wheel supported.
*New: New drivers for INT9 and INT7 boards.
#Fixed Bug: Data Acquisition window: signal randomly not displayed after acquisition start.
#Fixed Bug: Wrong scale for Auxiliary signal for flow in case of microL/min units.


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