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Changes in version 2.8.4 (11.5.2010)

#Fixed Bug: Clarity SDK could cause computer memory overwriting in control modules developed by external companies (bug introduced in version 2.8.3).


Changes in version 2.8.3 (12.4.2010)

*New: Control: Updated drivers for  YL6100 GC  version,  YL9110 Pump.  YL9160 DAD, YL9170 RI   version
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: HTA HT300A - nonfunctional Tray type detection.
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: Spark Midas - Oven temperature control switched off at start acquisition.
#Fixed Bug: User columns - results were not calculated after closing and opening Clarity Instrument when Amount(%)  was used.
#Fixed Bug: Summary table,  User columns: it was not possible to use Amount[%] , Area[%], Height[%].
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: Shimadzu AS AOC-20 - new checkbox "Air suction" to add an air gap after the sample.


Changes in version 2.8.2 (15.1.2010)

*New: Control LC: Young Lin updated drivers YL6100 version, YL9110, YL9120, YL9130, YL9160, YL9170, YL9180 version
*New: Hardware: updated INT9 driver now supports 64 bit Windows
*New: Control LC: Updated drivers for Knauer control modules version
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: Spark Alias autosampler  - Fixed problem with configuration of LAN communication
#Fixed Bug: Control LC: Shimadzu LC System with PDA - problems with spectral data size
#Fixed Bug: Extensions - PDA: PDA window, Spectra are now printed always As On Screen
#Fixed Bug: Sequence - the  seq_import_append command line parameter worked incorrectly for certain columns
#Fixed Bug: The set_sample_name command line parameter did not affect the current acquisition.
#Fixed Bug: Scale factor (with respective units after scaling) is now applied also to the Amount specified in the Chromatogram header. Affects the Amount% column results when both are used.
#Fixed Bug: Sequence options, Idle time was performed before first injection regardless of the state of the Idle Time checkbox.
#Fixed Bug: Control LC: Agilent 1100 FLD - removed options "Autozero before run" and "Autozero after run"  because they are not supported by firmware.

Changes in version 2.8.1 (23.10.2009)

------------- Main changes in the version 2.8 comparing to the version 2.7 ------------

*New: Launch Manager - a utility for easy starting of Clarity with different configurations and user preferences.
*New: OQ Validation Wizard - a utility to perform Operational Qualification of Clarity. It requires the optional SST Extension. Validator is necessary to validate the A/D converter besides the software.
*New: Extension NGA: for gas calorific values calculations has been released.
*New: Control LC: Merck - Hitachi LaChrom Elite module has been released.
*New: Control GC: Agilent 6890 + 7893, 7873 - support for simultaneous use of two injection towers. The Method Setup - AS control dialog includes new Rear Tower - Both option. The injectors will perform simultaneous injection. For shared tray, Front tower uses vial N specified in sequence, Rear tower uses vial N+shift set in this tab.
*New: Audit trail: change of the used *.dsk and *.cfg files using the commandline parameter will be recorded in the audit trail.
*New: Control DET: Softa ELSD detectors - improved Device Monitor dialog.
*New: Improved format of Installation Qualification (IQ) protocol.
*New: Control AS: Spark Midas - support for preparative option
*New: Control DET: Sykam S3210/3240 DAD detector
- updated control driver. It requires detector firmware version 3.0.1 or higher.
- filtering of signal is avalable
- Method Setup: the "High Resolution / High Sensitivity" selection has been removed
*New: Clarity is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 - the same limitations (no Gilson GSIOC driver support) as for Windows Vista are valid.
*New: Communication recording utility (commdrv.ini)
- the record size will be limited to 1 day.
- the %d or %D variables can be used to include current date in the filename. These functions will not be available for Agilent 1100.
*New: LC Control: Updated drivers for Young Lin HPLC system YL9110 pump YL9120 detector YL9130 oven. YL9160 PDA detector, YL9170 RI detector, YL9180 ELSD detector version
GC Control: Updated driver for YL6100 GC version
*New: The commandline parametr used to open the specified desktop *.dsk file at Instrument can now be used to switch desktop of already running software. The desired Instrument can be specified using the parameter "i".
*New: Control LC: New LC UNI profile for Chromophor 2010 pump is available for testing.
*New: Control AS: HTA HT800L autosampler driver has been released.
*New: Control GC: Driver for CSI - series 300 GC developed by Cambridge Scientific instruments has been released.
*New: Control: LabAlliance 605 COC has been released.
*New: Updated drivers for Knauer control modules version
- Updated Spark Alias autosampler
- Fixed problem with LAN communication
- Fixed problem with destination vials in case of mix
- New Device Monitor dialog (allowing exchanging the needle, syringe, etc.)
- New Start signal transfered over communication line.
#Fixed Bug: Export Results: different format of exported result table in the fixed format in versions and
#Fixed Bug: Extensions - GPC: on computers using dot as decimal separator the default K and Alpha table from the installation reported formating error at the Load K and Alpha command.
#Fixed Bug: Control AS: Spark Holland Midas - missing vials in sequence.
#Fixed Bug: Contrl FC: FC-GP fraction collector - vial number not incremented between runs (introduced in 2.7.1).
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