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Changes in version 2.7.3 (7.7.2009)

------------- Main changes in the version 2.7 comparing to the version 2.6 ------------

Control Modules:
*New: Control modules Hitachi LaChrom Elite (L2100/2130 pump, L2200 autosampler, L2300 Column Oven, L2400 UV Detector) available for testing.
*New: Control module for HT800L autosmapler is available for testing.
*New: Control module for Gecko-2000 column oven.
*New: Control module for Techlab K-7 column oven.
*New: Control module for Watrex CTC100 column oven.
*New: Available Control Modules dialog was improved to display more information and to enable searching and filtering the control modules.
*New: Auxiliary Virtual Digital Input Output Loop.
*New: More control modules now allow to simulate data acquisiton in Demo mode.
*New: GC Control: Updated drivers for Young Lin YL6100 GC (to version
*New: LC Control: Updated drivers for Young Lin HPLC system.
*New: LC Control: Updated LC UNI profiles for LabAlliance and Watrex pumps.
*New: Updated driver for Spark Holland Alias now supporting LAN communication.
*New: FC Control: the Fraction Collector (FC GP driver): the output signal for Next vial (output 2) was changed from pulse to level going up at the end of the fraction and down at the beginning of the next fraction.
*New: FC Control: the Fraction Collector (FC GP driver): the initial Waste command is not sent at the start of run.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Agilent 1100 Column Compartment - the Set ON/OFF button in the Device Monitor dialog was not functional.
#Fixed Bug: DET Control: Softa ELSD - the detector parameters will now be included in reports.
Fixed Bug: LC Control: Agilent 1100 - communication problems on GP-IB caused by version mismatch of the sicl32.dll communication library. This library is no more installed by Clarity, Agilent I/O libraries must be installed prior to Clarity installation.
#Fixed Bug: FC Control: the Fraction Collector (FC GP driver): implemented check for validity of some entries in method (times and fraction volume)
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: The SCSI board driver for Shimadzu SPD-M10Avp detector is no more installed during Clarity installation (Full option). It has to be installled separately.
#Fixed Bug: Control LC: Problems with Knauer pump communications - Cannot initialize connection client caused by incorectly registered libraries.
#Fixed Bug: Control LC: Shimadzu LC-10/20 pump control - added posibility to define solvent names.

*New: GLP Options dialog: the Allow Chromatogram GLP Mode checkbox ensures that settings preventing the possibility of unauthorized modification of chromatograms are correctly set.
*New: GLP Options dialog: the Ask for Reason of File Change and Disallow Empty Reason for File Change checkboxes enable that the system will ask for comment on each file change.
*New: GLP Options dialog: the Allowed Automated Export of Audit Trail.
*New: GLP Options dialog: the Disallow User List in Login Dialog checkbox.
*New: GLP Options: the Disallow Calibration Response Change checkbox.
*New: GLP Options: the Generate chromatogram After Abort checkbox.
*New: Audit trail Method: is now implemented, it is available from the Method Setup dialog using the Audit Trail button.
*New: Audit Trail Sequence: Start, Resume, Pause, Stop and Finished states are now recorded together with instrument errors.
*New: Audit Trail: the name of the method sent to instruments will be recorded.
*New: Audit Trail: the changes in Instrument Directories for Projects dialog will be recorded in Audit Trail.
*New: Audit Trail Settings: new Backup Operations checkbox.
*New: Audit Trail: changes in the Initial and Current state for digital outputs will be recorded in the Audit Trail.
#New: Audit trail: all checkboxes are checked in the default installation. At the update, the previous settings are preserved unless the clarity.cfg file has been overwritten.
*New: Audit Trail Settings: Chromatogram dialog: new Instrument Messages and Instrument Errors checkboxes used to control the recording in Audit Trail.
*New: Audit Trail Chromatogram: for chromatograms measured by sequence now include information about the sequence, vial and injection number.
*New: User Accounts dialog: User Rights changes are recorded in Audit Trail.
*New: User Accounts dialog: the Other Users Can option selection was changed from checkbox to radio buttons.
*New: User Accounts dialog: new Post Run Settings checkbox.
*New: User Accounts dialog: User Access Rights, new options Projects, Import Chromatogram.
*New: User Accounts dialog: User columns can be edited (added, edited, deleted) only by users authorized to Edit Method.
*New: Chromatogram - GLP Info tab: The new tab displays serial numbers and additional info for the detectors used for data acquisition.
*New: The Clarity Administrator can unlock the locked Instrument window in emergency.
*New: The IQ report was modified to include more information.
*New: After three wrong password entries the Clarity station must be restarted.

*New: New installer, it better controls the installation and uninstallation process of Clarity.
*New: During installation the uninstallation of previous version is offered.
*New: Option Uninstall A/D converter system drivers.
*New: The installation to Program Files directory is not allowed in Windows Vista.
*New: Open Whatsnew checkbox in the final installer screen.

*New: If the template method opened in the Instrument window is changed during a single run, after finishing the current run it will be sent to the controlled devices according to the settings in the Instrument Method Sending dialog.
*New: Changes in the template method are documented in the Method Audit Trail.
*New: Method Setup dialog: the Apply button was renamed to Send Method. The OK button will send the method and close the Method Setup. During analysis only the Run Time (Autostop Time) will be sent to the devices by pressing OK.
*New: If a template method is opened on Clarity Instrument, but not sent to the devices, the last sent method will be used for acquisition and stored in the chromatogram.
#Fixed Bug: Method Setup dialog: the validity of values is not required when Cancel is used to close the window.
#Fixed Bug: Method Setup dialog: the buttons To AS and To GC were removed from certain control modules. Use the Send Method button to send the current method to the devices.
#Fixed Bug: Method Setup - Integration: the units in the Integration Table were displayed incorrectly (mV instead of detector units).

*New: Operations in Integration table: ASTM Noise Evaluation and 6-Sigma Noise Evaluation.
*New: Chromatogram comments: a possibility to add comments to chromatogram.
*New: Summary Table Options dialog: new Show All Signals check box enables to display in the Summary Table also chromatograms without any identified peak.
*New: User columns - new global variable Chromatogram Amount gives a sum of Total Amounts for all signals in chromatogram.
*New: Add User Columns dialog - the Title field can contain only one line of text.
#Fixed Bug: The Set Signal Names command is now active also for single signal chromatograms.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram - Results, Calculation Options window: tooltip displaying the path to currently used calibration file.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram, User columns - corrected incompatibility of desktop settings in Clarity 2.5 and 2.6.
#Fixed Bug: User columns - when the % sign was used as units, it was repeatedly added to column title during each editing.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram List dialog - minor improvements (icon, help button, etc.).
#Fixed Bug: Possible crash after creating a label linked to a chromatogram signal followed by Save As of the chromatogram.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration curve graph is now autoscaled to show all recalibration points.
#Fixed Bug: Calibration graph - the recalibration points were in some cases displayed incorrectly.
#Fixed Bug: The layout of headers in the Calibration Table was corrected - use the Restore Default Columns to apply changes.
#Fixed Bug: Incorrect display of recalibration points in the calibration curve graph in some cases.

*New: Tooltips with the acquired chromatogram filenames are now displayed for measured lines (blue) in the filename column.
*New: Sequence window: Changed icon for the Check Sequence command.
*New: Sequence Table, Run column is now editable also for measured lines.
*New: Sequence window: during Single Run the acquisition control icons are inactive (explanation given in tooltip), the actual Run Time (of the Single Run) is displayed in the Status Bar.
*New: New variable for creating file names in sequence table %L adds the Sequence Line Number (= row number in the Sequence Table).
#Fixed Bug: Pasting of several values in a row at once caused filling the other columns with default values instead of the values from previous row.
#Fixed Bug: It was not possible to edit method with External Start set to other option then Start Only.

*New: Print report - Chromatogram graph in landscape orientation is printed as last item in the printout.
*New: table with Auxiliary signal settings is printed.
#Fixed Bug: Lab. Header dialog: bug causing crash in print or preview of certain pictures in PNG format.
#Fixed Bug: Page Setup: the Black and White Print option was not applied/stored under some circumstances.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram, PDA or GPC Calibration - Fixed Height field settings is automatically adjusted for values lower than the minimum 30 mm and higher then actual Page Height.
#Fixed Bug: the peaks with colored background were printed incorrectly in landscape graph orientation.
#Fixed Bug: the Integration Table printout now includes measurement units.
#Fixed Bug: incorrect formatting of Audit Trail printouts.

*New: Extension NGA: new extension for gas calorific values calculations is prepared for testing.
*New: Extension NGA: new DEMO_NGA project available.
*New: PDA: Add Chromatogram Signal dialog - the Replace signal is not allowed for originally acquired signals.
*New: System Configuration dialog - Instrument Type now includes new instrument types NGA, DHA, SimDis, DHA and SimDis extensions are not yet implemented.
#Fixed Bug: PDA: the Data Acquisition dialog, in the Show Spectrum view the auxiliary signal labels were displayed.
#Fixed Bug: Extensions - PDA: The detector name is included in the Graph headers in the PDA window.
*New: Extension GPC: the GPC calibration now supports 12 signals.
*New: Extension GPC: new "Use Simplified Computations of M Averages" checkbox in the GPC Calibration Options dialog for simplified calculations of MW averages.
#Fixed Bug: GPC: Calibration, Broad on Narrow. When the calibration curve was not constructed, the K and Alpha values in linked chromatograms were set to zero.
#Fixed Bug: GPC: printing of Peak Number in the GPC Result table.
#Fixed Bug: GPC: Calibration Options dialog, Universal Calibration - the K and Alpha values are now editable.
#Fixed Bug: GPC: reports - in some cases the gradient was printed in the chromatogram graph.
#Fixed Bug: GPC: the values in dW/dLogMin column in the Slice Table now display data used for drawing the MW distribution graph.
#Fixed Bug: Extension SST: the Overall status was not updated correctly when activating other signal in different chromatogram displayed in Overlay.

*New: Improved detection of HW key during analysis to prevent the incorrect detection of missing key, resulting in the "DEMO - Keylock test failed" mode.
*New: U-PAD2 and Net-PAD Setup dialogs - Synchronize Start with Digital Input checkbox. It enables faster and more accurate synchronization of channels with the start signal.
*New: The U-PAD, INT5 and DEMO drivers were updated.
#Fixed Bug: Improved reliability of start run detection on DataApex A/D boards.
#Fixed Bug: The custom units in the A/D converters INT7 and INT9 were remembered only untill the end of Clarity session.

Data Acquisition:
*New: Device Monitor dialog: now also displays the Digital Outputs.
*New: All icons for Acquisition control are now available in toolbars of Instrument, Data Acquisition, Device Monitor and Sequence windows. Use the Reset All command to apply changes.
#Fixed Bug: The "Use60Hz" parameter in the General section of Clarity.ini file sets the default frequency when adding the INT9, U-PAD2, U-PAD and Net-Pad A/D converters to Clarity configuration.
#Fixed Bug: Device Monitor: non-applicable control icons were active during acquisition.
#Fixed Bug: The actual zoom was lost during signal selection.
#Fixed Bug: The View - Fixed Axis menu command settings functioned incorrectly.

*New: Archive/Restore now supports also the Audit Trail file types (audit, log).
*New: Including Common checkbox enables to include/exclude the files from Common directory.
#Fixed Bug: An Internal Application Error when trying to restore damaged archive file or overwrite existing read only archive file.
#Fixed Bug: Backup, Archive - it was not possible to uncheck the "Common" checkbox.

System Configuration:
*New: Start IN and Ready Out pins are set to a first unused number on the added device by default.
*New: Default signal names are now set according to board type, for example INT7 - 1 instead of Detector 1.
*New: Certain fields were renamed to more accurate labels: "Start (Dig. Input)" to "Ext. Start Dig. Input" and "Ready (Dig. Output)" to "Ready Dig. Output"

*New: Error messages with numeric ranges - the ambiguous notations were unified to word descriptions.
*New: Improved tooltips indicating reason for disabled button or icon for Run Acquisition.
*New: Command line parameter "changepassword" or "ch" was cancelled due to security reasons.
*New: New command line parameters seq_export, seq_export_utf8, seq_import, seq_import_append for export and import of sequence and seq_save and seq_save_as to be able to save changed sequence from command line.
*New: The Always on Top command was removed from Clarity. In combination with modal window it could potentially cause a problematic situation.
*New: The demo data structure was reorganized, all demo project names start with a "DEMO".
*New: Closing of Clarity station is indicated by splashscreen.
*New: Instrument window: current user name is displayed in a field in the Status Bar.
*New: Improved import of AIA chromatograms with respect to imported signal range - the used range in Clarity is adjusted for the real signal values.
*New: The buffer for monitoring the signal in the DataAcquisition window when the acquisition is not running has been increased to 300 min.
#Fixed Bug: Instrument window: Clicking the method name in the Status Table opens the Method Open dialog even during analysis. The selected template method will be opened regardless of the actually running method name is still displayed here.
#Fixed Bug: File name variables - corrected functionality for %Z - Time Zone Name and %D - dd_mm_yyyy.
#Fixed Bug: The ranges in graphs can be now defined to arbitrary order of magnitude.
#Fixed Bug: Sequence import: problems in automatic column headers detection.
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