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Changes in version (27.11.2006)

no changes in features, service release

Changes in version (9.11.2006)

Main changes comparing to version 2.4.1

*New: New Clarity Extension: CE for Capillary Electrophoresis
*New: Change to UNICODE character set. This change enables the localization of Clarity software to other languages including Chinese. As a consequence the system files (clarity.cfg, clarity.psw, all *.dsk files) are not backward compatible with previous versions.
*New: SDK kit - a software tool enabling Dataapex partners to develop control modules for their instruments. New types of modules are available for development: Capillary electrophoresis, Valves, MS (mass spectrometers), Fraction Collector.

*New: Clarity EVAL solution was renamed to Clarity Offline to prevent confusion with the Demo version.
*New: The Windows98/Me are no longer supported in Clarity version 2.4.2 and higher. Older versions (2.3.0 and 2.4.1) are still available for downloads.

*New: LC control: new modules for direct control Smartline instrument from Knauer company are available now.
*New: LC Control: new module for direct control of Shimadzu LC10-ADVP
*New: LC Control module for Agilent 1100 extended to support LAN communication.
*New: DET Control: new module for direct control of ECOM TOPAZ and ECOM LCD 2073A detectors.
*New: DET Control: new module for direct control of ECOM Sapphire detector
*New: DET Control: new module for Duratec UV/VIS DDT 3200 is avalaible (through Duratec company only).
*New: AS Control: new module for direct control of Spark Holland Alias autosampler.
*New: AS Control: CTC Combi PAL module extended to control also the LC part.
*New: AS Control: new module for direct control of Shimadzu AOC 20i autosampler for GC.
*New: AS Control HT300 extended to control also HT300LV.

*New: Graph Properties: Peak Area Coloring - The area of peaks can be colored based on the color specified in calibration, and/or it can be used to highlight selected peak(s)
*New: The number of possible signals per chromatogram in Clarity was increased from 4 to 12.
*New: New Device Monitor window expands the possibilities of the old LC Monitor window (e.g. to display states of additional devices).
*New: PDA window and method options are displayed on LC-PDA Instruments only (used to be on all LC instruments)
*New: Clarity Extension: PDA - Export now exports also 3D data
*New: The new Control - Shut Down menu command in the Device Monitor dialog. This function will perform different action according to the device type (LC, GC, etc.)
*New: The Standby flow and Idle Time settings in the Method Setup - LC Gradient dialog are now reflected in the graph.

*New: Method Setup window tabs were reorganized:
- Event table is now common to all devices on the same Clarity Instrument and is displayed at special tab.
- Event Table was moved from Method Setup - Acquisition to new Method Setup - Event Table tab
- External Start options were moved from Method Setup - Acquisition to Method Setup - Measurement tab
- Subtraction Chromatogram and Column Performance parameters were moved from Method Setup - Calculation to new Method Setup - Advanced tab
*New: New options in Event Table (Method Setup – Event table) enable to react on available digital input changes and to perform additional commands (Stop, Abort, etc.).
*New: Automatic recalibration at selected level is possible also in Single Analysis
*New: Tables - new Fill Down function (CTRL+F) will copy content of current cell to all cells bellow it. In Start Vial column in Sequence table it will automatically increment values.
*New: New Common columns in the Chromatogram - Summary table
*New: New user columns in the Result table "Start Value [mV]" and "End Value [mV]"
*New: New optional user Column (implicitly hidden) for Response Factor: Response Factor = Amount / Response
*New: The Add User Column dialog - Special Values section now includes Standard Deviation function.
*New: In the single detector operation Clarity now does not use color in the header of calibration tables to indicate the columns that are detector specific.
*New: Add User Column: Calculate Total checkbox for displaying the Total row in the User Columns.
*New: Chromatogram - Results table: new columns "Start time" and "Stop Time" display retention time of peak start/end. Hidden by default
*New: New "Compound Name" column in the Chromatogram - Performance table
*New: Tables: automatic switching of the number format to exponential was suppressed.
*New: The peak area coloring is indicated in the row header of the Result Table (Chromatogram window).
*New: Clarity Extension: SST - missing column Amount% has been added, small amendments in SST Properties
*New: The Import Chromatogram dialog can now import multi-detector chromatograms from TXT format.
*New: Possibility to export User Columns from the Results Table.
*New: Export Data dialog - new checkbox "Summary" enables to export the Summary table.
*New: The Summary Table is exported "as on screen" instead of fixed format
*New: Export Chromatogram window contains new "Character Encoding" listbox.
*New: Export Data dialog customizable setting of decimal separator.
*New: Export Data to DBF format - repaired incompatibilities with DB III+ format specification.
*New: The Run Again command is now available only when External Start setting in the Method Setup dialog is set to "Start-Restart".
*New: Improved default chromatogram file naming template will provide unique filenames in every circumstance.
*New: Possibility to see the name of template method used during chromatogram acquisition in the Chromatogram window.
*New: Calibration Options dialog - Retention Index now has new option: Use Unretained Time.
*New: The Noise value is now displayed more precisely (with tenths of µV)
*New: Clarity Control - LC Gradient table now accepts also tenths of percents.
*New: The Injection Volumes can be now set in 1/1000 ml. (However it is still possible to switch to µl)
*New: The new sequence is set to Active by default (according to the setting in template.seq in Common subfolder)
*New: New command line parameter "stop" for stopping single analysis or sequence in progress.
*New: New command line parameter export_run_time.
*New: The extension of audit trail files was changed to "*.audit".
*New: Chromatogram Log now keeps log of errors that occurred during its acquisition (Pump Errors, missing spectra, etc.).
*New: Better specified error messages related to trial period use.
*New: The examples from the default installed projects (WORKX) were moved to the new projects (DEMOX).
*New: Clarity SW folder reorganization - Clarity LC UNI driver profiles moved from CTRLLC to UTILS.
*New: The documentation files installed with Clarity (DOC PDF folder) were unified and separated into corresponding subfolders.
*New: The installation utility will detect previous installation of Clarity and offer to install into the same folder.
*New: Installation of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader was included in the CD version of Clarity.
#Fixed Bug: Printing from the sequence now prints only chromatograms opened in the Chromatogram window.
#Fixed Bug: PDA Extension: Improved speed of displaying 3D graphs
#Fixed Bug: Control Modules: The button To (detector, AS,....) was removed, the OK sends method when it was changed only, Apply sends always.
#Fixed Bug: Printing of chromatogram did not always create a record in the Chromatogram history. Now it will even when the chromatogram was not changed.
#Fixed Bug: The sequence ignored changes made in the Current value field in the Sequence Options dialog when the sequence was paused.
#Fixed Bug: At certain situations the method was incorrectly marked as changed when closing the Method Setup dialog.
#Fixed Bug: Clarity Controls: problems with printing instrument method from control modules.
#Fixed Bug: Paste Insert command inserted new line before the row with focused cell instead of before the selected line.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Agilent 1100 - minor fixes
#Fixed Bug: The formula for calculation of Standard Deviation in User Columns was changed to more common type.
#Fixed Bug: LC chromatogram measured in isocratic mode did not display any gradient in the Gradient table (when it contained only the Init row).
#Fixed Bug: The Run button in Data Acquisition window was inactive during single run.
#Fixed Bug: The Paused and Idle Sequence statuses were incorrectly turned to Waiting when the related template method was edited.
#Fixed Bug: Calibration automatic, the Add Single Peak command created separate level for each peak created from the same chromatogram.
#Fixed Bug: AS Dani: the injection volume was not controlled by the Injection Volume column in the Sequence table.
#Fixed Bug: AS Control CTC Combi PAL: minor amendments
#Fixed Bug: The time axis in the Data Export were exported with 3 decimal places precision only, now it is 5 decimal places.
#Fixed Bug: System Configuration now can detect if a control module can be added to instrument. If it cannot be added it will display a tooltip/message indicating the reason why it is not possible.
#Fixed Bug: CB20 LC Control card: the Stop command did not function correctly.
#Fixed Bug: The values pasted to the tables in the Calibration window were rounded to 3 decimal places regardless the global setting.
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: Spark Holland Midas - minor fixes
#Fixed Bug: The printout of summary table was not entirely WYSIWYG.
#Fixed Bug: Improvements in Clarity command line support.

Changes in version (19.6.2007)

#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Agilent 68xx - the digital outputs dialog was not displayed in Clarity versions and

Changes in version (31.5.2007)

#Fixed Bug: Export Data - the settings In fixed format were not stored
#Fixed Bug: The ISTD calculation with ISTD amount set did calculate results for the Free calibration option (manual response factors)
#Fixed Bug: Sequence table, Warning message for possible injection volume did not recalculate values according to selected volume units
#Fixed Bug: LC control: Agilent 1100 FLD problems at switching the wavelength ranges
#Fixed Bug: HTA autosamplers - occasional errors in communication
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Agilent 6890 - problem with digital data acquisition in version and
#Fixed Bug: Ecom Topaz and Sapphire detectors - detector program not functional in version and
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: CTC PAL - a list of supported syringe types in configuration was extended
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Agilent 6890 GC + 7863 AS - problems with Cool on Column inlet parameters in Rear position

Changes in version (18.4.2007)

#Fixed Bug: AS Control: HTA 300A - active sequence aborted randomly with "Vial not found." message

Changes in version (28.3.2007)

#Fixed Bug: GC control: Shimadzu GC17A - The Column Flow and Pressure obtained using the From GC in Method Setup - GC Control are now taken from GC Monitor instead of from method stored in device.
#Fixed Bug: GC control: Agilent 6890 - occasional wrong values when reading of the method from the instrument.
#Fixed Bug: LC control: Agilent 1100 - problems with reestablishing communication with FLD detector.
#Fixed Bug: GC control: HP 5890 - control problem with sending parameters for programmed temperature inlets.
#Fixed Bug: GC control: Agilent 6890 GC with 7683B sampler corrected check for valid injection volumes.

Changes in version (5.1.2007)

*New: LC Control - the flow in the default LC method was changed to 0 ml/min to prevent unexpected start of pump.

*New: The Setup Configuration window for Offline Instruments was modified to enable display and removal of eventually configured devices.

#Fixed Bug: LC Control - the flow in all new control modules will use interpolation of percents instead of linear interpolation.

#Fixed Bug: Mathematical Operation: when subtracting chromatograms with two signals the display of the first signal was suppressed.

#Fixed Bug: LC gradient was incorrectly displayed in imported or mathematically reprocessed chromatograms.

#Fixed Bug: LC Control Agilent1100 - when the pump issued an error state, it was not passsed to Clarity.

#Fixed Bug: Send Method button in Single Analysis window was disabled, when some controled device was not ready.

#Fixed Bug: Problem with establishing communication with GC 6890 using LAN.

#Fixed Bug: Crash under certain circumnstances during Save As of Spectra Library in PDA window.

#Fixed Bug: Shimadzu GC17/GC14 method - corrected some valid and default values for TCD, ECD and FTD detectors.
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