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Changes in version (16.5.2005)

# Fixed Bug: GC17A – The "From GC" command did not transfer the flow on the column correctly

# Fixed Bug: Agilent 6890 – Incorrectly displayed curves for high levels of the signal

# Fixed Bug: Flux Rheos 2000 minor amendments

# Fixed Bug: Under certain circumstances incorrect start of the acquisition on additional instruments when using multi-detector configuration.

Changes in version (24.3.2005)

# Fixed Bug: Chance of premature termination of the station during longtime sessions (over 7 days)

# Fixed Bug: Minor improvements in the HTA300L module

# Fixed Bug: Chromatograms measured in the unipolar range were marked as bipolar

# Fixed Bug: Unsuccessful "Custom" installation of the Eval version

# Fixed Bug: Chromatograms measured by U-PAD with checked Supply Frequency=60Hz were at certain conditions displayed as if they were measured at 50 Hz

# Fixed Bug: The control boards CB20/CB11 ignored the Max Change of Flow parameter

# Fixed Bug: Agilent 5890/6890 digital acquisition was not functional

# Fixed Bug: Agilent 5890/6890 problems in communication with the autosampler

# Fixed Bug: Agilent 5890 after stopping the analysis from Clarity, GC remained in Running state

# Fixed Bug: Agilent 6890 GC Monitor did not display the Run Time of the running analysis

# Fixed Bug: Agilent 6890 incorrect reading and setting of the flow in the Constant Flow Mode

Changes in version (28.12.2004)

# Fixed Bug: Minor amendments in HTA300L Control Module

Changes in version (10.12.2004)

# Fixed Bug: Minor amendments in HP6890 Control Module

# Fixed Bug: Minor amendments in Spark Endurance Module

Changes in version (16.11.2004)

* New profiles for Universal Pump Control Module: LabAlliance series III, prep 100 and prep 1500, Ecom 4100, Beta 10 and Beta 50

* The LC Monitor window distinguishes between expected values (highlighted in italics) and the actual values read out from the device

# Fixed Bug: Minor amendments in the Available Control Modules dialog

# Fixed Bug: The Signal in Data Acquisition window did not display after positive exceeding the Range (Over)

# Fixed Bug: At certain conditions the values indicated in the status bar of Data Acquisition window were not updated

# Fixed Bug: Updated UPAD driver (necessary for Windows XP with Service Pack 2)

# Fixed Bug: Minor amendments in printing

# Fixed Bug: It was not possible to set external start after disabling the first detector in the Method Setup dialog

# Fixed Bug: Systemizing the behavior of the Event Table for digital output and external program

# Fixed Bug: Corrected malfunction of Save As Chromatogram command when using the Subtract Chromatogram feature

# Fixed Bug: Minor amendments of mathematical operations with chromatograms

Changes in version (14.9.2004)

* Knauer Smartline S 1000 configuration file for Universal HPLC Control Module (= LC UNI)

# Fixed Bug: Minor amendments in LC UNI

Changes in version (3.9.2004)

* SST limits can now be optionally applied not only to a mean of values but also to individual values

* SST Results in multi-detector chromatograms can be calculated for any selected signal

* New Universal add-on Control Module driver for HPLC pumps with directly controlled flow rate

* Substantially increased speed of SST Calculations for multiple chromatograms with "Linked Calibration"

# Fixed Bug: Accidental delay (0-1.2s) between the channels of U-PAD converter in case of synchronous acquisition

# Fixed Bug: Inaccuracy in the printing of the calibration curve when using the "Use User Options" checkbox

# Fixed Bug: Incorrect results in ISTD Calculation when the calibration curve cannot be constructed

# Fixed Bug: The delay on the chromatograms Time Axis(~ 20 - 200 ms depending ON the Sample Rate) has been compensated.

# Fixed Bug : Minor amendments IN Event TABLE

# Fixed Bug : Minor amendments IN HP6890 Control Module

# Fixed Bug : Minor amendments IN HP5890 Control Module

# Fixed Bug : Minor amendments IN HP7673 Control Module

# Fixed Bug : Minor amendments IN CTC A200S Control Module

# Fixed Bug : Minor amendments IN PAL GC Control Module

Changes in version (28.6.2004)

------------- Main changes in the version 2.3 comparing to the version 2.2 ------------

* GPC module

* Calibration – Calibration points history

* Calibration – Calibration table displays deviations of all calibration points

* Calibration – Calibration displays a calibration curve residuum calculation

* Print – Images ( picture, logo) in report header

* Print – Option for printing an active signal (detector) or all signals

* Print – Option for Black and White print

* Print – Option for signals ( chromatograms) separate printing in one protocol

* Event table – Option for an external program Run

* Event table – Option for Puls Output level

* Summary table – Extended option for Summary table layout

* Summary Table – Displays the same colums as displayed in Results table

* Acquisition – Option for data acquisition from only selected detectors directy from Method

* Acquisition – New variable for automated chromatogram naming %Q –Sample, %q - Sample ID

* Acquisition – Option for actual noise level in Data Acquisition Window

* Chromatogram – Move and Scale commands applied to all signal from multidetector chromatograms using Shift key at a time

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