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Changes in version 8.0.1 (31.8.2018)

*New: Localization: Updated Chinese translation.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Incorrectly indicated error "Calibration curve could not be constructed" when using Calculate By.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Possible crash connected to deleting Named Group cell in calibration.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Result Table did not display results for certain special combinations of input parameters based on ISTD calculations.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: It was not possible to enter text other than numbers in the Comments field in the Sequence table.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Certain actions led to leaking GDI objects which could have led to crash if the station was running longer time.

Changes in version 8.0.0 (3.7.2018)

*New: Control: Released - YL Instrument - ChroZen HPLC System control module has been released.

*New: Control: Testing - CoruiTech - Rainbow detector control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - CoruiTech - Rainbow HPLC and RainbowC HPLC control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - CTC - PAL3 System (PAL RTC, PAL LSI, PAL RSI) control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - Ecom - ECF 2000 control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Testing - HTA - HT1500L autosampler control module is available for testing.

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Advion CMS API updated to version

*New: Control: Updated drivers - CTC PAL3 System driver has been updated to version

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Dani Master GC driver has been updated to version

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Ecom  Flash12DAD, Flash06DAD have been updated to version

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Ecom ECD2000 v3.3.0.0   ECDA2000 v2.2.0.0, ECO2000 v2.7.0.0, EcomECP2000 v3.2.0.0, Panda30HID v1.7.0.0.

*New: Control: Updated drivers - Ecom IOTA driver has been updated to version and supports new pump types (IOTA-250, IOTA-300, IOTA-400, IOTA-S-10, IOTA-S-200).

*New: Control: Updated drivers - YL6500 GC driver has been updated to version

*New: Control: Shimadzu AOC-20 sampler - added support for 0.5 and 5 µL syringe size.

*New: Control: Schambeck RI2000 detector - support for models with firmware older than 4.86.

*New: Control: Spark SPH1299 - Prime & Purge setting (available also from the Device Monitor).

*New: Control: The LC Monitor - buttons Purge and Manual Flow have been renamed to Manual Flow and Modify Gradient.

*New: Audit trail: New Global Audit trail tab recording the critical station operations in continuous way

*New: Audit trail: The format of the information displayed in the "Info" column has been changed.

*New: Calibration: Number of internal standards increased from 5 to 10.

*New: Calibration: Option to open Show details from Calibration Summary Table.

*New: Clarity2Go: Instrument states changed according modifications in the Instrument window.

*New: Extension DHA: Minor improvements in dha.csv table.

*New: Extension GPC: The GPC calibrations created or edited in version 8.0 will not be possible to open in previous versions of Clarity.

*New: Extension MS: Automatic Compound Search - improvements in the dialog.

*New: Extension MS: Improved single compound search.

*New: Extension MS: MS Spectrum search can be now performed over a range of retention times.

*New: Extension MS: MS spectrum search can exclude selected m/z.

*New: Extension MS: MS spectrum search now includes background subtraction.

*New: Extension MS: Splitter to resize chromatogram and spectrum graphs independently.

*New: Extension SST: New option Restore default columns.

*New: GLP: The option "Disallow to Use Unsaved (Modified) Method" has been removed. After change of method handling in Instrument window it is no longer needed.

*New: GUI: New icons of Clarity files.

*New: GUI: Redesigned all icons in the whole application.

*New: GUI: Redesigned Clarity main window - completely new look and feel.

*New: GUI: Redesigned Device Monitor window.

*New: GUI: Redesigned Instrument window - completely new look and feel.

*New: GUI: Redesigned Method Setup dialog - now including the file operations (in previous versions set in the Instrument window)

*New: GUI: Redesigned Single Analysis dialog - changed method handling.

*New: GUI: Removed option to switch Clarity main window to Clarity Switch.

*New: GUI: Removed the Application Look command in Customize menu.

*New: GUI: The Standard field in Single analysis and Sequence has been renamed to Sample Type.

*New: GUI: Toolbars: All toolbars have been reset. Customize toolbars again to adjust them to your needs.

*New: Chromatogram: Improved format for error messages located above the result tables (such as Results, All Signal Results).

*New: Chromatogram: Mathematical operations option to select a method to be applied (in previous versions the method opened in the Instrument window was used).

*New: Chromatogram: New icons available for Set Model / Copy from Model commands.

*New: Import: New option to select method that will be applied to the imported chromatograms. (In previous versions the method opened in the Instrument window was applied.)

*New: Installation: Backup of current system files will be created before updating in the ...\CFG\BACK\Backup-YYYY-MM-DDTHH-MM-SS folder.

*New: Installation: The INT5, U-PAD, CB11 and CB20 drivers (not supported on 64bit operating systems) are now available only in the Full installation (not included in Typical).

*New: Other: Analysis Batch - new option to select method for reprocess (before the method opened in the Instrument window was used).

*New: Other: For actions performed by command line parameters, the message about restarting instrument will be suppressed.

*New: Other: Improved security of password file. The *.psw file created or edited in version 8.0 cannot be used in previous versions.

*New: Other: Teamviewer QS (tool for online support) has been updated to version 13.

*New: Other: Windows XP are no more supported.

*New: Printing: Chromatogram - Summary table - report setup, new option to force inverted layout for printing.

*New: Printing: Instrument.sty report style (used by instrument window for postrun printing) has been renamed to Analysis.sty.

*New: Printing: New variable in Report setup Lab Header %e - instrument name.

*New: Printing: Summary Table - New option Word Wrap Long Texts in the Report Setup dialog.

*New: System Configuration: Available Control Modules dialog includes new filter "Only installed" to display only modules that are installed on the PC.

*New: System Configuration: The "Prompt for Confirmation" in the Method Options has been removed due to changes in method handling in the Instrument window.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent 6890 - incorrect description for fuel flow at FID detector.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent 6890 - possible crash when using method with programmed flow.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent 7890 GC legacy control  module (not ICF) - possible crash due to memory leak after prolonged inactivity.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF - support for sequence mode in LC and GC.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF GC - lost focus prevented editing of some fields in the method property pages due to tooltip refresh.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Agilent ICF LC pump control - improved resolution for auxiliary pressure signal in 1260 Infinity II pumps.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Auxiliary pumps - incorrect limit check of Purge and Idle flow for pumps with maximum flow over 100 ml/min.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Device monitor, LC gradient, setting flow manually did not work with solvent A disabled in LC Gradient Options.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Fraction collector - the layout of Special Result table was not stored in the desktop file.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Fraction collector - wrong fraction recorded in next chromatogram after abort.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Fraction Collectors - non reproducible detection due to errors while detecting the end of the fraction.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Gilson 203B/204 fraction collector - option Write on Display did not control displaying of the actual control module status in the second line of the FC display.

#Fixed Bug: Control: HTA HT200H - corrected default method parameters

#Fixed Bug: Control: Shimadzu GC 2014 - wrong start synchronization in some cases.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Shimadzu GC2010/2014 - possible communication error after injection.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Shodex RI-501 - failed autodetection (introduced in 7.4.0.).

#Fixed Bug: Control: Spark Integrity - problem with correcting invalid parameters that depended on other settings.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Spark Mistral - initial valve position not set with method sending.

#Fixed Bug: Control: SSI pumps - amended script to correct occasionally ignored run command in HF300 preparative pumps.

#Fixed Bug: Control: SSI pumps - amended script to prevent random communication errors.

#Fixed Bug: Control: UNI-Ruby script modules - error in calling "CoInitialize" at first Clarity start after computer restart causing malfunction of the modules.

#Fixed Bug: Control: VICI valve set as AS - not functional in Single Analysis mode.

#Fixed Bug: Control: Virtual digital input output loop - events were not correctly recorded in the chromatogram (introduced in 7.4).

#Fixed Bug: Audit trail: Locking and Unlocking of the Instrument window by AutoLock was not recored in Audit trail.

#Fixed Bug: Audit trail: The event "Acquisition started when instrument was not ready" was not correctly recorded in some cases.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Errors in printing Calibration in some situations.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Manual change of blank response was not possible.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: Mismatch between calibration curve graph and equation in some cases.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: The Calibration curve for compound calculated by ISTD was not correctly updated after change of ISTD compound parameters.

#Fixed Bug: Calibration: The ISTD calculations could have led to incorrect results in case the ISTD amount had been changed in the calibration.

#Fixed Bug: Control: CTC Pal3 System - ICF setup dialogue caused error on closing, when opened for more than 5 min.

#Fixed Bug: Extension EA: Problems with editing the Standard table.

#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: Calibration curve printed for first signal regardless of the selected signal.

#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: Chromatograms from sequence in GPC mode were not created in case the GPC calibration was not set in the method and the chromatogram was marked as GPC standard without number set.

#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: Improved consistency checks for GPC Standard Type, Standard Number and GPC Calibration in Method both in Single Analysis and Sequence.

#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: Incorrect MW distribution graphs displayed after changing the active peak in the Result table.

#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: Incorrect results for User columns using special values in GPC mode.

#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: Memory leaks during print chromatogram in GPC mode.

#Fixed Bug: Extension GPC: Possible crash in GPC mode after snapshot and reloading chromatogram.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: Corrected behavior for Max hits in Single compound search.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: During import of MS chromatogram the Threshold set in method was replaced by 100. Now the set value (default 0,1) will be applied.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: Incorrect printing of MS spectra to PDF.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: Minimum value for Peak Width for Peak detection in MS method decreased from 0,01 to 0,001 min.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: Possible crash at AIA MS chromatogram import on non-MS instrument type.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: The MS part of the running method was editable.

#Fixed Bug: Extension MS: The MS Search was functional only on TIC signal.

#Fixed Bug: Extension SST: Possible freeze during printing of SST results table.

#Fixed Bug: Extension SST: Result Pass instead of Unknown when no chromatogram opened.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Error in Peak Width calculation for main tangent peak.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Mathematical operations - Possible crash when multiple chromatograms/signals were selected as one operand.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Result table indicated wrong units (%%) for Amount% column total when Show Value Units had been checked.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Summary table - fixed problems in user columns.

#Fixed Bug:  Chromatogram: Total row for group Z  was not displayed  in the Result table.

#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram: Wrong time axis in chromatogram after changing bunching factor and invoking print before leaving the field.

#Fixed Bug: Other: Empty error message after entering invalid value to some numeric fields.

#Fixed Bug: Printing: From Overlay mode used wrong signal - first instead of active (Introduced in 7.4).

#Fixed Bug: Printing: User set ranges for auxiliary signals ignored in print.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Column Std. renamed to Sample Type.

#Fixed Bug: Sequence: Ctrl-Space shortcut to pause/resume sequence did not function.

#Fixed Bug: Stability: Error messages reporting problems with files in the windows %TEMP% folder.  Caused by changed behavior of MS Windows after one of its updates.

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