Tool for monitoring the state of analysis on smartphone

Clarity2Go is a mobile companion to Clarity Chromatography Station. It enables to monitor selected parameters of running Sequences or Single Analyses conveniently from your smartphone. Its use is free for all customers with Clarity station. The monitoring works only if both (smartphone and PC with Clarity) have access to the Internet.

The whole solution consists of three parts:

  • Clarity Software (Full, minimal version 4.0.4) communicating with the web server.
  • Clarity2Go web server run by DataApex is provided to Clarity2Go users free of charge.
  • Clarity2Go application for smarphones and tablets.

Currenly the application is available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple Store).

Clarity2Go is developed continuously according to requests of our users. If you have any suggestions or encounter some inconvenience, let us know at support@dataapex.com.

For more information see Clarity2Go datasheet.


Required software

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