Zebrick USB D/A and D/f Converter

Zebrick is D/A and D/f converter for controlling LC pumps.

Zebrick is designed for controlling LC pumps that can be driven by frequency or voltage using Clarity chromatography software. Zebrick operates with up to 4 D/A converters, 4 D/f converters and 8 auxiliary logical inputs and outputs.

LC pump control is available as an option to the Clarity sofware. Control can be accomplished using Method Setup - LC Control and LC Monitor dialogs accessible from the Instrument window.

Zebrick is successor to the CB20 D/A and D/f card.

Brief list of features


Voltage range -10 V +10 V
Frequency range 0 Hz - 100 kHz
Digital inputs/outputs 8/8 TTL (5 V)
PC Interface USB
Power source USB, no external power adapter is required
Part No. B30
Warranty 3 years
Related products Clarity software - Part No. C50 (required)
LC Control - Part No. A24 (required)
PC Interface USB
Cables included Part No. KBCB, 2V+2f, length 3m, modification upon request
USB cable, Part No. SK10, length 1.8m


  Windows 11
Windows 10, 8.1, 7SP1
(all 32 and 64-bit)
Zebrick Clarity (from 8.7) Clarity (from 7.0)

Compatibility with obsolete operating systems

  Windows XPSP3
Zebrick Clarity (from 7.0 to 7.4.1)