Colibrick A/D Converter

Colibrick is an external 24-bit A/D converter that measures the voltage of chromatographic and electrochemical detectors.

Colibrick is a device that converts analog data output from any chromatograph into a digital form, which can be received by Clarity. It uses a USB communication cable and is therefore powered directly from the computer. The unit can be connected or disconnected anytime without switching the computer off. The input connector is compatible with the internal INT7/9 boards and U-PAD/2 devices.

Colibrick is a modernized successor to the U-PAD2 converter and the INT9 card.

Brief list of features


Technical specification

Converter type24 bit integrating, delta-sigma
Analog inputsdifferential
Number of channels1, 2, or 4 fully independent and isolated
Input impedance>1 MOhm
Input rangeunipolar and bipolar, each channel independently 156.26, 1 250, or 12 123 mV
Integration frequency
(Sample Rate)
6.25, 12.5, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400 samples per second for 50Hz mains frequency filter
7.5, 15, 30, 60, 120, 240, 480 samples per second for 60Hz mains frequency filter
Temperature dependence 
Digital inputs4 TTL (5 V)
Digital outputs8 TTL (5 V) maximum current load 20 mA, maximum total current load for all outputs 100 mA
4 of them also as relay contacts - normally open (i.e. contact closure) max. current 0.5 ADC, max. voltage 100 VDC, max. switching power 10 VA, max.  resistance 150 mΩ
Dimensions105 x 124 x 22mm
PC interfaceUSB
Power supplyfrom the PC via the USB cable

Typical noise-free resolution for various acquisition speeds and input ranges:

 12 123 mV1 250 mV156.26 mV
6.25 Hz21 bit21 bit20 bit
25 Hz21 bit21 bit20 bit
100 Hz19 bit19 bit19 bit

Possible combinations:

 Windows 11
(64 bit)
Windows 10
(32 and 64 bit)
Windows 8.1
(32 and 64 bit)
Windows 7SP1,
(32 and 64 bit)
Clarity Lite
both since version 8.7
Clarity Lite
both since version 6.2
Clarity Lite
both since version 4.0.3
Clarity Lite
both since version 4.0

Combinations with obsolete operating systems:

 Windows VistaSP2* (32 and 64 bit)Windows XPSP3
ColibrickClarity, Clarity Lite,
both since version 4.0 until 7.2
Clarity, Clarity Lite
both since version 4.0 until 7.4.1

* Windows Vista is supported until Clarity 7.2.


Part No.U31: 1 channel
U32: 2 channels
U34: 4 channels
Warranty3 years
Related productsClarity software - Part No. C50
Clarity Lite - Part No. C40
PC InterfaceUSB
Cables includedCable p/n KB71, KB72 or KB74 depending on number of channels
USB cable p/n SK10