CE - Capillary Electrophoresis Extension

Extension for Capillary Electrophoresis.

The CE Extension activates the CE mode in Clarity environment and can be activated on any Clarity Instrument. CE Extension is compatible also with Clarity Offline software. CE module provides specific terminology, evaluation by time corrected area and peak identification by peak start or end (additionally to peak apex).

Extension product picture

Main changes in Clarity environment

  • CE specific terminology
  • Evaluation by time corrected area
  • Peak identification by peak start or end (additionally to peak apex).
  • Additional calculations

CE specific terminology

The terms used in chromatography mode were substituted by those used in CE CE terms substitution:

Default mode CE mode
Chromatogram Electropherogram
Retention time (RT) Migration Time (MT)
Column Capillary
Mobile Phase Electrolyte
Flow Rate Power supply
Pressure Injection Mode

Separation parameters

Method Setup allows a user to adjust the Capillary Setting:

  • Total Capillary Length
  • Length of the capillary.
  • Effective Capillary Length
  • Effective capillary length from injection end to the detector position
  • Separation Voltage
  • Separation voltage. Allows you to enter also negative values
  • Reference Peak Mobility
  • Effective mobility of the EOF reference peak.


The Result Table contains additional columns containing calculations:

  • Apparent Mobility
  • Effective Mobility


  CE Extension
Part Number (p/n) A31
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