Shimadzu Nexera Control

Control module for Shimadzu Nexera HPLC systems

Direct control of Shimadzu Nexera HPLC components using the Agilent ICF (Instrument Control Framework) tools developed by the Agilent company. The Clarity Chromatography Station - Shimadzu Edition allows for direct control of selected Shimadzu Nexera components (mostly from the Nexera LC-40 line), enabling Clarity to provide integrated instrument control and to ensure complete automation for laboratories. The control module includes parameters for the HPLC pumps, column ovens, detectors (including PDA), autosamplers, etc. A dedicated PDA Extension enables the evaluation of data from PDA systems.

The control module limits the usage of multiple Nexera HPLC systems in the same Clarity - only a single system is guaranteed to function reliably.

The control of Shimadzu Nexera HPLC is available only through a special Clarity OEM version called Clarity - Shimadzu Edition (p/n C50-28) which is available only in Europe.

Information about licensing is here. Please contact us for details.

Shimadzu Nexera


  Shimadzu Nexera Control
Controlled devices The Shimadzu Nexera HPLC control module is compatible with selected components of Shimadzu Nexera HPLC systems supported by the Agilent ICF. Exact list of controlled components is shown in the table below.
Communication interface LAN
Data acquisition interface Digital Data Acquisition

LC Control (p/n A24)
LC Shimadzu Control (p/n A24-001) - needs to be purchased once for each connected system
AS Control (p/n A26) - optional
PDA Extension (p/n A29) - optional

Special Based on controller serial number and unique LC Shimadzu Control license number, specific Connect Key is needed for the LC to communicate, for more details see the manual.
Related products Clarity - Shimadzu Edition (p/n C50-28)
Cable Cross LAN (p/n SK08)


  List of controlled subdevices of the Shimadzu Nexera control module. Please note that the portfolio of components widens with further releases of newer control module versions.
Controllers CBM-40, CBM-40 Lite, SCL-40
Pumps LC-40B X3, LC-40B XR, LC-40D, LC-40D X3, LC-40D XR, LC-40D XS
Detectors CDD-10Avp, RF-20A, RF-20AXS, RID-20A, SPD-40, SPD-40V
PDA Detectors SPD-M30A, SPD-M40
Autosamplers SIL-40, SIL-40 XR, SIL-40C, SIL-40C X3, SIL-40C XR, SIL-40C XS
Column Ovens CTO-30A, CTO-40C, CTO-40S
Other Mobile Phase Monitor MPM-40