PerkinElmer Flexar Control

Control Module for PerkinElmer Flexar HPLC. This module can control PerkinElmer Flexar HPLC by means of driver.

Clarity can communicate with the HPLC system using the driver. Users can easily create the instrument control method from various tabs in the Method Setup dialog, corresponding to the system components. All of the method parameters are then saved and can be added as a part of the report. Flexar system can be monitored and partly controlled from the Device Monitor window.

The control module was developed by PerkinElmer company, any further information, including the control module manual, may be obtained from PerkinElmer company.

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PerkinElmer Flexar


  PerkinElmer Flexar system control
Controlled instruments PerkinElmer Flexar AS, Flexar Binary LC Pump, Flexar Quaternary LC Pump, Flexar LC Column Oven, Flexar FX-UV/Vis, Flexar UV/Vis, Flexar Plus PDA
Communication interface LAN for Flexar Plus PDA
RS232 for other Flexar system components

LC Control - (p/n A24)
AS Control (p/n A26) - only in case Flexar AS is present
PDA Extension (p/n A29) - only in case Flexar PDA Plus detector is present

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Connection cross LAN (p/n SK08) for Flexar Plus PDA
cross DB9F-DB9F (p/n SK01) for Flexar Binary Pump, Flexar Quaternary Pump
cross DB9F-DB25M (p/n SK03) for Flexar LC Column Oven