Chromsystems HPLC System Control

Control Module for Chromsystems HPLC System. This system is controlled through a collection of separate control modules.

Clarity can communicate with the HPLC system using several separate control modules. Users can easily create the instrument control method from various tabs in the Method Setup dialog, corresponding to the system components. All of the method parameters are then saved and can be added as a part of the report. Chromsystems HPLC system can be monitored and partly controlled from the Device Monitor window.

The requirements for particular parts of the Chromsystems HPLC system are listed in the below specifications, more details can be received from Chromsystems website.

The USB - RS232 converter MultiCOM (p/n MC01) is available to provide the COM ports to a computer for connecting of the instruments.


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Chromsystems HPLC


  Chromsystems HPLC system control
Controlled instruments

Autosamplers: CLC 200, CLC 220
Column Ovens: CLC 360
Detectors: CLC 100, CLC 420
Pumps: CLC 300, CLC 320, CLC 330*, CLC 340
Valves: CLC 230

Communication interface RS232 for most Chromsystems HPLC system components, except for:
CLC 100 detector is interfaced through Colibrick A/D Converter.
CLC 300 pump is interfaced through Zebrick D/A Converter.
Purchasing LC Control - (p/n A24)
AS Control (p/n A26) - only in case CLC 200 or CLC 220 is present
Related products Clarity (p/n C50)
Connection DB9F-DB9M (p/n SK02) for each module other than CLC 100 or CLC 300
Limitations * for CLC 330, control is only possible when the firmware in the pump is V1.10.