YL Instruments YL6500 Control

Control module for the YL6500 chromatograph

The YL6500 GC driver developed by YL Instruments company can control YL6500 chromatograph over the LAN connection. Direct control means that the chromatograph can be completely controlled from the Clarity environment. Instrument method controlling the analysis conditions will be saved in the measured chromatograms.

To use more than one YL6500 gas chromatograph on Clarity Station, a minimum YL6500 firmware version 1.7.1  and minimum Clarity version is needed. If older Clarity/firmware is used, it is possible to control just one GC YL6500 on the same computer.

YL6500 GC


  YL Instruments YL6500 Control
Controlled instruments YL6500 gas chromatograph
Data acquisition interface LAN - Digital Data Acquisition
Communication interface LAN
Purchasing GC Control (p/n A23)
Related products Clarity (p/n C50)
Connection cross LAN (p/n SK08)
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