Validation Kit - Main features


Main Features

The Clarity Validation Kit is designed to perform the Operational Qualification of the Clarity Chromatography Station (version 2.8 or higher) with INT7, INT9, U-PAD, U-PAD2 or Net-PAD A/D converters. An optional Clarity SST Extension is necessary for data evaluation.



Clarity Validation Kit includes

  1. Validator (precise analog signal generator device)
  2. Validation kit manual (M039)
  3. Cables


  1. Clarity Software (version 2.8 or higher)
  2. SST Extension
  3. INT7, INT9, U-PAD, U-PAD2 or Net-PAD A/D converter

Field of use

The kit is primarily intended for trained service personnel, who regularly perform validations of chromatography systems using Clarity data stations. However it can also be used by experienced users for in-house validations. The operator must be familiar with Clarity datastation operations.


Validator is a precise peak generator device with predefined sets of signal. This device is connected to the A/D Converter instead of the detector.

Operational qualification tests

  • Retention time precision and accuracy
  • Voltage (peak height) measurement precision and accuracy
  • Area determination precision and accuracy
  • Calibration and calculations with ESTD and ISTD methods
  • Consistency of acquisition ranges

Related hardware

Required software

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