Clarity Software Development Kit

SDKClarity SDK serves for rapid development of control modules for Clarity station. It provides stable well-documented interface between Clarity software and the control module.

Clarity SDK consits of:

  • Dynamically linked libraries (CswSDKxx.DLL,...),
  • Set of tools (SDK Wizard,...)
  • Documentation (CHM help, examples, SDK Discussion Forum)

The Control module translates the demands from Clarity into the language of the chromatographic hardware and vice versa translates the data obtained from the hardware and synchronization events from the hardware's language into function calls, which Clarity expects. The SDK also shadows low-level implementation details of COM interface from the programmer, provides support for common and repetitive tasks of control module development and offers support for hardware communication. The SDK is implemented in C++ and uses Microsoft MFC and ATL libraries.

Development requirements

*  Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1 or 7SP1.
*  Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or 2010 with Unicode support (not Express edition, because SDK requires MFC)
*  Standard or your OEM version of Clarity 8.0 or higher with HW Key
*  Optional: Clarity Training to become familiar with Clarity SW and terminology
*  Optional: Clarity SDK Training to become familiar with SDK concept

SDK will install:

  • A DLL (and sources) for interfacing with Clarity.
  • Documentation and guidelines.
  • Several example control modules (DLL and sources).
  • A wizard for generating a basic structure of a new control module.

Deployment requirements

  • Clarity 8.0 and later
  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 7SP1

Additional information

The SDK is used for insite development of control modules by DataApex as well as by our OEM partners, such as Knauer, for development of control modules for their instruments.

Clarity Software Development Kit is solely provided by DataApex.

You can download Clarity SDK presentation here.

Registered partners can download following documents in the Downloads - For Distributors section:

D040 SDK Policy

D081 External control module development checklist

D115 Control Module Approval procedure

D126 DataApex CTRL Module Specification

Next steps

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SDK based controls

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