SV8 - Terminal Board


The connection between the Clarity Chromatography Station's A/D converters and the instruments is usually made using a cable that is supplied with the station. However, as the leads in the cable are soldered to an SUB-D 37 pin (CANNON) connector, any change in the wiring (for example adding additional leads to the digital output lines for controlling connected instrument functions such as gradient, fraction collector or the detector program start, detector autozero or programmed valves switching) would require some skill.

For users who might need to often change the configuration of their instrument connections, DataApex offers the SV8 terminal board.

This boxed and printed board has all the pins of the INT7 and U-PAD A/D converters conveniently available as screw contacts. For convenient access, the box is connected to the A/D Board with a 60 cm flat cable (supplied).


Note: Some interference induced in the unshielded flat cable could not be excluded, however none were observed during thorough testing.

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