IGLN1 Converter RS232/GSIOC for Gilson

IGLN1 Converter RS232/GSIOC for Gilson

DataApex supplies the IGLN1 kit (p/n IGLN1) as an optional acessory to Gilson 30x LC Control.
The IGLN1 kit contains all the parts needed to control the binary gradient:

  • The converter box with three connectors:
    A SUB-D 25 pin (CANNON) receptacle (female) connector (RS232 side) and two SUB-D 9 pin receptacle connectors (for connecting two pumps or other GSIOC devices).
  • 1x Straight modemcable DB9F-DB25M (SK12), 3m length.
  • 2x Standard straight DB9F-DB9M (SK16) serial cable, 1.8 m length.


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