CB20 - PCI Board of D/A and D/f Converters

CB20 Internal PCI card

The CB20 card is designed for controlling LC pumps (that can be steered by frequency or voltage) using Clarity chromatography software.

It contains four 16-bit D/A converters and four 28-bit frequency (D/f) converters as well as eight auxiliary logical inputs and outputs. The board has been especially designed for control of analog-operated pumps through Clarity chromatography stations.

The CB20 card is a direct successor of the ISA card CB11.

LC pump control is available as an option to the Clarity program. Control is then accomplished using the Method Setup ? LC Control and LC Monitor dialogs found in the Instrument window to which the controlled instrument is connected. A detailed description of the Clarity LC Control environment is provided in the CB20 manual.

LC pumps that can be controlled using the CB20 board are listed in the "List of controlled instruments" datasheet.

Next steps


  • Cabel p/n KBCB (2 frequency and 2 voltage outputs). Customizable on request.

Technical data:

p/n CB20
Voltage range -10 V +10 V
Frequency range 0.03 Hz - 100 kHz
Digital inputs/outputs 8/8 TTL (5 V)
Design PCI board *

Required PCI slot:

Full size PCI 2.0, 32 bit PCI slot for 5V 32 bits half-length extension card.
Low profile or PCI Express slots cannot be used.


Part No.
3 years
Related products Clarity software - Part No. C50 (required)
LC Control - Part No. A24 (required)
Cables included
Part No. KBCB, 2V+2f, length 3m, mdification upon request

Possible combinations:

Windows 10
(32-bit only)
Windows 8.1
(32-bit only)
Windows 7SP1, XPSP3
(all 32-bit only)
CB20 Clarity (from 6.2)
Clarity (from 4.0.3)

Combinations in obsolete operating systems:

VistaSP2 (32-bit only)
Windows 2000
Windows 98, Me
CB20 Clarity
Clarity (until 3.0)
Clarity (until 2.4.1)

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