SST Extension - System Suitability Test

SST ExtenstionThe SST extension serves to monitor the correct function of the chromatography system.

The program compares up to 12 selected parameters (e.g. retention time, efficiency, asymmetry of peaks) calculated according to one of three pre-selected methods (USP, EP, JP).

These calculated values are either compared to the user's set limit values for each chromatogram separately or together for the selected series. Deviation of any parameter from the permissible limits is immediately reported and may lead to the termination of the sequence in progress.

The SST Extension allows the user to monitor the parameters of individual substances and thus evaluate the reproducibility of the results of the entire chromatography system.

The SST extension is required when using the Validation Kit.

SST calculations are not supported in GPC calculation mode.

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SST Extension
Part Number (p/n) A22
Required Product
Clarity (p/n C50)
Related products Clarity Offline (p/n C59)
Validation Kit (p/n CVK)
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